Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thugs & bullies.

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Marc Roberts: Cat's on the Internet.
Anon: The illustrator's name is there but too tiny to read. Please tell me if you know who drew it.
All we need from our leaders is sensible action to stop the environmental apocalypse; and all we get are the selfish dalliances of thugs and bullies. Bradley Manning is sentenced to 35 years for good works:
Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years!
Free Bradley Manning!
Free Bradley Manning!

Christopher Weyant: Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, NSA.
[See: Edward Snowden (the saga continues)., and and ]

Bobrow: Orwell, Snowden, Obama.
Bok: Snowden Putin.
tOad: Prism, Wikileaks.
Signe: Snowden.
Wuerker: NSA.

Then again, consider ... slavery, the christian inquisition, Lotus feet ... What did one expect?


Stephen Gough the naked rambler.
Stephen Gough the naked rambler.

August 21 was Do Nothing Day.

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