Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Telluride. Tellus. Telos.

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An even murkier case of word-shifting (following on from 'Decimate ...' previously).

Thomas Pynchon, born 1937 (now 76):
Thomas Pynchon.Thomas Pynchon.Thomas Pynchon.
Photographs from late 50's early 60's.
1958-1964 Slow Learner (1984)
1963 V.
1966 The Crying of Lot 49
1973 Gravity's Rainbow
1990 Vineland
1997 Mason & Dixon (featuring 'tellurick')
2006 Against the Day (featuring Telluride Colorado)
2009 Inherent Vice
2013 Bleeding Edge (If someone finds value in this please tell me. I can't, yet.)
From the OED:

Tellus : (from Latin 'earth') the goddess of the earth in Roman mythology; hence, the earth personified; the planet Earth, the terrestrial globe

tellurium : (from Tellus) one of the rarer elements, a tin-white shining brittle substance, formerly from its outward characters classed among the metals, but in its chemical properties and relations belonging to the same series as sulphur

telluric : derived from or containing tellurium

telluric : of or belonging to the earth, terrestrial; pertaining to the earth as a planet; also, of or arising from the earth or soil

[this next far-fetched leap from a seriously fragile & tenuous spring-board]

telos : (from Greek 'end') end, purpose, ultimate object or aim

teleology : the doctrine or study of ends or final causes, especially as related to the evidences of design or purpose in nature; also transferred sense of design as exhibited in natural objects or phenomena

telomere: the compound structure found at the end of a chromosome in eukaryotes, having only one spindle pole
Telluride, Colorado:
Telluride, Colorado.Telluride, Colorado.
Telluride, Colorado.
Alas, there is no Telluride in Telluride and never was. Like the rest of America it is fictional. It has now become a year-round resort, comparable to say, Rancho Mirage, used by the likes of the Koch brothers and Barack & Xi Jinping, or ... Disneyland.

Pearls Before Swine.Pearls Before Swine.

Rudy Park.Rudy Park.

André Dahmer / Malvados.
The prostitute fell in love with the congressman:
I want to take you away from this life.
Or consider distance: miles, kilometres ... leagues:
Puss in Seven League Boots.Tom Thumb stealing the ogre's Seven League Boots.

William Springfield: Girl on a coffee table on the highway.William Springfield: Girl on a coffee table on the highway.

All this to love and raptures due.
Must we not pay a debt to pleasures too?

(No conscious fakery here. The Rochester quote comes to me from an episode of 'Inspector Morse', a TV show.)
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