Saturday, October 19, 2013

... a-and not all that swift to begin with.

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The title of the post comes from remembering "Who have never been happy or good" in Auden's 'September 1, 1939' - no, nor very smart neither sez I. (!)

Mar Grosso near São José do Norte:
Mar Grosso near São José do Norte.


Pat Oliphant.Latuff.
Pearls Before Swine.

Allan Sieber.Rich Tennant.
Do not recharge cellular batteries for the animals.



[Which way does Coriolis force turn in the northern hemisphere?]

Tom Toles.Argyle Sweater.
Raul Motta.
Obama, I'm calling to tell you I'm not coming to the US anymore.
Thanks Dilma, but you shouldn't have worried about it my dear, I already knew.

Trafigura, Côte d'Ivoire; Hansel & Gretel:
Turner: Typhoon Coming On The Slave Ship, 1840.
Turner: Typhoon Coming On The Slave Ship, 1840.
Trafigura, Probo Koala.Trafigura, Denise.Trafigura, Marc Rich.
Flor de babosa no jardim.Gretel & Hansel.Helene Amouzou: self-portrait.Gretel - another brick in the wall.
All hope is not necessarily bogus sentiment, just most of it:

['Conservation of electricity is underway' see here.]

You know what they say: "If wishes were horses ..."
Bottom line:
Whyatt: Bangkok Charade.Doonesbury.
Or is it? ... Or is it?
As of the close of this edition the world had not ended.


The full Hunter's Moon was yesterday. A line in the sand, stepped over.

As for humans bein' 'swift'? Sapiens? Mark Zukerberg a genius? (It says so on my mousepad.) You think so? Or computer nerds in general? Or doctors? Anyone? Einstein? Long story ... but in the end I think not.

I watched Stephen Harper day before yesterday doing his pre-throne-speech warmup for the caucus. It's on YouTube. Every person in that room should be charged with ecocide - or just plain-old murder, whatever. We are all soooo FUCKED.

Sacanagem! Toute fuckée!

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