Saturday, December 14, 2013

Could be worse.

[Up, Down]

Eyjafjallajokul, Iceland, 2010:
Eyjafjallajokul 2010.Eyjafjallajokul 2010.Iceland Map.

Two of my father's jokes:
I had no shoes and I complained until I met someone who had no feet.

I was down and out when a little bird sang into my ear, "Cheer up. Things could be worse." So I cheered up, and sure enough - things got worse.
A-and Musak® this time too:
Feliz esta alma que vive comigo, que vai onde eu sigo o meu coração.

A happy soul that lives with me, and goes where I follow my heart.

Virginia Rodrigues, 'Alma'.

Down here next to me in this lonely crowd is a man who swears he's not to blame. All day long I hear him cry so loud, callin' out that he's been framed.

Bob Dylan, 'I shall be released'.

I said to Hank Williams: how lonely does it get? Hank Williams hasn’t answered yet but I hear him coughing all night long.

Leonard Cohen, 'Tower of Song'.

And you know something's happening but you don't know what it is.

Bob Dylan, 'Ballad Of A Thin Man'.

Malvados on depression:
Love is the basis of any relationship.
It's a sacred temple ...
... made of sand.
Sunday night dreams:
I am stuck in a hole.
My shrink appears with a rope ...
... and hangs himself.
Poetry is food for the soul.
Sex is too.
But you don't have to lie to be nourished by poetry.

Ballard Street.What did I say about her before?

Resourceful & self-possessed was it?

She seems to have given up gloves, a-and her blog - and has gone acting in a sitcom, 'The Couple' (you can find clips & blurbs on YouTube).

Of course it's just an Internet fantasy, a temperament imagined & projected (and in New York yet!), an imaginary friend. I guess it's human nature to try and make things whole, even fantasies.

So ... to resourceful & self-possessed add: strong, substantial, admirable ... gorgeous (glorious?) ... alive, young ...

... did I say young already?
Anyway, here she is again - Miss Numa Perrier:
Miss Numa Perrier.Miss Numa Perrier.Miss Numa Perrier.
Miss Numa Perrier.Miss Numa Perrier.

Bonus extra - too strange to pass up:
Lula, José Dirceu & Dilma Rousseff.
Doesn't look Photoshopped ... could be ... even so.
... He must be good in bed.
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