Saturday, September 21, 2013

If pigs could fly.

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Tunel Engenheiro Marques Porto between Copacabana & Botafogo:
Tunel Engenheiro Marques Porto.


Matt Mahurin.Punch.

This global warming is some serious stuff!
Turning up the air-conditioner isn't enough!
Everything is going down the drain - the cow and the bull with the melted horn!

The way this global warming is going ...
... in a little while everyone will be eating roast beef!
... from the cow stuck in the boiling swamp!

Some people think global warming is nonsense ...
The nonsense comes from you. Gang of idiots!
Wait till your arse gets hot!

Things will get bad - unbearably bad!
Global warming will fuck the planet!
I'm outa here, like they say, I live on the moon!

Global warming is serious stuff!
I'm getting a bad headache from it!
I need to cool off!

[             ] [             ] Global warming leaves anybody speechless!

Pat Oliphant: Republican crazies eat the dinosaur pig.Tom Toles: Three Little Pigs.
Anon: Pig Subsidy Pandemic.

Milt Priggee.Bok.
Steve Bell in The Guardian.Benson.
Or if not pigs, then horses:
Nick Anderson: Climategate.
... or ... or ... Economists:
Jason Lutes.Dilbert.Brian Gable.
Cornered.Cornered.Speed Bump.
Ballard Street.Doonesbury.
Marc Roberts.

Stephen Harper is an economist, isn't he?
Flick Off.
Stephen Harper: I'm Sorry.
(We're sorry too Stevie.)
Broken Heart.

Or just leave it at pigs:
Pamela Anderson.Pamela Anderson.
A wee syllogism: Pam's twat (look closely) is to Pam as Pam is to the RCMP (?).

... not to mention bumblebees.

Bottom line:

Pearls Before Swine.

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