Thursday, August 8, 2013

Doh ...

[Up, Down]

L'enfer, c'est les autres.
Hell is other people.
O inferno são os outros.
        (subtly different)

Love joins two people into one. / I just want that 'one' to be me.

Can you hear me alright?                                             Breaking up a bit but it's OK.

Brian Gable. Caco Galhardo.

André Dahmer, Malvados.
Don't be sad. You were born to be a star.
Born to shine?
Born to stay distant and isolated.
André Dahmer, Malvados.
When I swore, mother burned me with a cigarette.
I never again spoke a bad word.
It was a childhood of horrible suffering.
Tom Toles: Our survival plan is to sacrifice our children. Girls.

[Up, Down]

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