Monday, September 9, 2013

Och aye, ya wee scunner.

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Brian Gable: Evolution k-k-Canadian-style.

If this ain't funny then I don't know what is:
Fukushima Daiichi.Fukushima Daiichi.Fukushima Daiichi.Fukushima Daiichi.Fukushima Daiichi.Fukushima Daiichi.
Total US nuclear accident insurance pool: $12 billion.
Projected Fukushima cleanup & compensation: $60 billion.
(Source: Matthew Roney / Lester Brown at Earth Policy Institute. Of course Fukushima really cannot be either cleaned up or compensated for so ...)

Close but no cigar (he doesn't quite get cause & effect):
Raul Motta: A Nova Classe Média.The New Middle Class.Raul Motta: A Nova Classe Média.New frig & stove! Furnished bedroom ...Raul Motta: A Nova Classe Média.Washing machine ... TV, Laptop ... In this house I feel part of the middle class ...Raul Motta: A Nova Classe Média.But just look out the window to return to reality ...

Anon: Guy's name is too small for me to read - any help appreciated.Daniel Santana.
Obama! How Could you!
Eric Allie.

Tom Toles: Slavery is Freedom.

Stephan Pastis: Pearls Before Swine.

Stephan Pastis: Pearls Before Swine.

André Dahmer / Malvados: 2035.
2035: Mobile to base. I think I've found what you wanted so much.
Tits! Tits!!!
Tits with problems guys.
I only fuck for love.
Abby Winter's girls.Abby Winter's girls.Abby Winter's girls.Abby Winter's girls.
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