Monday, October 26, 2015

Leftovers - turns on a hair.

Up, Down]

I'm junk;
But I'm still holding up this little wild bouquet.

Leonard Cohen, 'Democracy'

Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality. We slowly drove, he knew no haste, And I had put away My labour, and my leisure too, For his civility.
"Death - Emily Dickenson

-------------------  :-)If and when this post shows up - then I've either figgured out something fundamental and decided not to tell you about it, or been overtaken by events. I do, strongly, recommend a serious listen to some of the early Bob Dylan albums: Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde On Blonde, John Wesley Harding, & Blood On The Tracks - and the others as well of course :-) Bringing It All Back Home.Highway 61 Revisited.Blonde On Blonde.John Wesley Harding.Blood On The Tracks. Be well gentle reader. Other notions considered:
   • 'I'm sorry' repeated endlessly: I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I'm ... ... sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry ... (Oh!) ... I'm sorry.
   • vaginal wrench: ... in the 60s women begin to talk to one another, network, smoke dope together, and up spring approximately two feminist narratives: one broadly humanist and the other bitter more-or-less-concealed revenge, that the revenge might be justifiable (not justified but -able) is neither here nor there and the humanists 'understand'     Meanwhile, men continue to suck it up, become solitary alcoholics and die young leaving Royal Bank & Exxon shares in trust funds to support their (erstwhile) princesses become vicious & heartless crones disguised as fairy godmothers.     In the 80s & 90s it's payback time, Bobbit loses his knob, many others their children and homes, descent into bureaucratic slavery, woe betide if you demur at the feminist loyalty-oath rallies.     But there's guilt involved (guilt on one side, shame on the other), most of it can neither be stated nor acknowledged in public or anywhere else, no problem: create an ideology of perfectly unctuous correctitude & brutally enforced positive thinking, and ancillary structures like 'don't explain, don't complain' and it all goes quietly under the rug and into a new millennium.     The environmental apocalypse is underwritten by psychosexual collapse and related consumerist compensations (Corvettes & frozen food sections in supermarkets with lasagna cheesecake & Häagen-Dazs). And yes gentle reader, it is an existential conundrum. See 'In Watermelon Sugar' & consider Brautigan's suicide.
   • toilets: (porcelain) flush toilets don't fricken' work (!) and neither do the official alternatives (which are bollocks!) - 'The Challenges of Urban Ecological Sanitation: Lessons from the Erdos Eco-Town Project' Arno Rosemarin / 'Living Ecological Justice: A Biblical Response to the Environmental Crisis' Mishka Lysack & Karri Munn-Venn / 'Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions, and Everyday Life' Kari Marie Norgaard. I spend some time each day wishing there were an outhouse somewhere with a view.
   • 'My Blue Heaven': on the harmonica with Mary Lou & John, find lyric / he called her Luddie/Ludmilla - remembering this took what passes for concentrated effort over more than a month.
   • fat fucks & bloaters sitting pretty: Letterman quote: "Hey, we're fat dumb rich guys, 'nuff said?"
   • failure of the nominative case: [that case of nouns, adjectives, and pronouns, which stands as, or is connected with, the subject of a verb] resulting inability to discern this is this and that's that, urban context? urban stupidity? 'tangly' (as Pius Jr. used to say) / consider buckwheat, beech-wheat, Polygonum fagopyrum native of Central Asia, triquetrous [three-sided] seeds / corn, maize, indian corn, mealie [South African name for maize], millet.
   • golden hair: Iron John, Yeats / a water spider on one leg does what? sinks.
   • Peter Hoeg: "the entire bourgeois culture is, in some sense, one long, mumbled discourse on love" ('The History of Danish Dreams', part three).
   • it's not what you know but what you can prove (Keith McMillan I presume or maybe some cop show on TV).
   • "... thrifty farmers, as they tilled the earth, heard with alarm the cawing of the crow, that mingled with the universal mirth, Cassandra-like, prognosticating woe; they shook their heads, and doomed with dreadful words to swift destruction the whole race of birds ..." (Longfellow 'The Birds of Killingworth') cf. Jeremiah.
   • when did 'parochial' become an insult? you can only pay attention to so much and a walkable parish is quite a manageable ambit, precinct.
   • lifesaving techniques my mother taught me: how to hide under a canoe if it overturns in rough water and how to free yourself from the desperate grip of a drowning person, the object of the latter exercise is to save yourself so you can properly help (not just get yourself away).
   • travelling light vs. owning books / memory.
   • effulgence: [splendid radiance] not what I thought which was slime moulds (computers and the Internet, viewed as).
   • Hiroshima (and especially Nagasaki) & Dresden for no particular reason except to terrorize a nation / all they did was do nothing / temperament & tempo.
   • judgements: odious, dim, unselfconfident (not in OED), unselfconscious (in OED), beneath contempt / Occam's razor & dodgy corollaries (initially 'corrolaries' :-) / callous bastard, repulsive toad / most apt & effective is a paraphrase of anal-retentive delivered to me by an ex-wife - 'shit holder' - and with the aid of extended metaphor (as they say) it sticks.
   • where there's smoke there's fire: yes but not necessarily, smoke can jam you up, antecedents are better, analysis & 'thinking'.
   • eyesight & seeing: not always able to see periods at the end of sentences anymore, the scraps become more and more disjointed, the external memory of blogs isn't working either (can't find anything in them), and the lack of immediate Internet is showing how much has been lost moment-to-moment / even so sometimes the lights come on / oriental man & two students in the library, I was wrong and they were right and we managed to get it straight.
   • TV show fragments: Alakazam alakazoo mystery wistery dazzle & do / Madam Zonglo: Who knows what the fates have in store? / "You might think that. I couldn't possibly comment." / instrumental, disposable / chuffed to the bollocks / that's the way it goes innit?
   • Ephesians 4:31-32: Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, et cætera.
   • the Golden Rule: doesn't work (isn't supposed to 'work'), also thought there was a refuge somewhere à la 'The Catcher in the Rye' [remembering the book took about 24 hours, another 24 and the author still hasn't come so I cheat with Google and it's Salinger :-) ], wrong about that too / no refuge in literature, none in virtue, not in humble kindness nor finally in luck / the destruction is wilful & complete.
   • ... and the rest is details ...
   • feral cats: are ok till you realize they depend on you and you find them hunting and eating their young.
   • some good words about the NYT and its inevitable demise.
   • "I left my guide, and lost my way; but now I love and keep thy word." Isaac Watts, indifferent & delusional self-mythology.
   • Andrzej's crystal theory of love, Cecilia raped in a Decarie motel over several days.
   • watching downloaded TV programs, not watching actually - playing with a candle / a shrink in one of the Foyle's War episodes - 6-2 Broken Souls m46ff - says "Often people get better just by talking about the things that have upset them." YouTube clip.
   • candles: differences in wax qualities, techniques, (incessant) trimming of wicks, guiding drips, carving / remembering Mary Lou's friend Gary Barnhardt, the carver with his beeswax maquettes / making a tiny yellow tip on the transparent blue flame / comical thing is that I absolutely cannot get a candle into a candlestick straight up & down anymore (?).
   • stripped gears, infirmity: carrying Vince up the stairs (not) at The Lion on Queen that last time, then lifting him - surprise! / physical memory, finding my glasses in the dark / death, mortality, notion of gears expanded: catch & spinnnnnn, blurt, vomit, pooh, pouf / so slowly now most of the time like sticky molasses but occasional cavitation as well which is just as bad / "An' every one of them words rang true and glowed like burnin’ coals, pourin’ off of every page like it was written in my soul from me to you."
   • first book: 'The Gauntlet' bought at a bookstore on Mount Pleasant for me by dad (possibly unwilling?), rheumatic fever (in his youth) and reading de Maupassant complete / not sure if I was read to, maybe not, can't remember.
   • paradoxical undressing, anemone death.
   • Dave Stevenson drunk and ROARING like a lion & yet, love miraculously re-establishing whole sometime later / Simon / making vice of virtue but not (quite) vice versa (?) / cadence of Watermelon Sugar / rankest hagiography / looking for anti-matter, something behind the poem.
   • punter, on the game, 'a vida' / getting straight / stealing, thievery.
   • what do they call those meaning-map diagrams they use in formal linguistic analysis? / burning up Buddhist monks, cowardice, basic human qualities as with Pierrot le Fou just before he blows his head off.
   • words: facetious, canny, scots / prerogative, perquisite / horses for courses / shiska, shiksa, shitsk / pique, peaky, panic, mingey / strop [sharpen], stroppy [bad-tempered, rebellious, awkward] not connected.
   • head case rubbish: interest, symmetry, 'stand out' - but the 'information' is in the difference, symmetry but not identity / symmetry shifts depending upon scale & complexity / Steven Mithen's offboard insight, the index is everything, Google at least identified that much but the resulting index depends upon the categories, the qualities used for comparison.
   • thinking of others (coupled with living in a small town) cf. selfishness & self-interest / easy rule of thumb for 'gay', what about selfish? / if you reduce people to survival at some level it may be reasonable for them to become obsessively & exclusively self-interested.
   • ellipsis: despair despise (self & several) and eventually it comes around to defy (personal, however lame & possibly collective) / if the few Jews who defied Hitler - perhaps because they had seen their parents murdered - how much more for those who have seen all their future children slaughtered?
   • 'complain/explain' prejudices: and resulting incomplete conversations / several quotes found and then lost again / lessons are often not what they seem / pity party, positivity enforcement &c.
   • naïve cadence: the person who says 'STOP!' in this context is no more than naïve, as soon as you see the depth of complicity you realize the tremendous disconnect, inertia, hardship (2 billion out of 7) / the machine with no exit / equivalent in some way to chemo-therapy which kills all cells in the (fond) hope that the cancerous ones will die first.
   • the end of literary: Dylan's Christian code, American exceptionalism &c. nonsense BUT / Pynchon old age / Joseph Heller - 'Catch 22' cf. 'Closing Time' / Alice Munro replete with false & incorrect details / William Faulkner self promotion / chestnuts that don't wash: 'To Kill A Mockingbird', 'The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter', 'The Last Angry Man' / Russell Hoban & Roald Dahl perverse / ee cummings light, enduring but without effect, sentimental but never abandoned / Will Self & Peter Hoeg / Richard Brautigan suicide / urban? was James Joyce urban? is there any remaining consciousness but urban? urban/urbane [blandly polite] stupid & absolutely useless.
   • generations & age groups: ~10 year intervals (?) & the notion of a historical pendulum / as in Jomo Kenyatta's book.
   • slabs & rashers of text.
   • Canadian Green Party leaders Elizabeth May & Mike Schreiner are both Americans (!)
   • I'm an experiment that failed. I wish someone would just turn me off. Get to Pará somehow and teach English to the Mundurukú heroes? Head for New Zealand?
  Toronto by pin-hole camera, Michael Chrisman, 2011.Atomic explosion somewhere, some when. More 'other notions considered' and loose ends:
   • Perversity: "Doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to him." (Neil Young), and vice versa, and inverted, and cf. the lot.
   • William Mortensen: “When the world of the grotesque is known and appreciated, the real world becomes vastly more significant.” (William Mortensen) “For us, he was the antichrist.” (Ansel Adams about William Mortensen) from The Guardian: William Mortensen: photographic master at the monster’s ball, Chris Campion, Monday 6 October 2014.
   • male domination fantasies: a metric & calculus to determine degree in images - counting body parts revealed. A return to elementary school smut? But then how far has humanity really progressed?
   • Leonard DeCaprio: the letter 'N' goes for a walk at the United Nations during Ban Ki Moon's climate fest: 'inalienable' becomes 'inaliable' and then later on the 'N' reappears making 'delegates' into 'delegants'.
   • politically correct cf. correct, proper; and/or, politically incorrect cf. incompetent.
   • it's taking longer to remember, and longer to get started when I wake - coffee & a cigarette are sometimes not enough even when I've been sleeping 16 of the last 24. I remember the expat guy walking with friends on the Ipanema beach, getting more and more tired 'till he sits down and then collapses and they rush him off for a quadruple bypass. A week or so later he is back at work. Which is what I am hoping for (the collapse not the bypass) though there are still moments of wild joy, and still moments of serene joy, laughter bubbling up into a smile.
   • trick questions: If you float you're a witch and you're burned. If you sink you're innocent but drowned. What a deal! / "When did you stop beating your wife?" / Some people like to kick you when you're down because they're assholes; some because they're afraid. Some are afraid you may ask for something, help. Some are afraid because they may really be no different. Some don't want to see. Some see but don't want to acknowledge.
   • 'C' students from Yale (W.) & 'C' students from Harvard (Bill Gates).
   • words: odious, sot, crétin / par parity / act actually / feral farouche. venal: capable of being acquired by purchase instead of conferred on grounds of merit. venial: worthy or admitting of pardon, forgiveness, or remission; not grave or heinous; pardonable, light; as opposed to deadly or mortal. fight, fire? ok, but fight disease? or 'bear it bravely'? rhyming slang: Jimmy Riddle / telling porkies / Allan Wickers, knickers / sweat socks, jocks, sweaties. vindicate: to claim, to set free, to punish, &c. (quite a range there). "J'ai fait une reve la semaine dernière." (Bunuel, Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie). Mirandous! Stupendious! from Latin mirari to wonder at; and, stupere to be struck senseless (same root as stupid). hidebound, OED: There's nothing in that hide-bound usurer. (1616) They are Hide-bounded money-mongers. (1633) What is the ritual called? Tefillin? Phylacteries? Seeing it performed repeatedly in the New York airport on my way to Israel and suddenly realizing what 'hide bound' means and now to find that except for a few citations in the OED this meaning has vanished, presumably in the bleach of correctitude. boomer - profligate wastrel profligate: overthrown, ruined; abandoned to vice or vicious indulgence; recklessly licentious or debauched; dissolute; extremely or shamelessly vicious; dissipated. wastrel: a good-for-nothing, idle, worthless, disreputable person; spendthrift. Tordue.
   • They write and rewrite Bovary and understand nothing.
   • Hitch your waggon.
   • Things can only change from what they are to begin with.
   • Feedback (Not!): “Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink.” Least said soonest mended, but honesty's a hard habit to break. The object of comment interfaces to prevent comments. The object of information-hotlines to prevent information flow. The object of welfare registration in Toronto to prevent registration.
   • False security concerns?: Are the worries exaggerated? Probably, almost certainly, not.
   • Forgot (how) to regulate air flow: two clues, both ignored, 1) too windy for candle 2) too much light in bedroom - and it took two days to figgure this out! By that time things had cooled off. All good.
   • Off: Anyone knows right away at the first look that I'm off, like Ralph but worse - except that Ralph isn't off. Two clues: Iron John and the dysfunctional man; and, Demasio, Decartes' Error - without emotion there is no reason, anhedonia, flat affect, enervated. Apathy was considered by the Stoics as the highest condition of Humanity. SNL massive headwound Harry.
   • Physical memory & books: Why books are better than the Internet.
   • It looks like ... it's a'dyin' and it's hardly been born.
   • Thoughts about Abigail (Beach United preacher).
   • There are no snowflakes in a blizzard: Dilution - problem with extended senses & TV from McLuhan Understanding Media which was the get-go of the whole McLuhan thing and then never got around to saying it.
  Wiley Miller: The Universal Sense of Humor.
   • Child ballad 275, Get Up and Bar the Door: It fell about the Martinmas time, And a gay time it was then, When our goodwife got puddings to make, And she’s boild them in the pan. The wind sae cauld blew south and north, And blew into the floor; Quoth our goodman to our goodwife, ‘Gae out and bar the door.’ My hand is in my hussyfskap, Goodman, as ye may see; An it shoud nae be barrd this hundred year, It’s no be barrd for me.’ They made a paction tween them twa, They made it firm and sure, That the first word whaeer shoud speak, Shoud rise and bar the door. Then by there came two gentlemen, At twelve o clock at night, And they could neither see house nor hall, Nor coal nor candle-light. ‘Now whether is this a rich man’s house, Or whether is it a poor?’ But neer a word wad ane o them speak, For barring of the door. And first they ate the white puddings, And then they ate the black; Tho muckle thought the goodwife to hersel, Yet neer a word she spake. Then said the one unto the other, ‘Here, man, tak ye my knife; Do ye tak aff the auld man’s beard, And I’ll kiss the goodwife.’ ‘But there’s nae water in the house, And what shall we do than?’ ‘What ails ye at the pudding-broo, That boils into the pan?’ O up then started our goodman, An angry man was he: ‘Will ye kiss my wife before my een, And scad me wi pudding-bree?’ Then up and started our goodwife, Gied three skips on the floor: ‘Goodman, you’ve spoken the foremost word, Get up and bar the door.’
   • later McLuhan: The Global Village - Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century, Marshall McLuhan & Bruce R. Powers, 1989, 0-19-505444-X. "Princeps gloriosissime, Michael, Archangele, esto memor nostris; hic et ubique semper precare pro nobis Filium Dei. / Glorious Prince Archangel Michael, remember us, here and everywhere, always intercede for us (with) the Son of God ..." This dedication was probably cooked up by Bruce Powers but he wouldn't have done it unless he thought McLuhan would approve.
   • Daniel Kahneman: Odd fellow. Odd book 'Thinking Fast & Slow'. Gay? Who was Amos - friend or lover? And then the way so many of the ideas are cute but not much more. Peter C. vs. false -logys.
   • Leaders: Kim Jong-il, the late supreme leader of North Korea, shot a 38-under par round of golf (including 11 holes in one) the first time he picked up a golf club. This according to his biography – yes, the same one that speaks of the 1,500 books he supposedly churned out during his three years at university, his ability to alter the weather at will, and the fact that he did not defecate. (Thanks to the Daily Maverick.) The existence of a single leader of such a calibre (and there are in fact many) should make anarchy the original no-brainer. But it isn't. Oh well.
  Environmental Apocalypse: Marc Roberts. Luojie. Bosco. Index of devastation falls in 24 years. Doonesbury. Rob Ford & Michael Flaherty.Moudakis. Gable.Jenkins. Khalil Bendib. Tom Toles.Tom Toles. Tom Toles.Tom Toles. Wasserman. Tony Auth. ['The Future' he says?! Hah! It's now! And not just Medicare.] Information Technology (Not!): Cisco lies. Doonesbury. Pearls Before Swine. Al Kratzer. Graces: Ryan McGinley: Metamorphosis.Berman Fenelus: Mrs. Kriss. Miss Jodie. Miss Jodie: Hand wash only. Do not bleach. Bottom Line: Mississippi Alligator in the pink. Ciça. In this country everyone is born free and with equal rights before the law.
... Later on everything has to be turned around.
  David Blackwood: Fire Down On The Labrador.David Blackwood: The Loss of the Flora S Nickerson. André Dahmer / Malvados. Cigarettes left me impotent. With a little creativity I moved on to making love with my tongue.
That was before cancer of the tongue.
  Yet more notions considered (last batch, promise):
   • Consider starting a new blog: APPA: Anticipating Post-anthropocene. / Pissant, Postical, & Apposite. A new Postil Conteinyng most Godly and learned sermons vpon all the Sonday Gospelles. (‘post illa verba textus’). aka: Baker's Dozen Correspondence (still trying to get straight, some people just won't quit). aka: This too shall pass. With a few posts mapped out: 1) Poverty. 2) Annual Miracle of the Leaves (this one gets done in the old blog). 3) Principles of Operation: from the days when IBM used to publish manuals for their products laying the principles out explicitly to now when no one will explain why they use a Stirling engine in the latest solar panel development. 4) Miss Havisham cf. The Idiot. 5) Nitty gritty. 6) Least said soonest mended: what the heart don't know it cannot grieve / rinky dinky spider / “The afflicted cannot love one another.” (Arthur in 'Solid Mandala'. 7) Dilettantes & Dissemblers: lies, freeloaders, Alan Rusbridger, Ben van Beurden, Amber Rudd, Louise Metivier, Lord Brown Baron of two-faced bullshit, disappearing horizon (?), venal shitheads, toadies & humbugs, stalking horse, straw man. 8) Mistakes: So many ways to go wrong. intentional obfuscation (photosynthesis units in Wikipedia). 9) Hebrew nothing, zero - efes אֶפֶס.
   • Stories: Sleeping Beauty & The Ice Queen - difference between tv & reading or listening, difference between reading & listening.
   • Desolation Row: wake up singing it, 'some local loser' (aren't we all?), Highway 61 - and a thousand telephones that don't ring.
   • Aha! The default answer is "No." Par for humans is "Don't tell me." People don't want to know. That's why compassion is so extraordinary & merits so much discussion & thought. Looking out for #1 is the basic human condition and anything else is exceptional. People want what they want. Must be the Alz' makin' me think this is some kinna' epiphany. :-)
   • Aha! Vaccination! Some fictions are transcendental, some are the opposite - prophylactic. Certain kinds of stupidity are viral. Yang & Yin. There may be a question of one person's poison dreck being another's ... something else - but I don't think so. (?) Stupid & ugly short-legged mediocre women (always in high-heels) & men acting in silly TV soaps. "Because of this reason ..." And an actor who does 20 or so of the voices on 'The Simpsons' - How can he keep 20 characters straight? Either the script is good or he is. - gets $300,000 per episode. So.
   • Feral: we started young - cub scout evasions.
   • Reflexive transcendence, oroborus, Corinthians. (?)
   • And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering: But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell. And the Lord said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper? And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand; When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me. And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.
   • Fundament: The lower part of the body, on which one sits; the buttocks; also, the orifice of the intestines, the anus. In birds, the vent. The basic mental preferences: identity/symmetry, causation/principle, simplicity/fundament.
   • There are similarities between 'discover' & 'iconoclast'.
   • Poem: (on one more unanswered ) the eloquent black-velvet, carbon-dust silence i could be praising,      instead           of shunned. here,      for this (thine)      is the glory - mind shattering           beauty -      there is no language      without. let go the wasted (anyway) words      and dwell. here. praising.
   • and find the other 'they ate his wilderness heart' one
   • Laudato si': 148, 149 & footnote 117 / Dylan: "I heard the tongues of angels and the tongues of men and there wasn't any difference to me." / Sometimes he is humble - 169. (Why did I think this showed humility?) / Damned ith faint praise. / 224 - at least it's not impossible :-) / 225 - wonder / 228
   • Here's a story which may not be true; here's a story which may be true.
   • Breaking glass: 1) when Elizabeth and Keith bought the house on Keewatin there was a greenhouse at the foot of the garden and stacks of glass in it and I went there and found a hammer and began to break the stacks one pane at a time, Keith found me and stopped me gently by saying the panes might be of use some time; 2) at the cottage on Angle Lake finding a dump of old bottles and a 'cliff' (really just a large rock to throw them against and smash, showing Bob ?? Lynn's boyfriend but he was not impressed. A that time the ukelele and me making a Hawaiian show with oranges for tits, and undoing to top of ???'s bathing suit and seeing her tits underwater. Also smashing the windshield of an old car behind the barn trying to get a decal off the window. 3) finding a bunch of 8-foot fluorescent bulbs in a dump somewhere (?) and launching them like spears into a rusty car frame.
   • NYT: Russian Money Suspected Behind Fracking Protests, Andrew Higgins, November 30 2014. Guardian: 'Trade facilitates sustainability': The trouble with the local food movement, Marc Gunther, Monday 1 December 2014, Sponsored by 'Origin Green'.
   • A change in the weather and it ain't the coming of spring!
   • degrees of freedom, degrees of separation.
  Tiny Stories:
   - getting the sea flea up the stairs: built a 3-point outboard hydroplane in the basement when I was 13 or 14 and there was a fear that it would not go up the stairs and out the door, we got it up somehow but dad was ready (I think he was, maybe he was) to take out the basement window if we hadn't.
   - winning Foote's Bay Regatta with John Shire the doctor's son.
   - near accident in St Sauveur: skiing in the family car with three friends when I was 16 or 17, coming down the long hill towards Sun Valley on the way home on a slick half-frozen highway going about 80 (top end for the old Acadian) and a bus parked in the inside lane (because there was new snow and the shoulder handn't been plowed) when some muggle pulled around the bus and stalled blocking the second lane, we were doomed, went over the snow pile in the median, flew a bit and landed safely.
   - under dad's poncho in Hurricane Hazel: he came and woke me and carried me onto the front porch where we sat watching the storm, me tucked into an old army poncho he had which was torn around the neck so I was able to peek out, 1956 was it? so ten years old, and then carried me back up and slipped me into my bed.
   - mom defending us from the cops, sling shots: we shot fence staples with slingshots at the bak windows of a neighbours' house and she called the cops, they came up the driveway after us and mom stopped them and drove them away, "How dare you!" then she turned on us but we were all smiling.
   - snow fort, coal shovel of ice: building a snow fort at the back stair and dad came home late from work and in the back door for some reason, he scooped up a few coal shovel fulls of slush and slapped it on the walls and the next day they had frozen and were impenetrable.
   - hot peppers & raw oysters on the metal top table: go with dad by streetcar down to the St. Lawrence market and come home with shopping-bag fulls of groceries, when it's all put away we sit at the metal-topped kitchen table and eat hot peppers and raw oysters, tears running down his cheeks, I ask why, he says because it is so good - that's how you can tell when the peppers are hot enough.
   - tennis club and Saturday morning work, theft, showers, Birks box, mom on her knees praying.
   - 1953 'Phantom from Space'. / Yul Brynner 'The Bucanneer' with Lynn who didn't want to be there, 1959?.
   - mom on a one-way street in her red VW bug.
   - half remembered, half filled-in: being turned out of mom dad's bed by dad who wanted it for himself, going on for a long time because it satisfied some of the hollowness of the original isolation (?).
   - bloodstone ring, slabs of rosy stone, labradorite, stealing his silver dollars, the watch, Cyclopedia.
   • Linear: (approximately) movie & audio.
   • Thin edge of the wedge of resistence, eg. Koch bros.
   • Fossicking = totting, touting, tarting.
   • There is no quid quo pro.
   • Mean spirited.
   • Nothing succeeds like success and VV and all the rest.
   • Repent: I wonder what they meant, de repente, order of the soul cf Buber. Peniteo, penitere, penitui / poeniteo, poenitere, poenitui: displease; (cause to) regret; repent, be sorry; me paenitet = I am sorry. Compungo, compungere, compunxi, compunctus: cause repentance; feel remorse/contrition; inspire w/devotion; repent.
   • Baronies & bailiwicks.
   • Aral Sea & Lake Orumeih seemed far away, Lake Mead & Cantareira not so much.
   • Stephen Lewis will moderate a debate comparing the merits of a Carbon Tax vs Cap and Trade, the two principal methods proposed to set a price on carbon. Panelists: Nicholas Rivers, Chairholder, Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy, University of Ottawa; David Robinson, Associate Professor of Economics, Laurentian University; Katie Sullivan, Director, North America and Climate Finance, IETA; Gray Taylor, a leading climate change lawyer working in Toronto; Kristyn Annis, President of Canadians for Clean Prosperity; Lynn McDonald, Professor of Sociology, University of Guelph. The event is sponsored by For Our Grandchildren, Citizens' Climate Lobby Canada, and University of Toronto’s School of the Environment. Stephen Lewis doesn't show up. The room is full, jammed. From the video I make out that almost all of it is ad hoc unprepared boilerplate self-interested bafflegab.
   • Idea for a story called "Quite."
   • Hyper-plots (?).
   • Ai Ai Ai / iAyeEye / Oÿ-yoÿ-yoÿ-yoÿ! with dots over y as in White 'Riders in the Chariot'.
   • Power outage & fear on the dark street.
   • "I wanted to write the end of our Midgard – but not to write an allegory or a sermon. Almost all the scientists I know think we are bringing about our own extinction, more and more rapidly." (AS Byatt on 'Ragnarok'). As she says, the story 'ends', but this could also be that there is no one left to tell it or hear it. I recommend this story to Lisa the Librarian and she likes it.
   • Let us take Tubular Bells, or ... let us take an imaginary trip into the mind of J.S. Bach as he is composing ... ??? Carol or Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring or better still the Goldberg Variations as played by Wanda Landowska on her Pleyel Harpsichord. Does this give us any clues about contrapuntal conversation?
   • Boys in the park cleaning up after the tree guys (union workers, 'monkeys').
   • And everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.
   • Cohen, Simon, Zimmerman - urban or rural?
   • Missing Berni Yablon.
   • Comedy & Tragedy curves interpreted as orgasm, comedy U - orgasm at the end; tragedy ∩ - orgasm in the middle with dénouement.
  Hand print. Wallace Stevens.

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.

We slowly drove, he knew no haste,
And I had put away
My labor, and my leisure too,
For his civility.

verbal charcoal

shame of knowledge of death

"I'm sorry."


double boxed

You like it under the trees in autumn,
Because everything is half dead.
The wind moves like a cripple among the leaves    
And repeats words without meaning.

In the same way, you were happy in spring,
With the half colors of quarter-things,
The slightly brighter sky, the melting clouds,
The single bird, the obscure moon—

The obscure moon lighting an obscure world
Of things that would never be quite expressed,
Where you yourself were never quite yourself
And did not want nor have to be,

Desiring the exhilarations of changes:
The motive for metaphor, shrinking from
The weight of primary noon,
The ABC of being,

The ruddy temper, the hammer
Of red and blue, the hard sound—
Steel against intimation—the sharp flash,
The vital, arrogant, fatal, dominant X.

Wallace Stevens.

Also see Northrop Frye: The Educated Imagination, 1962.

 :-)I made all these blogs for my kids & grandkids. I don't think they read all, some, any (?) of it - but it's here for them, for a while at least - and off-line copies for as long as there is an HTML interpreter on the go anywhere.

There is a Complete list of contents of the three main blogs"
Fat old guy among the moon & stars (from Laerte: D. Ruth e o Novo Mundo #8 14-04-02.        2005-2008: They say, 'sing while you slave';
        2008-2013: Who am I? Who are you?; and,
        2013-2015: Comics / Tirinhas, Boobage &c.

And now it's time for Porky Pig (as the black hole becomes smaller and smaller) to say, "Th-th-that's all folks!"

His body is a golden string your body's hanging from.    

Leonard Cohen, 'Master Song'.




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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Canada's Faint Hope:

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Elizabeth May, 14-09-21, Ottawa, by Adrian Wyld.

Minority government with Elizabeth May holding the balance of power.

Does it even make sense?     I don't know.
Brian Gable: Nostradamus.Is there such a combination of numbers of seats as to give Elizabeth May a modicum of control? By the time you mix in party discipline it's all very problematic if not outright silly. Or is it?
Mayes: Tom Mulcair and the NDP deliver promises by the bushel and by the peck.She could then ensure that Canada quickly makes a revised and reasonable submission to the COP 21 in Paris with a realistic plan to achieve it; ... and that the the best of the NDP's empty promises are honoured.

That would be a good start.

Stephen Harper hires an Australian expert to morph him into Donald Trump - but Justin Sinclair & Archibald Arseholedent are no better.

Crowd gathers for the unveiling of the Justin Trudeau statue.Harper reshapes his image for second phase of the campaign.
(Thanks to Gord for the Pidgeons/Harper/Trump images.)
Os Três Cavalheiros   com merda na cabeça.   Safados mentirosos!Os Três Cavalheiros: Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, & Stephen Harper.

The current policies of the Green Party are not sufficient to the task of keeping within 2°C. I believe this is a function of the party rather than of the leader. Nonetheless the policies of the Green Party are FAR closer to sufficiency than those of the Conservative, Liberal or New Democratic parties.

Elizabeth May knows what has to be done and she tells the truth. This puts her into a completely different category of human being from the other three leaders.

They have their debates from which she is excluded and she wins 'em in absentia.

I guess she needs 5-7 Greens elected, say, lucky 13. And could this vision then work? Could she hold the balance? I wish somone who knows how to figgure these things would tell me.
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