Thursday, September 5, 2013

Je me fous du monde entier.

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[Thanks to Paul ... & Claude Leveillée of course.]
Onça-pintada, foto de Araquém Alcântara.
[Telluride trumps Toronto (o tempo todo).]

Millions or billions is more likely. Better (or far worse):
André Dahmer / Malvados: Guerra Ecológico.
Another war is going to start.
Thousands of men will die.
Thousands? This seems to me to be good ecologically.

Hachfeld: Bradley Manning verdict.
[The original was white - but maybe that was an oversight.]

Parkins: Apocalypse Now, 2007.Parkins: Apocalypse Now, 2008.
Other dreams:
Sargent: Republican dreams.Zapiro: Obama's dreams.
Alberto Benett: Amok.tOad: Peace.

Jerry Van Amerongen: Ballard Street.Bonil: Facebook.
Allan Sieber.
Big battles in a small ring:
On the right: FRUGAL LIFE - I'm going to swim 5 kilometres!
On the left: VIDA LOKA / Craziness - Hmmmm ...
And the winner is: ILLUSION - One more [drink] and that's it!

Adão: Smart Phone.
Hey folks! There's a neat feature on the latest generation Smart Phone.
This device will be automatically outmoded in ten seconds.
10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...
2 ... 1 ... 0 ... Poof!
Quinho: Jornalista preconceituosa.
So you're a Cuban doctor? How awful! I thought you were a maid.

[BPC - biphényles polychlorés aka PCB - polychlorinated biphenyl.]

A loophole you could lose a planet through:
Tom Toles.

from Kwesi.David Suzuki as Mr. Mulvangel.
[This post aka 'Wiglomeration': Dickens was so good at puncturing hypocrisy & pretence - except possibly his own.]

Forget the stereotypes. Being the literate, educated folk that you are, you’ll already know that librarians are sexy. If you’re in any doubt, let the most famous playboy in history persuade you. The sexual prowess of Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt is so legendary that the term ‘Casanova’ has become the generic shorthand for any charming, gallant philanderer. It just so happens that after testing out a variety of professions – he was variously a secretary, soldier, preacher, alchemist, gambler, violinist, spy and lottery operator – Casanova settled down as a librarian to a duke in Bohemia. He understood that knowledge is the ultimate turn-on, and librarians are its gatekeepers.

[Thanks to Daily Maverick Newsletter, 13-09-03]
So ... go read something! Try this: Sigmund Freud, Humour, 1927.

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