Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Deadbeat misogynist asshole ...
                ... stinking chimpanzee!

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Bonne Bay:
Bonne Bay.

Berkeley Breathed: Bill the Cat.Joe Btfsplk.Schulz: Pigpen.
Rudyard Kipling: The Cat Who Walked By Himself.Scott Hilburn, Argyle Sweater: Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat.
Ballard Street.Dr. Seuss: The Cat in the Hat.
[The square and the triangle touch, but the triangle and the nought actually engage - are linked. But I still like Luis Fernando Verissimo's, the second one, best :-)   ]
Sengai: Medicine for the eye.

Luis Fernando Verissimo: Gênesis.Aubrey Beardsley.
And how much is it with emotional involvement?

Laerte: Gato e Gata.
... ah. I'm tired. / Let's see what's on the next page. Ah, that was good ...

Mike Peters: Grimm.

Damned law of gravity! / Don't tell me!

Galhardo.Robert Crumb: Genesis.
Come to bed!
Wait a sec - I just wanna down-load something.
And I wanna UP-load something!

Louise Bourgeois.

Robert Crumb: Please Warm My Weiner.Robert Crumb: Angel Food McSpade.
LUH3417, Maggie McOmie, & THX1138, Robert Duvall.

Bill Schorr, Grizzwells: Supermodels.

Orixás (stress on the last syll-able):
David Hewson: Yakumama.David Hewson: Yakumama.
Brazil, Jonathan Pryce.Josephine Baker, Bananas.Sue Kreitzman: Josephine Baker with spiral.
Bottom Line, Joan Armatrading:
Joan Armatrading.Joan Armatrading.
"Light up if you're feelin' happy but if it's bad then let those tears roll down."

"Some days the bear will eat you; some days you'll eat the bear."
- here it is on YouTube, sorry about the ad -

... or ... or ... some days the chimp will eat you; some days you'll eat the chimp. (?)

Carl Zahradnik: Muselmann.Jan Budding: Muselmann.Carl Zahradnik: Muselmann.
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