Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bitter, shortchanged.

[Up, Down]

Elsipogtog, Rexton, New Brunswick:

Shrews & Bastards:
Lali took my kids and my apartment.
You can make more kids, but an apartment ...
That shrew destroyed my dreams Almeida.
Don't be like that, you still have your nightmares ...
American women.
Followed, naturlich, by a Canadian band, The Guess Who, with their hit song American Woman (turned up loud). And maybe a chorous or two of Bob's 'Someday Baby' from the 'Modern Times' album: "Someday baby, you ain't gonna worry po' me anymore."

I walk alone in the desert but for a beautiful wandering butterfly.
It might be another demonstration of my father's love ...
But it's just another of Satan's cunning tricks!
All right people. Bring the butterfly back in.

Advertisement for Coka Cola.
You're lying. It's not that big!     I swear! And that's when it's soft!

Do you take it up the ass?
Please don't let it spill!!
Do-gooders. (Dutch)
Possibilidades reais / real possibilities:
Live according to our actual means?
I mean ... How did we get to this point?!
Do you think this crisis will be over soon?
I hope so ... but whatever happens ...
I don't have the least intention of living within my means.
Brian Gable.

Brian Gable.


Tom Toles.

Reflection & shadow:
Imagem de espelho.Ombras e tijolos.

Sooner or later politically correct language must face off with reality (eh?).

Speaking of which, here is a delightful animation found on Miss Jodie's Tumblr:
Miss Jodie.

[Up, Down]

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