Friday, September 13, 2013

You can't get there from here.

You can't get there from here, as the Eskimo said to the Scotsman.

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Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior:
Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior.

Tiago Silva.
Tiago Silva.
It doesn't hurt to dream eh?

I can't hear you. Put text in the baloon so I can read it.

Charles Schulz: Peanuts.

Empty, empty empty ... empty empty:
Dilma Rousseff & Barack Obama in Brasília.François Hollande at school.Empty Black Nun by Maïmouna Guerresi (with apologies).
Brian Gable: Justin Trudeau.Peter Nicholson: media consultants.
Letters to my son: (on his birthday :-)
Allan Sieber: Cartas ao Filho.
Papa very much likes a small whisky my boy.
But most of all papa likes you!
With a small whisky and a tanquilizer papa loves all humanity.
Allan Sieber: Cartas ao Filho.
You were conceived with a lot of love.
And a lot of wine as well.
Or tequila ... ? Hmmm, ask your mother, she remembers this story better.
Allan Sieber: Cartas ao Filho.
The most important thing son, is to learn to lose.
Winning is easy: any clown knows how to win.
Only the strong can consistently lose.
Do it for me.

Alberto Benett.
Dead End Street

Alberto Benett.
Blow Job $15, normal $20 and anal is $50. If you just wanna mind fuck it's $100.

Dan Piraro: McMorta.

Peter Nicholson: carbon footprints.Seppo Leinonen: Tuvalu.
Ajak Deng: 'Shhh.'Oroma Elewa: 'Shhh.'
Many girls who are sold for their flesh are not so happy as those in the images below (who do not appear to be very 'happy' either). Abuse? Exploitation? Objectification of the feminine? Bog standard human nature at work on all sides? Who can say?
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