Tuesday, September 17, 2013

De perto ninguém é normal.

(Up close, nobody's normal.)

[Up, Down]

São José do Norte:
I don't belong to anyone.
Cries & Whispers:
Anon: Man Yelling.

Mike Baldwin, Cornered: Passive-aggressive.Nani: Only speak when absolutely necessary.
Sign on bus: Say to the driver only the unavoidable.
Passenger: I love you.
A fable in five frames:
Daniel Lafayette: Monstro.
Daniel Lafayette: Monstro.
The monster is sad because he is not able to communicate.
But then, all he says is 'Bla'.

Daniel Lafayette: Monstro.
Daniel Lafayette: Monstro.
Daniel Lafayette: Monstro.

Jeopardy (double, triple, & several dimensions of cosmic):
When you think all is lost,
Remind yourself: It could get worse!
The Visit of the Pope. (This is subtler than it looks.)
'Wereldverbeteraars' is Dutch for do-gooders.
Hachfeld: Tokyo Olympic Games.Ique.
Anthony Jenkins.Tom Toles.
Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz: tartarugas.Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz: gazebo.
Patricia Namayira.Patricia Namayira.

[Up, Down]

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