Sunday, September 1, 2013

Too little too late.

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Ranier Hachfeld.Ranier Hachfeld.
Dirk Niebel (German minister of Economic Development) likes this.
Parrot: For me this is evil.
Bendib: Like Oil and Water.

Global Hypocrisy! Alligator tears from Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa:
For six years we gave the world an opportunity ... but we have waited long enough.
(No native shirt -->)
Not like us ... who in order to be who we are ... have only waited thousands of years.

Today's announcement to exploit Yasuni or not.

"Uncontacted peoples are not in the Yasuni." Equador Ministry of Justice.
We sent Tweets, Facebook messages, Whatsapp ... but they never got back to us!

See: Gwynne Dyer: Another defeat for the environment, August 22 2013; Yasuni National Park; Yasuní-ITT Initiative; and the Huaorani aka Waorani aka Waodani aka Waos native people living there.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Amazonia:
Caco Galhardo.

It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.

The wintertime is coming. The windows are filled with frost.
I ran to tell everybody but I could not get across.
I wanna be your lover baby, I don' wanna be your boss.
Don't say I never warned you when your train gets lost.

                                                                                Bob Dylan.
Newton Silva.Newton Silva.
Dominant Elite to People: EAT SHIT!
(Vixe! interjection: Virgem Maria!)
I knew you had escaped misery into the middle class!
(Égua interjection: mare, slang 'slut')
André Dahmer / Malvados.
Ana Claudia liked big strapping boys, but missed someone mature for conversation.
Isabel liked older men ...
... but missed someone mature for conversation.
Robert Crumb: Twas Ever Thus.Robert Crumb: Don't mean sheeit ...Berkeley Breathed: Men's Kouch Meeting.
Cornered: Your prayer is important to us ...Far Side - Gary Larson.

Amerongen: Ballard Street.Amerongen: Ballard Street.
David Parkins: Stephen Harper cf Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau on growth.Justin Trudeau on the Keystone pipeline.Justin Trudeau on CNOOC.Justin Trudeau on FIPA.
There's never gonna be another wave of growth for the middle class except maybe suicide ... a-and ... who gives a fuck about marijuana?
Justin Trudeau is a fricken ringer!

Canada is categorically confirmed as 'The Great White North' (Eh?):
Bob & Doug McKenzie - The Great White North.
Gable: Stealth Snowmobile.Perry: Stealth Snowmobile.
And if that don't convince ya, try:
    Half of Canadians say government snooping 'acceptable': poll.
    Majority of Canadians want to loosen marijuana laws: polls.
(Just the headlines will do.)
... unemployed in retirement, and you?
Retired to unemployment.
Adel El Siwi: Untitled.Ayana Vellissia Jackson: Poverty Pornography - Destruction.Ayana Vellissia Jackson: Poverty Pornography - Death.
(Above: Adel El Siwi and Ayana Vellissia Jackson.)

Shhh ...Shhh ...Shhh ...
Wallace Bay near Ocean Falls.
[Thanks to Brently & Peter for the photo.]

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