Friday, August 2, 2013



Glorious Leader: Alfred E. Newman.Every four six five (whatever) days for as long as it lasts. 'Boobage' indicating a functional relationship (as the OED puts it) with both tits & inanity, as well as lack of correctitude.

The sub-title: 'Rir pra não chorar'; is somewhat less than original but it is about the truth so there it is. Other considered sub-titles were: 1) Fossicking about on the best crap-O-la compost pile in the known universe; and, 2) "Methinks I see the wanton houres flee, and as they passe, turne back and laugh at mee."

Most images are click-able to see higher resolution - in the same Window/Tab, so get used to either: Right-Click 'Open in New Tab'; or the Back-Arrow. Some images come via email and some others come second-hand with no credit - if the author is not clear these are labelled 'Anon'. Anyone with additional knowledge of 'Anon' material is urged to comment - and the comments will be appreciated.

Some cartoonists have no link in the 'Cartoonists / Cartunistas & Illustrators' list. Generally these are people who opt to use cartoon syndication sites or Facebook which I will not link to - if you want that kind of thing it is easy to find.

I thought an Index might be useful so I started building one BUT Blogger became more and more sluggish updating it and I realized I had overstepped some tacit boundary. It had to be given up.   Oh well. So I changed it to Contents which is smaller.

There are previous blogs from September 2005 to August 2008 and from September 2008 to July 2013 and this one from August 2013 (when I thought the bottom had finally fallen out) to whenever - interesting time spent living on a credit card (and then what!?) Liliã has her baby and I will be moving onto the street (I guess). Funny how it goes.

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