Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obliging the nobility in their effortless superiority.

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The title comes from a conversation in one of the episodes of 'Inspector Morse'. 'Nobility' for me includes the technocrats & all their bureaucrat brethren.

Consider Lake Hongjiannao in northern China:
Lake Hongjiannao, northern China: 1998 & 2004.
Lake Hongjiannao, northern China, December 2011.
Lake Hongjiannao, northern China, September 2011.
Lake Hongjiannao, northern China, September 2011.
Or the Aral Sea on the border of Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan: (just east of Turkey & the Caspian Sea, and north of Iran)
Aral Sea shorelines 1960-2009.
The entry in Wikipedia begins, "The Aral Sea ... was ...". Somewhat further down it says, "... but political will is lacking." Stop for a moment and think about the time-scale shown on the map, or not.

Look! Fungus!

tOad.Clay Bennett.
Penalize the client to protect the supplier. Brilliant!
(It would be funnier if it weren't looking more-and-more like the European standard.)

David Simonds.Glenn McCoy.

David Simonds.

David Simonds.

Raul Motta.
Dirceu, Delúbio and Genoíno get special treatment in jail ...
Papuda has turned into a 3-star prison ...

Signe Wilkinson.

Things begin to blur:
Half-white American girl.White-face girl in Lome Togo.
Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man ~1490.
From about the beginning of what we can remember the basic model is masculine and the feminine is assumed to be arrived at by reduction. Embryology shows this not to be the case.

We also tend to assume that the corporate behaviours which are sinking us are exceptions, aberrations straying from some intention that may have been in the OEM spec.

But ... maybe not. Maybe Hobbes had it right ... :-)

... and more! Nevermind possibly fictitious notions of 'ethical' responsibility for future generations in general (kith), or even for one's own grandchildren (kin) - waddabout our children at the moment, even ourselves?

The evidence I see points towards total unconcern like ... the finger of doom.

Dark as dark can be eh?   :-)
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