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Bittersweet, Celastrus scandens.
[Ten years going on eleven, three blogs, one house & far too many apartments. Almost 1,000 posts. Just needs a baker's dozen to come into the One Thousand Nights and One Night zone.]

They say, "sing while you slave," but I just get bored.
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Who am I? Who are you?
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They say, "sing while you slave," but I just get bored.
The Idiot, Fyodor Dostoyevsky.Malvados, André Dahmer.JB Ecológico, Capa, Julho 2008, Mundo Pequeno, Pingüim, Antártica, Antártida.
[Some kind of consolation prize in Houston with a window high up in the KBR Tower surrounded by Enron wannabes and with nothing to do - so I took up blogging.]

  September 2005:
1.Welcome Outland, Berkeley Breathed, Bill the Cat.
2.a few poems ... on the theme of relations between men and women, and a Portuguese translation of Wyatt's poem, one of my favourites, Ian Brown Robbie Burns' Day, Geoffrey Chaucer from The Wife of Bath's Tale, William Blake The Question Answered, Wallace Stevens Which is real, Thomas Wyatt They flee from me that sometime did me seek (and a translation into Portuguese).
3.Profeta de Gentileza José da Trino, o Profeta Gentileza, moved by a fire at a circus in Rio many years ago he left everything and preached in the streets of Rio de Janeiro until he died, he wrote his texts on expressway supports around the Rodoviario Novo Rio (Rio bus station) where I photographed some of them in 2003. Eu já fiz novo site sobre o Profeta / I have made a new site on Gentileza: José Datrino, Profeta de Gentileza.
4.Bonne Bay Newfoundland, Jokes.
5.Rita - stuck inside of Mobile Houston, Lovely Rita Meter Maid.
6.Rita - up and down the block Houston.
7.Rita - 4 pm Friday Houston, Cicada.
8.Rita - aftermath Houston, Victor Fruge, Aretha Johnson, Liberty Island, NOAA.
9.Architectural Photographs Bluffton, Mennonite, Mary Ann Sullivan.
10.Bob Dylan - No Direction Home PBS.
11.History & Myth Hannah Arendt, Christian X, Denmark, Holocaust.
12.let them eat HTML the trials and tribulations of learning HTML, frustrating? I guess so! some lessons learned - HTML, Blogger, Span, Popup, Pop Up, Counter Intuitive.
 October 2005:
13.bugles calling from sad shires Dylan, Northrop Frye, Wilfred Owen.
14.Chiquita, Lime in the Coconut Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, Harry Nilsson.
15.Lord, Protect my Child Dylan, Hunter S Thompson.
16.Ditado de Zeca Zeca Pagodinho, Cachaça, Brasil.
17.Amazonas - Poder de Deus Brasil, Brazil, Drought, Estiagem, Rio Negro, Solimoes, Manaus, Milankovitch, Terra, Caetano Veloso, Altamira, Anima, Raimundo Paccó.
18.Amazonas - Pogo Brasil, Brazil, Pogo, Drought, Estiagem.
19.Amazonas - Geography Lesson Amazon, Brasil, Brazil, Scripture, Job, Matthew, Drought, Estiagem, Rudyard Kipling, Butterfly.
20.No Dia Em Que Eu Saí De Casa Zezé di Camargo, Lula, Brasil.
21.Negrume da Noite - ai ai ai! Venezuela, Caracas, Wayuu, Bari, Yukpa, Virginia Rodrigues, Scripture, Proverbs, Provérbios, Modest Proposal, Garrett Hardin, Tragedy of the Commons.
22.Amazonas - O Rumo Perdido Amazon, Brasil, Brazil, Manaquiri, Manu Chao.
23.from Wimpy to Strangelove Robert Aumann, Kubrick.
24.Arthur Kroker - in the vanguard? Marilouise, McLuhan, Stuffer, SWLABR, She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow, Cutting Edge of Culture, Alvin Toffler, Ira Bassin, Paul Gingrich, CBC Sensibility, Performance Art.
25.Quality - John Galsworthy Gessler Brothers, Boots.
26.Bunnatine Hayes Greenhouse Warbucks, Halliburton, Whistleblower, General Joe Ballard, Lt. Gen. Carl A. Strock.
27.Sunday with L'il Orphan Annie Bunnatine Greenhouse, Orphan Annie, Warbucks, Daddy, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath.
28.Honour Honour Roll.
29.Abu Ghraib and illusion. Cheney, Murtha, McCain, America, Guantanamo, Shame, Torture, Geneva Conventions.
30.H5N1 Bird Flu Thailand, China, wild populations, around the world, ubiquitous, silly culling, dogs, best outcome, cooking doesn't kill it?, some close-up pictures, Egypt - 2 dead
H5N1, Bird Flu, Egypt, Denmark, Israel, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy, China, Turkey, Indonesia.
31.Mon pays - Gilles Vigneault Québec, Chansons.
32.I am fixing my window David Blackwood, Colville, Dylan, Houston, Montreal, Rosa Parks.
33.Amazonas - O Rumo Mas Perdido Amazon, Brasil, Brazil, Estiagem, Drought, Ilha Trindade, Manaus.
34.Leaders of the free world Cheney's chief-of-staff Lewis Libby is charged with obstruction, the thing drags on and on, justice delayed, America, Libby, Cheney, Fnord, Plame, Apocalipse, Scripture, Revelations, Leonard Cohen, Dylan, Neil Young, Yeats.
 November 2005:
35.Braço Forte - Mão Amiga Brazil, Brasil, Exército, Newfoundland, Anthems.
36.Bill the Cat - Born Again! Fugs, Clichy, Bloom County, Nine-Oh-Nine, Lennon, McCartney.
37.Ser diferente é normal Bicho, Pynchon, Kenosha Kid, Vheissu, Preterite, Little Piggy, Mindinho, Fairy Tales, Palimpsest.
38.Boycott SONY? DRM, Rootkit, Anti-Piracy, Copyright, Intellectual Property.
39.Amazonas - voltando para normal flood on the river Acre, back to normal in November but what is normal? Bruce Cockburn, Lamarck, Darwin, Genesis, Intelligent Design, Brasil, Brazil, Scripture, Genesis, Efésios, Ephesians, ætiology.
40.Liberia / Sierra Leone UP Unity Party, CDC Congress for Democratic Change, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, George Weah, Gwynne Dyer, Charles Taylor, Claire Soares, UN Special Court.
41.Surviving Bad Software Marie Antoinette, Sun King, 4GL, OOPS, DARPA, Apollo, Daphne, Microsoft, Adobe, RealPlayer, Google Earth, Brian Mulrooney, DVD, Jean Baptiste Colbert, Rochefoucauld.
42.Cobol-E, Laing, Tau, stuff R.D. Laing, Golden Mean, Debra Lafave, Boobage.
43.Ideology & Compassion, Mediocrity Houston, Crossroad, Cock Robin, Blake, Scripture, Daniel, Psalms, Nebuchadnezzar, Pynchon, Apocheir.
44.Lakewood Church Houston, Osteen, Evangelist.
45.Building in a bag. Descon, Tensegrity, Kenneth Snelson, Bucky.
46.Allegory for a Canadian Election Walrus, Carpenter, Lewis Carroll, Michaëlle Jean.
 December 2005:
47.clean rat, painted bird
48.Jumblies under the red sky
49.Stones & Beatles Saints & Sinners Miami, Taser, America, Miami, Troy Rigby, Rigoberto Alpizar, Charles Menezes, Dylan Thomas, Pynchon, Watts, TS Eliot, Khepera, Troy Anthony.
50.Mastermind ? Canada, Cambodia, Siam Reap, Maxim Michalik, Vann Touch Sopheak, Chen Chem aka Chim Chem aka Ty Sokha, Chea Sokhom, Sum Tha aka Sim Thol aka Mann Thol, Judge Plang Chlam aka Chalaarm aka Chhlam, Blogging.
51.Paul Martin - The Gingerbread Boy Fairy Tales, Pancakes, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Carnaval.
52.Marshall McLuhan - Tribal Spiral Weltschmerz, Alexander Calder, Boobage.
53.Bolivia - Evo Morales from just before the election, Manu Chao, electricity, bombers, LAB airline strike.
54.Righteous Anger - Kingfisher Gerald Manley Hopkins, Ceyx, Alcyone, Ovid, Coyote, Fairy Tales, Shakespeare, Milton, Keats, Pleiades, Orion, Graces, Simon Charlie, Anthony Quinn.
55.For unto us a child is born Wenceslas.
56.Tsunami & Dragonflies Ao Nang, Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Mangrove, Tibang Village, Khao Lak, Thailand, Tilly Smith, Maikhao Beach, Phuket, Thailand, Myanmar, Ban Nam Khem Village, Phang Nga Province.
57.Haiti, Brasil, Jordan I saw the way the Brasilian soldiers were treating the people of Haiti and got caught up, through the trials to the election of Preval, Aristide might return? Wyclef Jean, runoff delayed.
58.Just So Stories - Histórias Assim Mesmo
  January 2006:
59.Everyone Knows ... - Todo Mundo Sabem ... Everyone Knows What A Dragon Looks Like & translated into Português.
60.Um Nidal - is this real? this started by looking at Um Nidal and expanded as a catch-all for Muslim issues, the October Crisis in Canada, Ariel Sharon, Spielberg's Munich, United Church twits, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and bombing Israel off the map, official lunacy, Farhat elected, Hamas, Sheik Mohammed Abu Teir, Khaled Meshaal, the Danish cartoon imbroglio, Ayann Hirsi Ali, Ahmed Akkari, some sense from the Globe and Mail, Wafa Sultan telling it like it is.
61.Jose Padilla, Habeas Corpus
62.T for Texas, T for Tennessee Jimmie Rogers and flight from Houston to St. John's, Le Petit Prince & Baobab trees.
63.Breasts, a Light in the East connection between light and breast cancer.
64.Chile - Michelle Bachelet
65.The Fat & Final Truth my bigotry around weight exposed, some hope from Rome, Houston, Newfoundland, Bigotry, Death.
66.Sem Vergonha, Garota? the street girls of Rio and their web presence, some interesting ideas from Spiegel on re-training, Brazil, Brasil, garotas, programma, Sex, Prostitution, Prostituição.
67.Lest we forget Freira Dorothy Stang all of my pictures of Dorothy Stang, Brazil, Brasil, Para.
68.Kungsleden - The King's Path Movie, Höglund, Wodak.
69.Ho Hum - another Canadian Election Canada, Harper, Pundits.
70.Nairobi - Real International Aid building collapse, international efforts, drought in Kenya, Turkana, Lokitaung river project, Aro Koriang, maps
71.Brasil - Election coming in October
72.To remember - Para lembrar Dylan, Sub-Comandante Marcos, the Pope's letter on love, optimism that the spirit is blowing free.
73.Wanda Young - Political Correctitude Memorial University of Newfoundland treats an innocent young woman to a decade of grief, a lesbian professor, a herd of inept social workers and bureaucrats.
74.Tensão entre macuxis / Tension among the Macuxis translation of some Brasilian articles into English, Makuxis vs rice growers, Kayapó tribe with similar problems, some indian myths, pictures and maps.
 February 2006:
75.State of the Union a look at Bush's State of the Union speeches, the Pope's letter on love, and Northrop Frye's Epochs.
76.Iemanjá, dia 2 feveiro the afro-brasilian goddess of the sea, Iemanjá, Yemanjá, Yemojá, Yemanya, Lemanjá, Yemaya, Aphrodite.
77.Mukhtaran Bibi / Mukhtar Mai / Mukhtiar official gang-rape in Pakistan.
78.Domestic Geothermal Heating some thoughts and links towards a simple residential system.
79.Last Exit to Brooklyn Hubert Selby Jr., Northrop Frye and David Byrne on 'making sense', isolato vs communal.
80.Scatterheart TS Eliot's Waste Land, Dostoyevsky's Idiot, Ecclesiastes.
81.Elihu - Kingfisher continued the book of Job, Chagall, United Church, a continuation of Righteous Anger - Kingfisher, Bill Clinton in Ottawa.
82.Briar Rose - Lucky 13! two versions of the story.
83.Complicit Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Cisco in front of Congress, the OED, ee cummings, Nebuchadnezzar's dream, feet of clay, a remarkable tensegrity.
84.Gaia melting glaciers, the northeast passage, water mythology, african lakes drying up, Mt. Kilimanjaro melting, Lovelock, Teilhard de Chardin, Gwynne Dyer, Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, looking at Lovelock's book (ai ai ai), Tim Flannery's is more like it, Sweden going to wood chips, Lake Dal in Srinagar, India, political and entrepreneurial responses, Ecuador's Mama Cotacachi.
85.Busy days in Istanbul fashion, nuclear, flag burnings, and Kurds, all in the space of a few days.
86.The United Church of Canada? a letter to the Imams from the United Church, the lights are on but nobody's home.
87.Haunts: Signal Hill / Cape Spear my daily routine.
88.'Mere' Tribalism in Nigeria Ijaw Nigerian militants, a spiral galaxy and associations, Macon Hawkins from Texas, Muslims and Christians, an email from the Sea Eagle, Collins Ihekire, Opheera McDoom, Biafran rebels turn the census into an excuse for a bloodbath, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Marianne Faithful.
 March 2006:
89.Jolo Island a remote island in the Phillipines, Muslim girls carrying flags, maps.
90.Bogus Newfoundland! bogus literature from E. Annie Proulx and Donna Morrissey, the Ode, Don Quixote, crows.
91.Baby Seals (again, again, again) Hilton paris, Brigitte Bardot, Paul McCartney, Lady Heather the shrew, Rex Murphy, Danny Williams, Larry King, rubbish! Brigitte Bardot weeping in Ottawa, playing silly buggers on the ice, Pamela Anderson.
92.Jagdalpur & Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India maps and pictures of life in Chhattisgarh, the poorest Indian state, and around Allahabad, Maoist Naxalites in Dantewada district, poor people being killed, government programs like Salwa Judum for peace, Sant Kumar Paswan - a policeman, Holi festival, drying chillies, fashion show.
93.Talking to Terrorists, Robin Soans What to do? What to do? What to do?
94.False Priests epitome or exception?, Hasids, Rex Murphy.
95.Atta Boy Stevie! Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits Kandahar, Afganistan - "Right On!"
96.Michaëlle Jean and Redemption the Governor General shows herself.
97.Queen of the North sunk in Wright Sound gale of wind, dark of night, brave men, all but two rescued.
98.Basque Peace - Alec Reid tale of a peacemaker, maybe a failure, Basque, Spain, Bietan Jarrai, Alec Reid, ETA, Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Batasuna.
99.Earthlights squandered.
100.Sem Teto, Sem Terra, Inmigrantes Ilegales desperation.
 April 2006:
101.Charles Taylor home at last.
102.What a Hero Looks Like Mine rescue.
103.A River Runs Through It Chernobyl & Pripyat 20 years later, trying to understand radiation, Viktor speaks the truth.
105.Eldorado Edgar Allen Poe, murder in Brasil.
106.Rat's Ass / Denial / Great Divides Fuck it! with help from Leonard Cohen, Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch.
108.Entrenched Mediocrity Camille Paglia.
109.Yad Vashem
111.Jane Jacobs, Citizenship.
 May 2006:
112.May 1 in Bolivia ALBA, ALCA, FTAA, NAFTA, TLC, TCP, oil nationalization.
113.Yes ... J.M. Coetzee, The Life and Times of Michael K.
114.Darfur ...
115.Sexual Suicide
116.Kenya, Sister Mae Kierans.
117.RCMP - Rights? The death of Ian Bush.
118.Caviar Zeca Pagodinho.
119.Darfur, Hope? Photos by Claire Soares.
120.Virginia Slims Jacob Zuma aquitted.
122.RCMP - Arrogant? Frightening? the plot thickens, curdles, goes septic.
123.Kalma, Darfur will the Abuja treaty work? not looking good.
124.Spells Tyrone Slothrop's handy all-round all-purpose spell, 'Fuck You', Gravity's Rainbow.
125.RCMP - Stonewall !
126.Ontario Energy Minister Donna Cansfield
127.Pour ne pas vivre seul 8 Femmes.
128.O Primeiro Comando da Capital Sao Paulo gang war on Mother's Day, when the smoke clears the bourgeois pimps try to blame it on the Left.
129.Another Genocide? the Karens in Myanmar, Burma, India.
130.RCMP - Still No Answers Gary Mason, Ian Bush, Paul Koester, Nathan Cullen, NDP, Canada, British Columbia, John Les, Jack Layton.
131.Yea, Yea; Nay, Nay. Matthew, James, Northrop Frye, Pynchon, Coxeter.
132.Haiti Michaëlle Jean, Google, Picasa.
133.Nuclear Power Controversy Christine Todd Whitman & Patrick Moore & James Lovelock go for Nuclear Power, who's to argue? Greenpeace, Chernobyl, Tim Flannery, Donna Cansfield, Gwynne Dyer, EFN.
134.OK then, here ya go - SEX! Aphrodisiac, Viagra, Cialis, Bremelanotide, PT 141, Palatin, Leonore Tiefer, Feminism.
135.Got it, needed 'Sex' ! Technorati, Blogging, Spam, Porn, Boobage.
136.Trojan Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power, Ranier, Oregon, Simpsons, Portland, Hanford, and, last but not least, Sex, & Boobage.
137.Estatuto do PCC : Law of the PCC São Paulo, Marcola, Comando Vermelho, CV, CBRC, Guerra Urbana, William Langewiesche.
138.Cod Fish Newfoundland, Cavalcanti, Scripture, Genesis.
139.Muslim Persecution of Bahá'ís Iran, Muslim, Islam, Bahai, Bahá'í, Hojjatieh.
140.Hansel & Gretel Grimm, Fairy Tales, Pynchon.
141.The Gods Must be Crazy Cgao Coma, Nixau, N!xau, N!Gau, Kalahari, Betinho, Beija Flor, Theodicy.
142.RCMP - Shame! Ian Bush, Paul Koester, Gary Mason, Canada, British Columbia.
143.What all schoolchildren learn Canada, Afghanistan, Geneva Conventions, Taliban, Nichola Goddard, Auden.
144.Canada, Fascism, Public Evil Northrop Frye, Demotic, Virtue, Vice, Canute.
 June 2006:
145.Raising the Bar illegal immigration through Morocco, then Western Sahara, then Mauritania, and now Senegal, Red Cross' compassionate responses.
146.Sabine Hilschenz - Jornal do Brasil
147.Slugs and Maggots official opinions on Global Warming, treatment of Afghani Taliban prisoners and Nuclear Waste, official bullshit!
148.As I Roved Out Newfoundland folk music, mostly tame for some reason, but not all tame, Anita Best, Kelly Russell, Ron Hynes, Graham Wells.
149.Hamas - National Reconciliation Document Hamas and Fatah fighting over what exactly? Israel, Palestine, CUPE, Rex Murphy.
150.Charles Menezes, remember him? Brazilian killed in London subway, Ian Blair, Scotland Yard.
151.Blog Navigation upside-down inside-out and backwards, hahahaha, Blogging, User Interface, Blogger, Google, Cognitive Map, HTML.
152.AIDS Misinformation in Africa Lucy Kibaki in Kenya, Kenya, AIDS, Sex, Morality, Correctitude, Zuma.
153.Newfoundland flying the colours, Newfoundland, IRA, Space.
154.Masters of War photograph of Alfried Krupp, Dylan, Arnold Newman.
155.Senegal Salt near the coast of Senegal, picking up salt, Womens Work, Kaolack, Ziguinchor, Survival, Finbarr O'Reilly.
156.No Man is an Island meditations on unworthiness, John Donne, Immanuel Kant, Charles Taylor, Desiderata, Depression, CBC.
157.Dithering in Darfur the UN version of the Hokey Pokey, Sudan, Guehenno, Dallaire, China, Arms Trade, Bashir, Bredjing, Chad.
158.Two Nuclear Thoughts more disfunction, Darlington, America, Iran, Proliferation, Greenpeace, PETA, Naked, Boobage.
159.What has truth? my Brasilian Anima, Amazônia, Amazon, Amazonas, Benzedeiras, Healers.
160.Queen of the North update Darin Bowland sues BC Ferries, Bob Beadell quit in 2000 over similar issues, updated with a report by Mark Hume, Darin Bowland has given up, BC, British Columbia, Ocean Falls, BC Ferries, Wright Sound, Hartley Bay, David Hahn, Gil Island, Gerald Foisy, Shirley Rosette, Prince Rupert, Deborah Marshall, TSB, Transportation Safety Board, Jackie Miller, Victoria, Vancouver, ECS, Grenville Channel, Colin Henthorne, RCMP, Karen Bricker, Karl Lilgert, Keven Hilton.
161.Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen ice in the hearts, Ice Maiden, Fairy Tales, Boobage, Flor Garduño.
162.Derivative (remember? calculus?) musing on entropy, with angst, Pynchon, Scorcese, Camus, Virtual, Maxwell.
163.Summer Solstice, longest Day still nothing on Ian Bush, nor anything forthcoming, RCMP, Stockwell Day, Canada, BC, British Columbia, Paul Koester.
164.Saving Margarets Correctitude on campus, ongoing controversy, her new book The Ethical Imagination: Journeys of the Human Spirit, contact at McGill, Toronto, Ryerson, Margaret Somerville, Margaret Wente, Lawrence Summers, Harvard, Canada, Newfoundland, Memorial.
165.Nuclear, floating this time Floating NPPs, WOW! Russia, Severodvinsk, Sergei Kiriyenko, Sevmash.
166.An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore's film on Global Warming, America, Newfoundland.
167.Darfur is about Water Another excuse to publish that wonderful smile, Sudan, United Nations, Zoellick, Al-Bashir, Minnawi, UNMIS.
168.Climbing down Pisgah Deuteronomy, Moses, Nebo, D.H. Lawrence.
169.Sisters some good news for a change, Ejegayehu and Tirunesh Dibaba from Ethiopia, Cindy, Ada, Dina, Rita, Irene (mother), and Linda Maxwell, Beijing 2008, New Brunswick, Canada.
170.Liverworts, Lichens, and the United Church Anti-Semitism in the United Church, Canada, Toronto, Frances Combs, Correctitude, CUPE, Israel, Palestine, Hamas, Gaza, Terrorism.
 July 2006:
171.The most brutal of days Rex Murphy (slightly edited), Canada Day (?) Not! Newfoundland, Beaumont Hamel.
172.Elections in Mexico & Bolivia a couple of close calls, Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa vs Andrés Manuel López Obrador goes to the Conservatives, Bolivia - not clear yet, an interview with Evo Morales by Spiegel, Obrador, Calderon, IFE.
173.Dorothy Stang more than a year later, has to make you wonder, Pará.
174.Life, the Universe, and Everything meditations on self-improvement, nudes by Flor Garduño, Bromides, Douglas Adams, 42, Frank Zappa, Dinah-Moe Humm, Boobage, Polka Dots.
175.Valencia personal grief.
176.A Candle in the Wind back and forth counting Mexican election results, role of the IFE
Mexico, Obrador, Calderón, IFE, Luis Carlos Ugalde.
177.Organ 'Harvesting' in China Falun Gong, Canada, David Matas, David Kilgour.
178.Menina Apurinã against all odds a little girl nine years old has a healthy baby
Apurinã, Amazon, Amazônia, Juliana Schiel, Christiane Rodrigues Marie, Manaus, Jatuarana, Manacapuru.
179.Ruby on Rails giving it a try, WebApp, Programming, Apache, MySql.
180.Forget Darfur ... ? hand wringing, sorry.
181.Elevenses what about terrorism?
182.Zidane-anigans oafs and louts, humour crosses at least one of the great divides.
183.More Drugs! reality a la carte.
184.Nines - Bahá'í Temple of Light some thoughts around the Bahá'í temple planned for Santiago Chile.
185.Make wondering and mystery.
186.Nickel film festival in St. John's.
187.Curt Dagenais - Spiritwood correctitude and wandering astray among the Mounties, Curt Dagenais, RCMP, Saskatchewan, Arthur Dagenais.
188.War in the Middle East Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Amos Oz, Canada, Stephen Harper.
189.Rose Corrêa da Silva two documentary films by Tete Moraes somehow tell me something true.
190.Ian Bush - Not Good Enough By Far useless, silly, but I can't stop ...
191.Mike Frastacky story of the end of a good man.
192.10,000, approximately then again, maybe I should ...
193.Yeah ...  the end of the blog per se (?)
194.Uncle David thank you very much. Letícia, July 10, 5:22 PM, 2006, uma graça, obrigado Senhor.
196.Not so easy huh into digest mode
 August 2006: a mournin' dove August digest.
198.Euripides - Hippolytos thinking about Medea and Goblins.
199.Jack Diamond Toronto architect speaks the truth.
200.Hiroshima, August 6, 1945, 8:15 AM 61 years and nothing learned yet.
201.So long, and thanks for all the fish Turning into a long goodbye. Correctitude, Douglas Adams, Humpback, Rolling Stones, Pisgah, D.H. Lawrence, Amos Oz, Boobage.
202.André Glucksmann thinking about Israel & Lebanon.
203.Western Movie Canada, Global Warming, Climate Change, Charles Montgomery, Friends of Science, Tim Ball, Morten Paulsen, Fleishman Hillard.
204.Alexandra Morton she must'a been around when I was up in Ocean Falls, Raincoast, Alexandra Morton, Salmon, Patrick Moore, Sea Lice, CAIA.
205.Sarin - under control? yeah right leaky nerve gas, taking care of WMD
Sarin, Oregon, Umatilla, Nerve Gas, WMD, Nuclear Weapons, Security.
206.Correctitude Inigo Wilson gets sacked for speaking out, Correctitude.
207.Whirrled Ends T.S. Eliot, Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan.
208.jerkin' boat Bob Dylan, Dignity, Dignidade.
209.Poincaré Coxeter, Siobhan Roberts, Grigory Perelman.
210.Newfoundland Wind lots of wind and some hot air, Newfoundland, Wind Power, Renewable Energy, Gerry Skinner.
211.Gertrude Kearns Canadian artist with a vision, Rwanda, Romeo Dallaire, Afghanistan, Lewis MacKenzie, Somalia, Shidane Arone, Clayton Matchee, Kyle Brown, Darfur.
212.dialogue: talking, listening, hearing Jihad on the web - proper thing! Al Quaida, Hizbollah, Hamas, UCC.
 September 2006:
213.Bob Dylan Modern Times Lyrics Love is all there is, it makes the world go 'round, love and only love, it can't be denied.
214.It's over, it ain't goin' any further thinkin' about the Sirens, Seirenes, Naiads, Sea Nymphs, Terpsichore, Melpomene, Graces, Muses, Pleiades.
215.Tensegrity Architecture all old guys now; Jim Strutt, Gulzar Haider, Michael Burt, Zvi Hecker, Kenneth Snelson, but one new kid on the block, Tristan d'Estree Sterk.
216.That's a wrap on Ian Bush now we can wait a few more months for the inquest, RCMP, Paul Koester, Wally Oppal, Shane DeMeyer, Mike Ferguson, Darren Varley, Ged Hawco, Pincher Creek, Adelle Fruman.
217.Harpy's kiss The Rainbow, DH Lawrence, Ursula Brangwen, Anton Skrebensky.
218.Mistaken Moral Muddlers New Democratic Party, NDP, Correctitude, CUPE, United Church of Canada, UCC, wankers all of 'em.
219.Art and Life Pearls Before Swine, Banksy, Phan Thi Kim Phúc, Nick Ut.
220.Codfish, Newfoundland, Iceland, Canada the Cod Wars, Iceland sets the example we should follow, Garrett Hardin, Tragedy of the Commons, Margaret Wente, Ransom Myers.
221.9/11/2001 Thomas Homer-Dixon of the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Toronto.
222.Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazzà a tale much like that of Mike Frastacky, killed for doing it right in the 3rd World.
223.Darfur, can't look away ai ai ai, it looks to me like these people are doomed, but I can't look away.
224.Have'ta Laff laughter is the best medicine even when you are tracking down uncomfortable stuff like the latest from Jim Hansen at NASA or Sean Penn smoking in Toronto the Good.
225.... and laff ... Pope Benedict XIV, Lula, Kimveer Gill at Dawson College, a-and a beautiful young woman, who calls herself Naomi.
226.... and Keep On Laffin'. Boobage, Israel, Lebanon, Sudan, Canada, Michael Ignatieff, SNAG, Adrienne Clarkson, Correctitude, Bob Dylan.
227.bottom? fundament? must be Muladhara Musing on the fundament(al), Chakra, Muses, Black Beauty, Thandie Newton, Boobage, Kimveer Gil, Darryl Gauthier, Eric Giroux.
228.Maher Arar SHAME! The maggotty bureaucrats & politicians were all deliberately covering their own fat maggotty arses while an innocent man and a good man was being tortured and ruined and possibly permanently broken. Poor wee naive & innocent Canadians. Shame on us all! RCMP, Stockwell Day, Dennis OConnor, Giuliano Zaccardelli, Michel Cabana, Franco Pillarella, Garry Loeppky, Leo Martel, Gar Pardy, Bill Graham, Rick Flewelling, Jack Hooper, Ward Elcock, Paul Cavalluzzo.
229.Handbasket Environment, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Trafigura, Claude Dauphin, Jean Pierre Valentini, Abidjan, Probo Koala, Meera Selva, Joe Hall, Continental Drift, Vampire Beavers, Guy Fournier, CBC, Fort Dork, Eric Reguly, Ethanol.
230.City of Death Baghdad, Iraq, Doom and Gloom, Zimbabwe, Parintins, Comma.
231.What to do? what i want is as clear as the nose on my face, but instead of going, i dither, Boobage, Brasil, Brazil, Tatiane, Darla.
232.Safia Ama Jan Mullah Sadullah, Taliban, Afghanistan, Kandahar.
233.On the Avenue Newfoundland, Caribou, Orion, Edmundston, Sun Dogs, Ottawa, Correctitude, Metcalfe.
234.Giuliano Zaccardelli the Weasel !! Maher Arar, RCMP, Stockwell Day, Dennis OConnor, Michel Cabana, Franco Pillarella, Garry Loeppky, Leo Martel, Gar Pardy, Bill Graham, Rick Flewelling, Jack Hooper, Ward Elcock, Paul Cavalluzzo.
 October 2006:
235.Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva 2006 Eleições, Elections, Alckmin.
236.On the Avenue, too Thunder Bay, Terry Fox, Saskatchewan, Lashburn, Alberta, Hinton, Boobage.
237.Na Estrada Própria Boobage.
238.RCMP, bungling incompetence & malice Justin Harris, John Ward, Amanda Zhao, Mindy Tran, Shannon Murrin, Ian Bush, Giuliano Zaccardelli, Maher Arar, David Ramsay, Lawrence MacAulay, Wayne Easter, Bill Dingwall, Stockwell Day, Stephen Harper, Benedetto Soave, Ben Soave, Nina Iwanowich.
239.P-53 Marlim Leste Petrobras.
240.This is the day which the Lord hath made Psalm 118, Benjamin Spock, Jan Pronk, Eric Reeves, Robert Frost.
241.As if everybody knows Paul Simon, Grace, Boobage.
242.Muhammad Yunus / Grameen Bank of Bangladesh Bangladesh, Nobel Peace Prize, Preston Manning, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Micro Credit.
243.two versions of Jonah and the whale Jonah, KJV, Rudyard Kipling.
244.Harold Scott MacDonald "Donald" Coxeter 1907-2003 Coxeter, Siobhan Roberts, Geometry, Boobage, Tetrahelix, Lindalee Tracey, Alanis Obomsawin.
245.St. James United Church, Montréal United Church of Canada, UCC, Montréal, Arlen John Bonnar, Batia Bettman.
246.Bankrupt WWF report tells it like it is, still an optimistic outcome if big changes are made.
 November 2006:
247.Two Views of Darfur Sudan, Jan Pronk, Eric Reeves, UN.
248.Notícias do Brasil / News from Brazil Mãos Limpas, Lula, Pesca Predatória.
249.Two Views of Climate Change Rex Murphy, Gwynne Dyer, Memorial University of Newfoundland, MUN, David Sorensen, Thomas Homer-Dixon.
250.Ônibus 174, Ônibus 499 Reféns, Hostages, André Ribeiro, Cristina Ribeiro, Mart’nália, Zelia Duncan, Claudio Jorge.
251.Words Global Warming, Neil Young.
 December 2006:
252.Nova moralidade / New Morality Leonardo Boff, Jornal do Brasil, Mauro Santayana.
253.Zaccardelli RCMP.
254.Grande Fóssil Canadense Rona Ambrose, Stockwell Day, Penticton, Jeffrey Simpson.
255.Amazônia / Pará / Feminismo Cândido, Candide, Voltaire, Amazonas, Amazon, Amazônia, Pará, Amapá, Marina Silva, Rona Ambrose, Ana Julia Carepa, Jari, CADAM, Simão Jatene.
256.Rex Murphy / Holocaust Deniers Ahmadinejad.
257.Darfur, two more views Genocide, Peter Boehm, Gwynne Dyer.
258.Handel's Messiah in Vancouver Jean-Marie Zeitouni, Laura Pudwell, Margaret Wente, Rex Murphy, Neil Reynolds.
  January 2007:
259.P.D. James, The Lighthouse Kate Miskin, Saddam Hussein.
260.Gathering Storm Thomas Pynchon, Entropy, Meatball Mulligan, Callisto, Aubade, Duke di Angelis, Ian Herbert, Ben Russell, Andy McSmith, London, Glasgow, Gordon Brown, Richard Blackwell, Canada, Wind Power, CanWEA, Robert Hornung, Tom Adams, Energy Probe, NIMBY, Global Warming, Muggles, Hobbits, Quixote, Chagall.
261.Pedras Portuguêsas Google, Picasa, Bloggerbot, Niterói, Icaraí, Lula, Möbius Strip, Klein Bottle, Zeca Pagodinho, Maneiras, Páginas da Vida.
262.Alberta Oil Sands David Ebner, Robert Mansell, Stephen Harper, John Baird, Rona Ambrose, Kyoto Protocol, Marcel Coutu, Syncrude, Suncor, Clive Mather, Shell Canada, EnCana Corp, Drew Zieglgansberger, Nexen Inc, OPTI Canada, Eric Lloyd, PTAC, Google, Picasa, Pecos Bill.
263.Integração / Integration Leonardo Boff, Magi, Amazônia.
264.Ai Ai Ai Global Warming, Stephen Harper, Canada, Philip Thornton, Michael McCarthy, Stephen Castle, São Paulo, Metrô, Pinheiros, e.e. cummings, Luke, Samaritan.
265.WAR IS PEACE George Orwell, 1984, Julia, Winston Smith, Room 101, Global Warming, Armageddon, Nuclear Energy.
266.Flamboyán Flamboyant, Flambouyant, Flame Tree, Royal Poinciana, Delonix regia, Delonix, Caesalpinioideae, Madagascar, Brasil.
267.odd number Orangutan, iti Energy, Refocus Weekly, Aberdeen, Ker Munthit, Phnom Penh, Rochom P'ngieng, Oliver Moore, Texas, Banana, Cesar Saez, Montréal, Patrick White.
268.The Swallow
269.America Patrick Leahy, America, Maher Arar.
270.Percy Saltzman, expurgated Michael Valpy, Sandra Martin, Canada, Muggles, Correctitude, Prude, No More Nudies.
271.Nova Esperança Niterói, Icaraí, Nova Orquidea, Nova Esperança, Barzinho.
272.Kerry Emanuel: Phaeton’s Reins Boston Review, Jeffrey Simpson, Justin Webb, USCAP.
273.evidence of something ... Peter Ritchie, Stéphane Dion, Donald Bell, Matthew Wald, Neil Reynolds, Gary Lunn, Stephen Harper, Elliot Morley, Ralph Goodale, Gary Mason, Allan Gregg.
274.Araquém Alcântara Amazônia.
275.Javier Silva Meinel Amazon, Peru, Boobage.
276.Tide Rex Murphy, Edward Greenspon, Margaret Wente, Jeffrey Simpson, Bahai, IPCC.
277.A menina afegã, de Steve McCurry Sharbat Gula, Afghanistan.
278.Stephen Lewis, NDP, Twaddle UN, Elizabeth May, Greens.
279.RCMP - not fixed yet Gary Mason, Kevin St Arnaud, Ryan Sheremetta, Colleen Erickson, John Les.
280.Watchtower Blogging, Michael Keren, Bill Graveland, Bob Dylan, Watchtower, Ken Kesey, Oscar Wilde, Dengue.
 February 2007:
281.can't stop Progress eh? Brazil, Brasil, Amazônia, Carlos Terrana, Photographer.
282.Consciência Brasileira Brazil, Brasil, ACNielsen, Global Warming, Patrick Dodd, André Madeira.
283.Fugue, Yeeee Haaaah! JS Bach, King Lear, Dylan Thomas, Vonnegut, Ice Nine, Rex Murphy, Slothrop, Dr. Strangelove, Pointer Sisters, Slim Pickens, King Kong.
284.Love never faileth Andrew Weaver, Leonardo Boff, Country Joe, Revelations, Gentileza.
285.McDonalds & Greenpeace McDonalds, Greenpeace, Manaus, Brasil, Brazil, Cargill, Santarém, Pará, Mato Grosso, Amazonas, Paulo Adario, Felicio Pontes.
286.Acho isso bom Brasil, Brazil, Lula, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.
287.Misunderstandings Houaiss, Websters, OED, Michael Quinion.
288.Real Politic in k-k-k-Canada Rex Murphy, Alberta, Ontario, Tar Sands, Muggles.
289.Violence in Rio de Janeiro João Hélio Fernandes, Ronei Candido Rezende.
290.Dorothy Stang, February 12, 2005 Nova Esperança, Rodney Dangerfield.
291.Petrobras, bigger than Lula (!?) Petrobras, Almir Barbassa, Dilma Rousseff, José Sergio Azevedo.
292.Lunar new Year / Valentine's Valentine, Viagra.
293.Lunar new Year / Ocean Ranger Ocean Ranger, Mekhanik Tarasov, Seaforth Highlander, Boltentor, Nordertor, Sedco 706, Zapata Ugland, Hibernia, Newfoundland.
294.Lunar New Year / Carnaval Carnaval, Samba, Newgrange, Spiral, Celtic, Olivier Marc, Kyoto, Boobage.
295.Lunar New Year / Year of the Pig
296.Rapture Ian Brown, Rapture, Apocalypse, Drake Landing, Okotoks, DABDA, Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, John Calvin, Calvin & Hobbes, Ron Graham, Handel, Messiah, Job.
297.more-or-less upright (!?) Mudanças Climáticas, Climate Change, Susan Solomon, NOAA, ee cummings, Amos Oz, Teaspoon, Amos Klausner, Vincenzo Ricardo.
298.Ash Wednesday / quarta-feira de cinzas none yet.
299.done (like dinner) Quaresma, Lent, Bob Dylan.
 March 2007:
300.Lent / Quaresma Lent, Quaresma, Noah, Noé, Titanic.
301.Visita ao inferno / Visit to Hell Siro Darlan, Instituto Padre Severino, Brasil, Brazil, Circo Pequeno Tigre.
302.Tirinhas Tirinhas, Os Malvados, André Dahmer, Brasil, Brazil, Blogging, Dom Ináfio, Ota, O Pato, Ciça, Joan Armatrading.
303.Dread, Chris Alexander, Heisenberg Christopher Alexander, Guy de Maupassant, Goderville, Hauchecorne, Malandain, Werner Heisenberg, Hesiod, Aeneas, Sibyl.
304.Campanha da Fraternidade Amazônia, Campanha da Fraternidade, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Jornal do Brasil, Ecologico, Bob Dylan. ain't me babe (!) Bob Dylan, Babe, Shakespeare, Tempest, Prospero, Ariel, Meredith Oakes, Cyndia Sieden.
306.casting crowns Revelations, John Wesley, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, William Blake.
307.rackets, ho hum Insurance, Conseco, Glenn Hilliard, Racket.
308.Talking Darfur to Death Darfur, John Holmes.
309.accentuate the positive Incandescent, Fluorescent, John Howard, Fidel Castro, Gwynne Dyer, Climate Change, Tim Flannery, Margaret Wente, Matthew, Johnny Mercer, Jose Socrates.
310.Situação de Emergência - n° 09-2007 Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, Cabuçu, Saubara, CRA, Petrobras, Todos os Santos, Operação Carapeba, Ronaldo Martins, Beth Wagner, Nádya Argôlo.
311.another kick at the can Canada, RCMP, Zaccardelli, Ron Lewis, Maher Arar, Gary Stevens, Nancy Sulz, Kevin St. Arnaud, Ryan Sheremetta, Greg Sorbara, Marc Bourdages, Robin Cameron, Ian Bush, Paul Koester, Juliet O'Neill, Justin Harris, Thierry Jacques, Sheila Fraser, Leo Johnston, Anthony Gordon, Brock Myrol, Peter Schiemann, E8060, Richard Young, Bev Busson, Barbara George, Fraser Macaulay, Paul Gauvin, Rosalie Burton, Stockwell Day, Jeff Sallot, Paul Marsh, Victoria Cliffe, Ken Smith, Calvin Lawrence, Robert Creasser, Laura Young, Gag Orders.
 April 2007:
312.Honey Bee / Honeybee Honey Bee, Apis mellifera, Fall Dwindle Disease, CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder, VBS, Vanishing Bee Syndrome, GM, Genetic Engineering, Genetically Modified, Bacillus thuringiensis, Bt, Jimmie Rodgers, April Fool.
313.Modest Proposals Climate Change, Global Warming, Philip Bethge, Christian Wüst, Supreme Court, Vancouver, Toronto, Garbage, Oysters, Rowan Jacobsen, Chesapeake, Afghanistan, Taliban, Opium, Nangarhar, Welthungerhilfe, Börnsen, Walter Heisch, Joachim Reuland, SunNight, Mark Bent.
314.Ransom Myers Ransom Myers.
315.Hard Rain Bob Dylan, UN, United Nations, WMO, UNEP, IPCC, AR4, WG2, Arthur Max, Rajendra Pachauri, Duluth, Lake Superior, Old Woman Bay, Jay Austin, Gerald Traufetter, Angela Merkel, Ana Raquel Martins, IDH, ISA, James Hansen.
316.Easter Sunday Alzheimer, Nahum Sonenberg, McGill, Charly, Algernon, HIV, Aids, Kevin Dowling, Rustenburg, South Africa, JB Ecológico.
317.More bad drugs - Bisphenol A Bisphenol A, BPA, Martin Mittelstaedt, Polycarbonate, Patricia Hunt, Steven Hentges, GE Plastics, Sunoco Inc, Bayer AG, Dow Chemical, Hexion Specialty, Rick Smith, Frederick vom Saal, Margaret Wente, Fernando Pessoa. it goes ... Kurt Vonnegut, Mata Atlântica, Alagoas, Pernambuco, São Francisco, Uganda, Scoul, Sugar.
319.May-be so, May-be not Green Party, Elizabeth May, Liberal Party of Canada, Stéphane Dion, NDP, Jack Layton.
320.not just one ... a Fleet! Alexander Rumyantsev, Sergei Kiriyenko, Akademik Lomonosov, Sevmash, Oleg Samoilov, FNPP, Severodvinsk, FNPP.
321.Lineaments Spiral, William Blake, Rote Zora, Adrienne Gershäuser, Karim Nayernia, Artificial Sperm, Baader Meinhof, Brigitte Mohnhaupt, Samson Sor Siriporn, Ayaka Miyano, Blacksburg, Cho Seung Hui, Cho Seung Hu, Rick Salutin, Nikki Giovanni, Lucinda Roy, Lisa Norris.
322.O Rio reza pela paz
323.Angra 3 Angra.
324.Mary Magdalene meets Brasil Os Malvados, André Dahmer, Magdalene.
325.Notes Blooger, FcukIt, ShitCan.
326.Opheera McDoom / Mohamed Omer Abdelati Opheera McDoom, Mohamed Omer Abdelati, Sudan.
 May 2007:
327.Duck Dick. Duck! Genital Morphology, Patricia Brennan.
328.Northrop Frye - The Double Vision No good waiting for UofT to get this on-line, have to do it myself.
329.Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, Brasil, Brazil, Liberation Theology, Leonardo Boff, Leonardo Boff, Ernani Diniz Luca, Nani, Jens Glüsing, Geraldo Majella, Erwin Kräutler, CNBB, Larry Rohter.
330.Manifest Absurdity Some funny, some not so funny. Randall Tobias, Pamela Martin, Paris Hilton, Elliot Mintz, Roy Pearson, Chris Manning, Tyrone Butler, Rex Murphy, Shane Doan, Hockey Canada, Official Languages.
331.Doh (!?), Erm ... Ack! IPCC, Spiegel, Independent, Deforestation.
332.Broken Heart Hotel Niterói, Gilmar, Alcione, Ana Carolina, kd lang.
333.The 11th Hour Annie Leibovitz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jökulsárlón, Pai Nosso, Our Father, Vanity Fair, Rex Murphy.
334.Kierkegaard's Clown Leonardo Boff, Palhaço, Gaia, IPCC, Northrop Frye.
335.Is that a chicken joke? Henny Penny, Foxy Loxy, Little Red Hen, Jo Anne Worley.
336.The Bride Bride, Ring Them Bells, Oh Mercy, Revelations, Queen of the North, Ian Bush, Paul Koester, RCMP, Paulo Lacerda, Polícia Federal, Sandro Torres Avelar, Cláudio Avelar, Gilmar Mendes, Gautama, Zuleido Veras, Eliana Calmon, Antonio Fernando de Souza, Márcio Thomaz Bastos.
337.Tommy Douglas & Chicken Little Tommy Douglas, Chicken Little.
338.Shiraz Dossa Shiraz Dossa, Iran, Tehran, Holocaust, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Robert Faurisson, Fredrick Toeben, Rasoul Mousavi, David Duke, Ku Klux Klan, Zahra Kazemi, Francis Xavier, Nova Scotia, Canada, John Ibbitson, Doug Saunders, Sean Riley, CAUT, APCCU, Raymond Lahey, Juan Cole, Jonathan Steele, Rex Murphy.
339.Nuclear (again, again)
 June 2007:
340.Heilsgeschichte Northrop Frye, Double Vision, Numbers, Zephaniah, TS Eliot, Stéphane Mallarmé.
341.on the 31 bus Jacob, Jacó, Chagall, Kafka.
342.Luiz Inácio da Silva / Getúlio Dornelles Vargas Lula, Getúlio Vargas, Fritz Utzeri.
343.World Government Might Work (!?) wtf? Spiegel, Markus Feldenkirchen, Dirk Kurbjuweit, Christian Reiermann, G8, Bono, Geldof, wtf.
344.O Google da energia Daniel Yergin, Veja.
345.Identity Metaphor, Metáfora.
346.What to call it? Potpourri? Verlyn Klinkenborg, Meadowlark, Coalition, RCMP, Doris Day, David Brown, No-Fly, Congo, Kristof, Ethiopia, Ogaden, Chinese Oil Field, Security Forces.
347.Goddamatch? Occam, Ockham, Wondercum.
348.Bone Heads Hazard, Liability, Sarnia, Lethbridge, Bruce Springsteen, Terrorism, Kieran King, Wawota, Saskatchewan, Jo Anne Euler, Susan Wilson, Don Rempel, South East Cornerstone.
349.Rua Visconde de Itaboraí just a few little stories.
350.Nuclear Waste UNEP, Lawrence Lessig.
351.Radicals / Rebeldes Olavo de Carvalho, Antioch.
 July 2007:
352.PCC / Marcola A hoax maybe? Marcola, PCC, Dante, Hell, Inferno.
353.Lies Ian Bush, Shane DeMeyer, Howard Rubin, Paul Koester, Joseph Slemko, Brian Gilson, Helen Roberts, Sharon Smith, Sheila White, RCMP.
354.Pig-circus Ian Bush, Shane DeMeyer, Howard Rubin, Paul Koester, Joseph Slemko, Brian Gilson, Helen Roberts, Sharon Smith, Sheila White, RCMP, Wallace Stevens, Morro do Estado.
355.Sunday Morning Wallace Stevens.
356.Excuses Vatican.
357.How to boil a frog.
358.Rivers Rio Madeira, Santo Antônio, Jirau, Odebrecht, Furnas, Camargo Corrêa, Suez, Light, Alusa, Rio São Francisco, Velho Chico.
359.Giddy Al Gore Live Earth.
360.Construção Chico Buarque.
361.Rigidity Attracts Moments Miyagi, Niigata, Kashiwazaki, Kariwa, Earthquake, Nuclear Energy, Krümmel, Vattenfall, Infraero, Congonhas, TAM, 3054.
362.Almost Like ... Tirinha, Inutilidades Públicas, Daniel Lafayette, Stephen Leacock, Mark Kingwell, Boobage.
363.Jeremiah Jeremias, Susan Antler, Raqib Burke, Mafalda, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Steve Erkel (Urkel).
364.Rules of Thumb Green Revolution, Norman Borlaug, India, Suicide, Lester Brown, Gwynne Dyer, Ishwar Bandharkawda, Arnaldo Jabor, Tonspi, José Silva Pinto.
365.couple it with something ... Tybalt, Mercutio, Romeo Juliet, Cansei, Flirt Gills, Skains Mates.
366.Epiphany, wise or otherwise Sexual Arousal, Homunculus, Chakra, Hemisphere, Equator, María Angeles Bárcena, Northrop Frye, Apocalypse, Epiphany, Lloyd Candow, Pasadena, Newfoundland, Robert Sptizer, Kama Sutra, Cindy Meston, David Buss, G spot, Grafenberg, Collagen, Marcio Custódio, Chico Buarque, Acalanto, Lullabye, Boobage, Cuíca.
 August 2007:
367.who cares? Aquafina, Pepsi, Dasani, Coke, Malvados, Andre Dahmer.
368.Rue Morgue Avenue Verlyn Klinkenborg.
369.te merece Gilberto Gil, Banda Larga, Circo Voador, Get Back, De Leve, David Chew, Cello Encounter, Cecília Meireles, Petrobras.
370.Lies, Damned Lies, etc. Google, Yahoo, Morro da Pena, Casa.
371.Lembranças EF Schumacher, O Eco.
372.Rush Hour Ocre, Gilmar.
373.Amen. Northrop Frye, Double Vision.
374.Cardinal Temperance, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Apocrypha, Solomon, Augustine.
 September 2007:
375.uh huh Hanna Arendt, Changeling, Changelyng, Thomas Norton, Peer Gynt, Ibsen, Solveig.
376.Laugh so as not to Cry Darfur, Australia, China.
377.'threats without borders' Mohamed ElBaradei, IAEA, Nobel.
378.Namasté Burma, Mudra, Namasté, Anjali, Aung San Suu Kyi, Kenji Nagai.
 October 2007:
379.Total sales, in BILLIONS Matthew, EF Schumacher, Small is Beautiful, Eduardo Arias, Panama, Diethylene Glycol.
380.a few words I found on the Internet
381.Small Is Beautiful (continued) EF Schumacher, Nuclear Energy.
382.forgiveness Michael Sandy, Denise Sandy, Ezekiel Sandy, John Fox, Gary Timmins, Ilye Shurova, Anthony Fortunato, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Gods Grandeur.
383.Compra Solidária Cabo Frio, Compra Solidária, Leon Corrêa, Tamoios, Kurt Vonnegut.
384.és mais meu amigo Prayer, Bahai, Bahá'í.
385.Lap Dancing Geoffrey Miller, Oestrus, Estrus, Estrous, Boobage, Pamela Anderson.
386.Cousin Caterpillar Incredible, String, Band.
387.Pigs, Death ... & stuff Verlyn Klinkenborg, Zosia Cisowski, Robert Dziekanski, RCMP, Taser, Gwynne Dyer, Global Warming, Denial, Evasion, Bob Dylan, Cadillac.
388.Cães de Guerra Dahmer, Malvados, Bob Dylan, Sudan, Darfur, Genocide, Bangkok, Thailand, Smith Dharmasaroja, China, Chemicals, Drugs.
 November 2007: day recently in k-k-k-Canada Matthew, Mateus, Light, Thomas Mann, Death in Venice, Gabriel García Márquez, Melancholy Whores.
390.What does it mean? Leonard Cohen, Susan Sontag, Hermeneutic, Exegesis, Mimetic.
391.Bar da Boa Karla Caprali, Antartica, Ambev, Boobage, Juliana Paes, Viradouro, Teresópolis, Therezópolis Gold, MST, Vale do Rio Doce, CVRD, Carajás, Benjamin Steinbruch.
392.Every soldier's very finest remembrancer Wilfred Owen, Rex Murphy.
393.Counterpoint, sort'a Cargoes, John Masefield, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Paul Tibbets, Enola Gay.
394.Defeat, Deduct, Defence, Detail & ... Denial Betty Fletcher, Charles Miller, Eugene Siler, Michael Hawkins.
395.Robert Dziekanski Zosia Cisowski, RCMP, Taser, Paul Pritchard, Sima Ashrafinia, THX 1138.
396.Epitome / Paragon Gilbert & Sullivan, Northrop Frye, Jay MacPherson.
397.Sunday Meditation IPCC, AR4, Ban Ki-moon, Rajendra Pachauri, Andrew Revkin, Tupi, Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, Sérgio Vieira de Mello, Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar, José Maurício Bustani, Richie Havens, Robert Dziekanski.
398.nasty rhetoric No fuck the Technorati Tags, they dont work!
 December 2007:
399.what to do? the age-old question - fish or cut bait: Ian Bush, Paul E. Kennedy, Paul Koester, Gary Mason, George Feenstra, United Church, Technorati Bullshit, Mary Fearon, Salvador, Ouroborus.
400.Canada? CCPI, Climate Change Performance Index.
401.Questions Dom Luiz Cappio, Pituaçu, Salvador, Bahia, Canada & the Axis of Evil, Robert Dziekanski, RCMP, Elliott.
402.Calvin meets the Golden Toad Calvin & Hobbes, United Online.
403.starting with Six Degrees Mark Lynas
404. Alberto da Costa e Silva, Easter.
405.Roses William Blake, T.S. Eliot.
  January 2008:
406.a hopeful message Gwynne Dyer, Bali, Anthony Westell.
407.which way the wind blows nuclear renaissance, oh yeah.
408.Litoral Sulista low lands on the south coast of Brasil.
409.Who benefits from it? cows.
410.Recycling / Reciclagem Ambiente Brasil, Mônica Pinto, Wisewood, Itatiba, São Paulo, Vladimir Kudrjawzew, Rogério Igel, Inpev, Eloísa Mano, Elen Vasques Pacheco, UFRJ.
 February 2008:
411.Darfur, Darfur, Darfur rat's ass.
412.Não sou de Ninguém what to say? Bye for now. Things that love night love not such nighs as these. And in cases of disobedience the minister is ordeinit to proceed to the censure of the Kirk against the contumacious and outliers.
 March 2008:
413.okokok ... RCMP & Solar It doesn't take much.
414.Declare independence! ... well ... yes Bjork, Tibet. the whole wide universe Bob Dylan, Chimes of Freedom.
416.Rumours of Glory Bruce Cockburn. You plunge your hand in, and draw it back - scorched! Beneath it's shining - like gold - but better.
417.Southern Baptists - "supreme standard" Southern baptists get around to climate change.
418.Queen of the North No justice for the politically correct.
419.Greenpeace Greenpeace on Carbon Sequestration, & Homer-Dixon ranting.
420.Umbigo / Bellybutton Travails in Tibet.
421.Lu San Another FPSO coming along - Frade.
422.The Eightfold Path Buddhism.
423.Flimflam Good Bush, Bad Bush, Stephen Johnson.
424.Beijing 2008 On the creation of the Beijing Olympic Logo.
425.the contagion of ostentatious do-goodism Rex Murphy on Earth Hour.
426.hopeful Sunday Centro de Demonstração para Uso de Energias Renováveis.
 April 2008:
427.Casa Ecológica? Ambiente Brasil with an incomplete effort. China Olympic Torch joke.
428.The Good Samaritan
429.sometimes we agree Melons.
430.A Mixed Bag Johann Kresnik, Giuseppe Verdi, A Masked Ball, Ethanol, Food Shortages, America, Southern Cops, George Soros, Mormons.
431.Things / Coisas ... &etcTibetera Anais Nin, Henry Miller, China & Tibet, Social Imaginary, Dick Tracy, Dragnet, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Gargantua, François Rabelais.
432.Berlin & Beijing Interesting.
433.Smile when you say that! The Virginian, Owen Wister, Highschool Memories, Immanence vs Transcendence in the OED.
434.Pará & Papa Sexual Slavery, the Limbic Lobe, Michael Valpy, the Pope, Ivan Illich, the AntiChrist.
435.Benny & The Jets Benny & Bush, what a pair?.
436.busy ... Biodeisel, Lula, Ban Ki Moon, PAC, Arco de Fogo, Petróleo Verde.
437.With or Without God Gretta Vosper, Progressive Christianity, James Rowe Adams, James Murray, United Church of Canada.
438.St. George / São Jorge Snidely Whiplash, Dishonest John, Dudley Do-Right, Nell Fenwick, Horse, Gretta Vosper, Giuliano Zacardelli, Barbara George.
439.more deadly sins Speculators, Futures, Global Food Crisis, White Woman riding Black Man.
440.Stelmach / Greenpeace Stelmach: the best Premier oil money can buy.
441.still busy I guess Lula, Celso Amorim, Ethanol, Brasil.
442.Sunday Meditation: Oral Sex & Death CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, AIDS, HIV, Boobage, Wanda, Paul Gauguin, Tehura, Isis, Patch, Darfur, Cohen, Alzheimer's.
443.Ideology is Madness Northrop Frye, Gretta Vosper, Pronoun.
 May 2008:
444.May Day Memory, Biofuels, Desmatamento na Amazônia, Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation (TREC), Sahara, MENA, Desertec, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission.
445.close to home Malvados, André Dahmer, Jararaca, Pit Viper.
446.Prayer Gretta Vosper, With or Without God.
447.Solar Thermal Electicity Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Ausra, David Mills.
448.acabar em pizza Dorothy Stang, Bida, Vitalmiro Bastos de Moura, Fogoió, Rayfran das Neves Sales.
449.Yossi Harel / Exodus 1947 Israel, 1947.
450.polemic Conversation, Taylor, A Secular Age.
451.Mr Know All Somerset Maugham, Max Kelada, Mrs Ramsay.
452.Origins Malvados, André Dahmer, Jenkins, SUV, Ethics, Ethical, Moral.
453.Marina Silva, ex-Ministra do Meio Ambiente Lula, Carlos Minc.
454.more shit around the RCMP Mike Webster, RCMP, Robert Dziekanski, Richard Bent, Denman Island.
455.Old Chunk of Coal Billy Joe Shaver.
456.more Charles Taylor Gérard Bouchard, Jean Charest, Social Imaginaries, Quebec, Anticlimax.
457.Lennie Cone in old St. John's Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson.
458.Death & Unrelated Statistics Zimbabwe, Tonderai Ndira, Steve Biko, Plaxedess Mutariswa, Statistics Canada, Statscan, Commuting Patterns.
 June 2008:
459.making sense Transcendence, Immanence, Keith McMillan, Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion, Understanding.
460.1000 square Kilometres per month Floresta Amazônica, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, Inpe, Brasil, Mato Grosso.
461.sense on Biofuels Donald Smith, McGill.
462.Barack Obama Michelle Obama, Iowa, South Carolina, Perfect Union, Minnesota.
463.Atlantic City Bruce Springsteen, Thomas Pynchon, Entropy, Rubin Carter, After the Goldrush, Neil Young.
464.Sunday Meditation in Burnaby - D Words. Bill Reid, Denial, Defiance, Delightful, Mister D, Kevorkian, Keizer, Iron Man, Robert Downey, Gwyneth Paltrow.
465.Cunning Stunts - Fathers 4 Justice Fathers 4 Justice, Batman, Robin, Superman, Father Christmas, Captain America, Spiderman.
466.three that made me laugh today Malvados, André Dahmer, Pato, Ciça, Ota, Dom Ináfio.
467.Truth? Reconciliation? Who knows I wonder? Bee Gees, Words, Stephen Harper, Phil Fontaine, Chuck Strahl, Jim Prentice, Philip Mayfield, Jack Layton, Rick Salutin, Rex Murphy, Margaret Wente, Three Stooges, Talking Heads, David Byrne, Travelling Wilburys, Dirty World, Bob Dylan, ee cummings, Brand New.
468.Pay it forward. Benjamin Webb, Benjamin Franklin.
469.yet more Charles Taylor Durkheim, Robert Bellah, Secular Imaginaries Conference, The New University, Templeton Prize 2007, Aube Billard Taylor.
470.If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break The Levee's Gonna Break, Bob Dylan, Modern Times, Joe Blair, Iowa River, Vinton, Iowa City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Antioch, Fort Wayne.
471.arco-íris Sáo José do Norte, Noiva do Mar.
472.the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River Kolokolo, The Elephant's Child, Rudyard Kipling, Zimbabwe, Celia W. Dugger, Barry Bearak, Robert Mugabe, Sally Hayfron, Grace Marufu, Morgan Tsvangirai, Augustine Chihuri, Boniface G. Chidyausiku, UN, United Nations, Grace Kwinjeh, ZANU-PF, Thabo Mbeki, South Africa, Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, Dadirai Chipiro, Abigal Chiroto, Harare, Emmanuel Chiroto, Tonderai Ndira.
473.Carro na Garrafa Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, Edward J. Markey, James Hansen, United States Senate Committee on Energy and natural Resources, NASA, Goddard, Aptera, The Age of Abundance, Michael Warren.
474.Charles Taylor - And more, and more! Gérard Bouchard, Consultation Commission on Accommodation Practices Related to Cultural Differences, Commission de consultation sur les pratiques d’accommodement reliées aux différences culturelles, CCPARDC, Inamori Foundation, Kyoto Prize, Kazuo Inamori, Passion for Success, Malvados, André Dahmer, Walrus, Carpenter, Oysters, Edward Lear.
 July 2008:
475.Sunday meditation - ultimamente ...  One more 'last gasp' that wasn't really, Communion, Corinthians, Anhedonia, Chaka Khan, Rufus, Tell me Something Good.
476.Don Cherry & What. Ever. Way!, Wellhouse Door, JB Online, Novaes, G8, G5, Snake & Stick, Malvados, André Dahmer, Cidade do Medo, Cachorrinho, Order of Canada, Rex Murphy, Henry Morgentaler, Rafe Mair, Kari Simpson, Lloyd Candow, Pasadena, Newfoundland.
477.Taylor & Thomas Hardy & Spiritwood Saskatchewan Charles Taylor, God's Funeral, Art Dagenais, Curtis Dagenais, Herb Jaster, Marc Bourdages, Robin Cameron, Wolf Statute, Que polícia é essa, João Roberto Amorim Soares, Paulo Roberto Barbosa Soares, Alessandra Amorim, José Mariano Beltrame.
478.Cidadão / Citizen Pato, Ciça, Shaking Tent.
479.Be there! Or be square! G8, Climate Change, Global Warming, Lovelock, Nuclear, T Boone Pickens.
480.não sei Leonard Cohen, Beautiful Losers, China Brasil, Image Mode, Heartbreak.
481.Sunday meditation, Pierrot Le Fou (?) :-) Le Rendez-vous, Gilles Vigneault, Claude Léveillée, Jean-Luc Goddard, Jean Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Nathalie Tardivel.
482.Omar Hassan al-Bashir & Luis Moreno-Ocampo UN.
483.tempest in a teapot Barack Obama, Barry Blitt, Bill Burton, New Yorker Magazine, 2004 Democratic National Convention, Pundit Jizz, Ryan Lizza, Simon Houpt, Bill Carter, Philip Kennicott, Maureen Dowd, Rick Salutin, Rex Murphy.
484.vanity ... cute Al Gore, Brian Collins, Cute Green Logo, Cute Younger Man, Lawrence Downes, Steven Heller.
485.Chupeta / Soother Malvados, André Dahmer, Desmemória, Peitos, Chupar, Boquete, Minete.
486.SNAFU Angra dos Reis, Angra 3, Nuclear, Allan Kardec, Carlos Minc, Ibama, Fernando Jordão, Roberto Messias, Exigências Brutais, Spiritual Ecology, Ecologia Espiritual, Eletrobras, Eletronuclear, Olivia Judson, DR. TATIANA, Boobage, Valéria Valenssa, Nubile, Samba, Breast, Spiral, Taser, Michael Langan, Métis, Sharon Shymko, Brian Minchin, David Chartrand, Winnipeg, Keith McCaskill.
487.The Heart Attack Machine. Johnny Nash, Bob Dylan, Desolation Row, Mark Twain, Disraeli, Quitéria Chagas, Samba, Rainha de Bateria, Império Serrano, Águia de Ouro, Boobage.
488.Valeska Reis, Rainha do Carnaval Salvador, Unidos da Vila Maria. Boobage.
489.Othello, Desdemona, Iago Laurence Fishburne, Irène Jacob, Kenneth Branagh, Mekhi Phifer, Julia Stiles, Josh Hartnett.
490.'entails some engagement with text' Clean Electron Wildcatters, Jesse Winchester, Alexandre Pires, Desaparecido, Manu Chao, Cadillac, Haynesville Shale, Louisiana, Taser, Saskatchewan Police Commission, Literacy, Ilderton, Stanton, University of Guelph, Anthony Clarke, Boobage, Raíssa de Oliveira, Rayssa, Rainha de Bateria, Beija-Flor de Nilópolis.
491.São Cristóvão Agora O Jornal do Sul, O Informativo Vale do Taquari, Rádio Verdes Vales FM, SMSTT, The Golden Legend, Jacobus de Voragine, Viviane Castro, São Clemente, Musa do Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro, Boobage.
492.duh? doh! Doha? Subsidies, Externalities, Klimawandel, Erderwärmung, Grêmio Recreativo e Cultural Escola de Samba Vai-Vai, Musa Valquíria Ribeiro, Rainha de Bateria e Musa do Caldeirão e Princesa da Corte Renata Souza, Bailarina e Rainha da Bateria Ivi Mesquita, Tati Lira, Diva Persi, Boobage.
 August 2008:
493.Carnival Antidote / Antídoto Carnaval Jan Miel, Pieter Bruegel, Charles Taylor, Bloco da Ansiedade, Henry Miller, Clichy, Victor Witter Turner, Edith Turner, Liminal, Polysemy, Polysemous, Anti-Structure, Immanent, Transcendent, Mark Kingwell, Michael and Dorothea Schmidt, Unpasteurized Milk, The Milk War, Pérola Negra, Camila Barbosa, Adriana Alves, Boobage.
494.tiras, também antídoto Jellyfish, Nematocyst, Cnidocyte, Cnidoblast, Nematocyte, Phylum Cnidaria, Cnidocil, Novaes, Os Silva, Tiago Rodrigues, Irukandji, Portugese Man o War, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi, Dead Zone, Cris Vianna, Grande Rio, Duas Caras, Sabrina, Sheron Menezes, Adriana Alves, & Juliana Alves, Boobage.
495.Polar Bears, Psychoanalysis & Dinosaurs Alaska, Dirk Kempthorne, Endangered Species, Sarah Palin, John McCain, McNasty, Republican, Psychotherapy, Psychiatrists, Ramin Mojtabai, Mark Olfson, Malana, Brazil's Next Top Model, Priscilla Parreira, André Salcedo, Boobage.
496.Anteater / Global Wierding Andrew C. Revkin, Thomas L. Friedman, Paul Krugman, Graziele Massafera, Grazi, Grande Rio, Boobage.
497.palavra do dia 'proparoxítona' Oxítono, Paroxítono, Proparoxítono, Dom Ináfio, Ota, Construção, Chico Buarque, Fernanda Lima, Grande Rio, Mariana Aristóteles, Gaviões da Fiel, Boobage.
498.Sobe a classe média José Sarney, Malvados, André Dahmer, Hartmann, Atlantic Peace, Vila Mimosa, Taser, Aeron Hall, Tim McLean, Vince Weiguang Li, André Salcedo, Giovanna, Boobage.
499.All he believes are his eyes Bob Dylan, License To Kill, Adam & Eve, Brancacci Chapel, Masolino, Masaccio, Arthur Merric Bloomfield Boyd, Yvonne (wife), Green Queen of the Night, Marc Chagall, Bella, Victor Turner, Liminality, Communitas, Officer Krupke, West Side Story, Ivan Illich, The Good Samaritan, Preta Gil, Boobage.
500.That's it, that's all, there ain't no more! Atlantic, Google, Internet, Devolution, Andressa Soares, Dançarina do Créu, Mulher Melancia, Garota Melancia, Boobage, HAL, Dave Bowman, Stanley Kubrick, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Cheech & Chong, Liminality, Communitas, MUF DVR, Denis Leary, Leonard Cohen, The Future.

Who am I? Who are you?
Cam: The End Was Here.
[An offer to come to Calgary from a guy I know I shouldn't trust but the money is so good I come away from Brasil and take it. Helping build hell on earth. Commissioning engineers always know what's what, what's really goin' on, and I find out from them. Then I hear about what's up in Fort Chipewyan and cognitive dissonance sets in. Some United Church minister preaches on Moses. I am clutching at straws. Go walkabout.]

  September 2008:
1.Exodus 3 Burning Bush, Exodus, Moses.
2.Dreamin' of You Bob Dylan.
3.Gilberto Gil Belina de Aguiar, Flora Nair Giordano, Gilberto Gil, Nana Caymmi, Sandra Barreira Gadelha.
4.Pisgah (again) D.H. Lawrence, Moses, Pisgah.
5.Old men with broken teeth Bob Dylan.
 October 2008:
6.A host, of golden daffodils Daffodil, Phlox, Wordsworth.
7.Deep Purple - Mitzi Dupree Deep Purple, Mitzi Dupree.
8.Numbers 20 Abishag, Exaltasamba, Moses, Pisgah, Yvete Sangalo.
9.Gods? Kali, Peter C. Newman, Wall Street.
10.Silent Spring Abishag, Anthony Quinn, Chico Mendes, Elizabeth May, Rape, Euphrasie Mirindi, Fernando Gabeira, Kathy Benvin, Moses, Pisgah, Rachel Carson.
11.Oh yeah Andressa Soares, Shakespeare
 November 2008:
12.I've been to the mountaintop Martin Luther King, Moses, Pisgah, Samaritan.
13.If Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Moses, Pisgah.
14.World Gone Wrong Abishag, Bob Dylan, Mateo, Matthew, Pisgah.
15.não tem medo de ser feliz  
16.Otis Redding: Sittin' at the Dock of the Bay Liminal, Otis Redding, Pisgah.
17.O cheiro de pescoço encostado Brasil, Eduardo Ruiz, Fernanda Porto, Abishag.
18.mindful Barack Obama, Buddhism, Mindful, Nash Siamwalla.
 December 2008:
19.Piracy (?) Abdul Hassan, Asad Abdulahi, Eyl, Mogadishu, Puntland, Shidane Arone, Somalia, Tsunami.
20.Justice? Shame on the RCMP. Shame on Canada. Robert Dziekanski, Stan Lowe, Thomas Braidwood.
21.Quem canta seus males espanta Carla Bruni, Cornered, Zélia Duncan.
22.Perfect Metaphor indeed Bailout, George Bush, Greed, Ique, Jeffrey Simpson, Ronald McDonald, Sapatrix, Wall Street.
23.Self Portrait - no sound of water. Ariel, Bob Dylan, Brasil, Dunas, Lençóis, Maranhão, TS Eliot, Wasteland.
24.When life and love turn strange Alek Wek, Atong Arjok, Bob Dylan, Harvest, Neil Young, Oluchi Onweagba, Samaritan.
  January 2009:
25.damned bureaucrats! Barack Obama, Bureaucracy, Rex Murphy.
26.Business As Usual Barack Obama, General James Logan Jones, Global Warming, National Security Advisor, Shawn McCarthy.
27.On The Road Again Bob Dylan.
28.Let all those who'll do justice and love mercy say Amen, say Amen, and Amen. Barack Obama, Benediction, Inauguration, Joseph Lowery, Pisgah, Transcript.
29.Ethanol, Brasil, Slavery ... Greed.
30.crazy Liminal.
 February 2009:
31.Knuckleheads! Bailout, Charles Taylor, Christopher Alexander, ee cummings, Global Warming, Greed.
32.Fork in the Road, Neil Young. Bailout, Cornered, Gable, Greed, Makins.
33.uhmmmm ... Bailout, Greed.
34.Porcos (todos nós) Bailout, Gadarene Swine, Gilmar, Margaret Wente, Mark, Rex Murphy, Terra.
35.only for me? Before The Law, Door, Franz Kafka, Liminal, Oscar Wilde, Trial.
37.Ecossimplicidade Leonardo Boff, Ecossimplicidade. the same device! Andre Dahmer, Boquete, Cobalt 60, Jim Prentice, Kurt Vonnegut, Malvados.
39.Yee Haa !! Bailout, Dinosaur, EF Schumacher, Global Warming, Greed, Jim Prentice, John Baird, Madame Defarge, Neil Reynolds, Nuclear Energy, Rona Ambrose, Small Is Beautiful, Stimulus, Tar Sands.
40.who CARES about Harper !? Barack Obama, Jeffrey Simpson, Michaëlle Jean, Stephen Harper, Tar Sands.
41.Mamãe Eu Quero Carmen Miranda, Chupeta, Jimmy Durante, SaveVid.
42.Bailout? Stimulus? Bollocks! Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, Jenkins, Jim Flaherty, Mark Carney, Tim Geithner.
43.Ash Wednesday Bailout, Barack Obama, Leonard Abess, Stimulus, Ty'Sheoma Bethea.
44.Braidwood Inquiry Bill Bentley, Braidwood Inquiry, David Butcher, Gerry Rundel, Kwesi Millington, RCMP, Robert Dziekanski, Thomas Braidwood, William Elliott.
 March 2009:
45.Curtis Dagenais, Spiritwood Art Dagenais, Robin Cameron, Bill Roe, RCMP, Gerald Allbright, Marc Bourdages, Rob Clarke, Ken Palen.
46.just a moment to review ... Abishag, Addiction, Braidwood Inquiry, Brasil, Carnaval, Gabor Maté, RCMP, United Church.
47.there ain't no hiding place from the father of creation Sinamuva Umlazi Choir.
48.Curtis Dagenais is guilty they say Bill Roe, Maggi Hambling, Scallop, Spiritwood.
49.Darfur Rape Amnesty International, DDB, Thomas Pynchon.
50.the 'S' word (Stupid). Franny Armstrong, Global Warming, Layefa Malemi, Maldives, Methane, Pete Postlethwaite, The Age Of Stupid, Leila Deen, Plane Stupid, Peter Mandelson, Heathrow Airport.
51.Braidwood Inquiry Haitus Frank Paul, Wally Oppal, William Davies.
52.Sunday Meditation - Character Calypso, Konrad Yakabuski, Leonard Cohen, Pogo, United Church.
53.Braidwood Inquiry - Round 2 Prelude RCMP, Robert Dziekanski, Taser, William Elliott.
54.Braidwood Inquiry - Realpolitik Benjamin Monty Robinson, Neil Mackenzie, Peter Thiessen, RCMP, Reginald Harris, Robert Dziekanski, Taser, William Elliott.
55.William Elliott - just another weasel. Liberal Party, Mark Holland, RCMP, Robert Oliphant, Stapler, Taser, Tim Shields, Ujjal Dosanjh, Giuliano Zaccardelli.
56.Braidwood Inquiry - duty, truth, honour. Kwesi Millington, Ravi Hira, William Elliott.
 April 2009:
57.Braidwood Inquiry - Nothing left but expletives. David Butcher, Ravi Hira, RCMP, Robert Dziekanski, Thomas Braidwood.
58.Greed and stupidity, two narratives. Bailout, Greed, Stimulus, -logy.
59.Susan Drummond, Polygamy, Correctitude let us not talk falsely now ... Adbusters, Bob Dylan, Buy Nothing Day, CACP, CBC, Dalton McGuinty, Jimi Hendrix, John Jones, Metrolinx, Neil Young.
61.Easter - One Love Bob Marley, Sinamuva Umlazi Choir.
62.Braidwood Inquiry - RCMP continue in Denial Mode. CBC, Robert Dziekanski, Stan Lowe, Terry Milewski, Tim Shields, William Elliott.
63.Honourable Mounties Breaking Ranks - Hallelujah! Al Clark, Braidwood Inquiry, RCMP, Ron Lewis, Terry Milewski, Tunney Moriarity.
64.Fat Cat CAW, Dodge Nitro, Ken Lewenza, Neil Reynolds, Northrop Frye, Vico.
65.TTC & ATU 113 & Vision Public Transit, Toronto.
66.Sunday Meditation - Gilead Black Snake Moan, Ginger Souffle, Jeremiah.
 May 2009:
67.5 days or, more accurately, DAY FIVE. Abishag, Avocado, Cameco, Lyle Krahn, Mango, Susan Drummond, Wittgenstein, tiny stories.
68.5 days, Sunday meditation (really 5 days and this is DAY SIX) Coetzee, Extinction, Michael K.
69.DAY SEVEN (!)
70.DAY EIGHT uma meditação sobre o boquete Abishag, Fugs, Renée Cox, Robert Crumb, Subaquatica.
71.DAY NINE sonhar ensinar Abishag, Faron Hall, Wayne Spence, Winnipeg.
72.DAY TEN, nothing left but death wish Abishag, Charles Taylor, Depression, Genesis, Hokum, Liminal, Robert Crumb.
73.DAY ELEVEN, obrigado Senhor. Abishag, Bhekani Memela, Ecossimplicidade, Gadarene Swine, Ideology, Michael K, Northrop Frye, Primary Concerns, RCMP, Sinamuva Umlazi Choir, Wayne Rideout.
74.DAY TWELVE Abishag, Bob Dylan.
75.lucky thirteen, Mother's Day Aikido / DIA TREZE dá boa sorte, Dia das Mães Abishag, Avocado, Cholmondeley, Kenya, Njoya.
76.14, what? Bastille Day? wrong month :-) Abishag, Annie Leonard, Death Wish, Eskom, Ginger Souffle, Jacob Zuma, Koeberg, Piracy, Somalia, South Africa.
77.LIARS! / DAY 16 & losing count Abishag, Braidwood Inquiry, Kwesi Millington, Ravi Hira, RCMP, Robert Dziekanski, Ujjal Dosanjh, Whoremonger, William Sweeney.
78.f-f-Friday the f-f-Fifteenth DAY EIGHTEEN & losing the plot (not a laughing matter!) Abishag, Bob Dylan, Brian Mulroney, Buceta, Robin Sears. so s-s-Sibilant s-Sunday (thanks again Bob) Abishag, Addiction, All Good, Bob Dylan, Braidwood Inquiry, Keyhole, Mike Webster, Robert Dziekanski, Sally Hayfron, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Thomas Braidwood.
80.coisas / things - DAY TWENTY-TWO Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas. / Happy who can learn the causes of things. Omne supervacuum pleno de pectore manat. / Everything that is superfluous overflows from the full bosom. Lacrimae rerum / Tears for things. Abishag, Northrop Frye.
81.The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handle. Abishag, Brasil.
82.shit-house rat / as in, 'crazy as a -' / aka, racist sexist whoremonger Crazy, Spiral, Whoremonger, Yoni Yum.
83.bed bug / as in, 'crazy as a -' Abishag, Addiction, Crazy, Gabor Maté, Harbourfront, Hollyhock, Rice, Trinity.
84.Sunday Meditation - Abishag & Oxum Abisag, Abisague, Addiction, Death Wish, Dieter Ruckhaberle, Oshum, Oshun.
85.more politics & ideology Crazy, Global Warming, Renewable Energy, Thesaurus.
86.Unbelievable Bob Dylan, Malvados, Pearls Before Swine, Slave, Yoni Yum, Slave Ships.
87.Braidwood Inquiry, testimony ends David Butcher, Grant Fredericks, Helen Roberts, Mike Webster, Ravi Hira, RCMP, Reginald Harris, Robert Dziekanski, Taser, Thomas Braidwood.
88.Language(s) Abishag, Addiction, Carson McCullers, Charles Taylor, Lawren Harris, Subtler Languages.
89.eldritch / weird, ghostly, unnatural, frightful, hideous Abishag, Bailout, Bob Dylan, Burl Ives, Crazy, Deficit, Konrad Yakabuski, Mark Kingwell, Neil Reynolds, Shuffle Demons, Stupid, SubGenius.
90.The Fierce Urgency of Now (!) Bent as a Nine Bob Note / Sunday Meditation? hell, every day is a Sunday / Climate Change, Marc Roberts, Wangari Maathai.
 June 2009:
91.desopilar o fígado literally 'cleanse the liver' that's to say, cheer up! Brasil, Carnaval, Climate Change, Greed, Marc Roberts, Mark Kingwell, Nuclear Energy, Pearls Before Swine, Stupid.
92.Tigger toda vez que o pai sai de casa, a meninada faz algazarra, Addiction, Carlos Minc, Charles Taylor, Nuclear Energy, Paul Quarrington, Pooh.
93.Barack Obama in Cairo and Oliver Cromwell addressing the 'Rump' Parliament, April 20 1653, Bahá'í, Mindful, Whoremonger.
94.introjection 5 de maio - Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente / June 5 - World Environment Day, Abishag, Aikido, Iansã, Keyhole, Oxum.
95.It's All Good or ... It's all shit! Sunday Meditation dreaming about dancing with Mister D. All Good, Bob Dylan, Boquete, Candide, Darfur, Keyhole, Northrop Frye, Thomas Pynchon.
96.will the RCMP lies never stop? SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING COWARDS AND LIARS Art Vertleib, Benjamin Monty Robinson, Bill Bentley, Braidwood Inquiry, David Butcher, Gerry Rundel, Kwesi Millington, Paul Pritchard, Ravi Hira, RCMP, Reginald Harris, Ted Beaubier, Thomas Braidwood.
97.Waterlife Waterwalk Aamjiwnaang, Alexander Calder, Climate Change, Crazy, Ron Plain, Spiral.
98.Sunday already? Irrefutable? must be Peru. Greed, AIDESEP, Daysi Zapata Fasabi, Alberto Pizango, ORPIAN, Nélida Calvo Nantip.
99.Ilê Ayê Yoruba - The World, or maybe The House of Life. Aamjiwnaang, Coxeter, Death Wish, Geometry, Jim Prentice, Nuclear Energy, Polygamy, Seratonin, Stupid, Yoni Yum.
100.Groundhog Day / Ilê Ayê II Worst Case Scenario Abishag, Bob Dylan, Charles Taylor, Climate Change, Death Wish, Orpheus, Wallace Stevens.
101.Braidwood Inquiry - every trick in the book Geoff Plant, Mike de Jong, RCMP, Thomas Braidwood.
102.Braidwood Inquiry - the shit finally hits the fan. Helen Roberts, Mike Webster, Robert Dziekanski, Thomas Braidwood, Al Macintyre.
103.Sunday meditation, father's day Alek Wek, Buddha, Humpty Dumpty, Sunday, Tree, Voltaire.
104.Garbage, Yee Haa! Climate Change, Jim Prentice, John Baird, Toronto.
105.Sunday meditation - Vive le Québec Libre! Climate Change, Crazy, Endocrine Disruptors, Frog, Junk, Mark Twain, Northrop Frye, Waxman Markey.
106.André Dahmer - get well soon! Boquete, Malvados, Sonny Rollins.
 July 2009:
107.complacent k-k-Canadian changes on k-k-Canada Day (eh?) ... Beaumont Hamel, Edward Greenspon, Globe, Shuffle Demons, Toilets, Toronto.
108.RCMP appeal Justice Arne Silverman's decision? Benjamin Robinson, Bill Bentley, Braidwood Inquiry, David Butcher, Gerry Rundel, Kwesi Millington, Peter van Loan, Ravi Hira, RCMP, Reg Harris, Stephen Harper, Ted Beaubier, William Elliott.
109.Sunday meditation - Perspective. Abishag, Addiction, AIG, Barack Obama, Blake, Charles Taylor, Chaucer, Coxeter, Greed, Iansã, Jane Jacobs, Madoff, Northrop Frye, Oxum, Peru, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Spiral, TS Eliot, Yoni Yum.
110.cut to the chase ... platitudes Barack Obama, Climate Change, Genetic Engineering, Greenpeace.
111.first principles André Dahmer, Anne Derrick, Barack Obama, G8, Gable, Gadarene Swine, Geometry, Greenpeace, Howard Hyde, Latin, Malvados, PETA, RCMP, Taser, UN.
112.first principles II: 'as if' Anne Derrick, Geometry, Howard Hyde, Latin, Robert Dziekanski, Taser, Thomas Braidwood.
113.first principles III Anne Derrick, Braidwood Inquiry, Howard Hyde, Jonathan Edwards, Taser.
114.a taste of victory Addiction, Gabor Maté, Neil Young.
FULL STOP! My tale is done, a mouse has run. (NOT!)
115.not a blog I Cohen, Nothing has been broken, Nada se partiu, Waxman-Markey, Consumption climbs, RCMP, Peter Leask, Martin Stoner, Peter Lea.
116.not a blog II Will Durant, Kamayurá, RCMP, Thomas Braidwood, Squandering, Righteous stupidity, Henry Gates, Tim Shields, Oil price, Xingu, Mercury, Toronto.
117.not a blog III TWIT True Worshippers of the Ineffable Tetractys, Tim Flannery, Rick Salutin, Labour, Thomas Braidwood, Gordon Campbell, Carole Hallee, Quebec-Brasil divorce.
 August 2009:
118.not a blog IV Rania Ibrahim Mutlib, Wooler United Church, Walmart, NDP, Gas royalties, Jim Prentice, BPA, Phthalates, Official reality.
119.not a blog V Guy de Maupassant, Boule de Suif, Growth, Bob Lloyd, Thomas Pynchon, Suaad Hagi Mohamud, Ina & Keith Wood, Apathy & Despair, the Recession is Over.
120.not a blog VI Ronald Prinn, MIT Climate Roulette Wheel, Nicholas Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn, United Church Israel Boycott, RCMP.
121.not a blog VII Marina Silva, Taser International, David Neave, Bjorn Lomborg, RCMP.
122.not a blog VIII Yvo de Boer, Gwynne Dyer, Jonathan Pershing, Todd Stern, Frank Zappa, Lol Pomeroy.
123.not a blog IX Václav Klaus, AIDESEP, Daysi Zapata Fasabi, Moyo Okediji, Illegal migrants sink in sight, UN, Nok, Nigeria, Jos, William Calley, My Lai, Vietnam, Hugh Thompson, Lawrence Colburn, Fundament, Suaad Hagi Mohamud, Lawrence Cannon.
124.not a blog X Tar Sands, Peter Mettler, Elizabeth May, Ian Tomlinson, Simon O'Brien, Oscar Wilde, The Decay of Lying, Blackheath climate camp, Plane Stupid, Michael Schmidt, Glencolton Farms, Site 41, Tony Guergis, Neil Reynolds, Nincompoop.
125.not a blog XI Gordon Edwards, Nuclear Power, Peter Ottensmeyer, Robert Del Tredici, Gideon Forman, Aubrey Beardsley, Helmut Newton, Yakumama, AIDESEP, Daysi Zapata Fasabi, Peru, Alan García, Job.
126.not a blog XII Dakota Hunter, Tori Yetman, Rob Nicholson, Stockwell Day, Peter Van Loan, Peter Gordon MacKay, Syngenta, Atrazine, Tomslake, EnCana, Dawson Creek, Wiebo Ludwig.
 September 2009:
127.not a blog XIII Barack Obama, Evil Socialist, Donny Morris,Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) First Nation, Platinex, KI6, Sam McKay, Jack McKay, Cecelia Begg, Darryl Sainnawap, Bruce Sakakeep, The Great Climate Swoop, Jack Straw, BP, Peter Sutherland, Tony Hayward, Thomas Pynchon, Proverbs for Paranoids.
128.not a blog XIV Methane, Mackenzie River Delta, Kathleen Tillwitz, Human Flourishing, Eudaimonia, Paul Krugman.
129.maybe it IS a blog after all ... XV Aperiodic Tiling, Gwynne Dyer, Climate Wars, LichtBlick, Brian Lee Crowley, Carl Kabat, George Feenstra, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Princess Complex, Naomi Klein, Stephan Pastis.
130.not really a blog but kinda ... XVI Lester Brown, The Age of Stupid, Franny Armstrong, Pete Postlethwaite, Layefa Malemi, Lizzie Gillett, UNFCCC, Tobacco Advertising, Naomi Klein, Sid Ryan, Um Nidal, John Greyson, Laura Righi, Norman Borlaug, Nanosolar.
131.Sunday Meditation ... who cares? ... XVII 350, TckTckTck, Climate Action Network Canada, COP-15, Copenhagen, Serena Williams, Weibo Ludwig, RCMP.
132.doesn't wash ... XVIII Busts, Green Party, The Age of Stupid, UN, Ban Ki-moon, Rajendra Pachauri, Connie Hedegaard, Mohamed Nasheed, Laila Ali Abdulla, Boobage, 350. more ... let's go ... XIX Blake, Tyger, Mariá, Help, Copacabana, Linda Ronstadt, Willin', Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin, They Shoot Horses Don't They, Northrop Frye, Creation and Recreation, Lisa Murkowski, Patricia Nelson, American Woman, Dick Bent, RCMP, Paul Krugman.
134.and another (but the last I thinks) ... XX Bernard Baruch, Gwynne Dyer, Climate Wars, James Lovelock, Flick Off, Dilbert, Retirement, Stephen Harper, Jim Prentice, Pam Veinotte, Carbon Footprint.
 October 2009:
135.XXI - I guess XXX will be a fitting end then Barack Obama, Nobel peace prize, Marina Silva, Josephine Baker, Yes we have no bananas, EPA, Lisa Jackson, Charles Taylor in Montreal at McGill.
136.XXII ... on wilful paranoia :-) Maya, Tortuguero, HEMP (High Altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse), Lawrence Solomon, The Deniers, Martin Rees, Our Final Century, Pierrot Le Fou, Nevil Shute, On The Beach.
137.XXIII ... getting there (with a little help from my friends) Barack Obama, Capilla de la Luz, Tadao Ando, Osaka, Sarah Silverman, All the Pussy, Vatican, Courtney Love, Boobage, Jubilate Deo, Psalm 100.
138.short note XXIV Roger Scruton, Gentle Regrets, Malana de Freitas, Boobage.
139.XXV ... not long now Elvira Madigan, Pia Degermark & Thommy Berggren, Jack Layton, Jim Prentice, Marcel Coutu, Michael Martin, Maude Barlow, Samso, Denmark, Soren Hermansen, Paul Erik Wedelgaard.
140.why nobody came ... XXVI Yoni Yum, Ambiente-se, Bill McKibben, 350, Toronto Climate Campaign, TCC, Starving polar bears, Gretta Vosper, With Or Without God, West Hill United Church, Tatiane de Moraes Ramos, Boobage, Norman Borlaug.
141.why nobody came ... a bust then? XXVII Ambiente-se, Raúl Estrada-Oyuela, Mardi Tindal, Alan Burke, RCMP, Bud Mercer, William Shakespeare, Sonnet 29, Fortune and men's eyes, Northrop Frye, The Double Vision, Tatiane de Moraes, Boobage.
142.mixed-up confusion ... XXVIII Kagiso Lesego Molope, Dancing in the Dust, Serah Njoya, Robert Njoya Mbugua, Thomas Cholmondeley, Ed Markey, Jack Bonner, The Hawthorn Group, John Ashford, Steve Miller, ACCCE, Bill C-311, Deadline Summary, Jim Prentice, Rob Renner, Bill Boyd, Real Climate, Steve Levitt, Raymond Pierrehumbert, Marina Silva, Belo Monte.
 November 2009:
143.mixed-up confusion ... XXIX Damned Daylight Saving Time, Northrop Frye,Charles Taylor, Matthew Arnold, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Pritchard, GMO, Alan McHughen, Ignacio Chapela, David Quist, The Bivings Group, Irina Ermakova, Pérola negra, Black pearl, Help, COP-15 prequel Barcelona, Greenpeace, Sagrada Familia, Al Gore, Lester Brown.
144.meditation XXX Tree, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Le Petit Prince, Rudyard Kipling, Kevin Rudd, Penny Wong, Walt Disney, Kodachrome, Abang Othow, Charles Schulz, Joseph Heller, Catch-22, Major Major, Sid Ryan, Greenpeace, Kim Fry, Paul Krugman, Richard Hofstadter, Paranoia, Pogo.
145.XXXi José Datrino, Profeta de Gentileza, Gwynne Dyer, Climate Wars, Stephen Harper, APEC, Singapore, Kevin Rudd, Alfred Hitchcock, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias, Glen Milne.
146.stairway to heaven ... or not Nicholas Hirst, Huarango, Pisgah, Yeats, Second Coming, Belo Monte-Hydroelectric.
147.Aqualung Ian Anderson, Thomas Wyatt, Boobage, Desolation Row, Pogo.
148.just trying to keep my head above water (and I can't say I am succeeding ...) Afghanistan torture, Arif Lalani, Cheryl Gallant, Colleen Swords, David Mulroney, Michel Gauthier, David Fraser, Gordon O'Connor, Jim Abbott, Laurie Hawn, Lawrence Cannon, Margaret Bloodworth, Peter Goldring, Peter MacKay, Rick Hillier, Richard Colvin, Metropolitain United Church.
149.I can't think anymore about k-k-Canada so I will think about Brasil today :-) Terry Gilliam, Prince Charles, Richard Colvin, Chico Mendes, Dessima Williams, Lo how a Rose e’er blooming.
 December 2009:
150.pure language Zephaniah Chapter 3 Verse 9, Poison Fire, Lars Johansson, Tina Esegi, Ifie Lott, Shell, Jeroen van der Veer, Malcolm Brinded, Basil Efoise Omiyi, Jorma Jaakko Ollila, Peter Voser, Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, James Hoggan, Climate Cover-Up, Bill Phipps, Russell Daye, Bruce Sanguin, Marina Silva, Fábio Vaz de Lima. big surprise COP-15, Copenhagen, Dessima Williams, Ian Fry, Kiribati, Michael Martin, Severn Suzuki, Tuvalu, Jens Galschiot. here now Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, COP-15, Copenhagen, Franny Armstrong, Lawrence Solomon, Evan Solomon, Rex Murphy, The Age Of Stupid.
153.and His name shall be calléd WONderful, COUNsellor Brasil, COP-15, Copenhagen, Lula, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva discurso em Copenhague, Handel, Messiah.'s mighty funny, the end of time has just begun or damned with faint praise or not with a bang but a whimper and it's not even Christmas yet. Peter Sinclair, Crock of the Week, 350, Advent, Alberta, Crazy, Danielle Smith, James Inhofe, Justice, Lula, Makosi Musambasi, Jens Galschiot, Marina Silva, Stan Rogers, Swallow, Wenceslas, Lumumba Di-aping, Tommy Trinh, Mihee Kim, Vigil at Queen's Park.
  January 2010:
155.what to do? Greg Craven, Albert Bartlett, C-311, Green Party, Crazy, Betinho, Dennis Brutus, Frank Zappa, Pierre Coupey, Prostate, Frank Zappa, Risk Management, Thomas Friedman.
156.he maketh his sun to rise Angra dos Reis, Brasil, Deslizamento, Eclesiástes, Mateus.
157.l'allée Baobab, Chris Simpson, George Rodger, Bergen-Belsen, Keith, Tayeb Salih, Season of Migration to the North, Denys Johnson-Davies.
158.2 x 2 Bob Dylan, One by one, they followed the sun. dumb as we wanna be or: Spiritual Tar - Strip Mining the Human Soul 350, Crazy, Haiti, Malvados, Michael Deibert, Michaëlle Jean.
160.growth isn't working Anhedonia, Crazy, Ecopsychology, EF Schumacher, nef, new economics foundation, Andrew Simms, David Woodward, Eilis Lawlor, Peter Chowla, Victoria Johnson.
161.codswallop Apple-Cunt, Boobage, iPad, Mad TV.
 February 2010:
162.Haiti Brasilian connection, Fabianne Geismar, shot dead for stealing mirrors, Darlene Etienne, pulled alive from rubble after 15 days, Roseline Antoine, Kimberly, Enese Saint Silme.
163.Democratic Republic of the Congo was Republic of Zaire & was Belgian Congo before that Coltan, Lawrence Solomon, Lisa Shannon, Nicholas Kristof, Rape, Robin Tabbiner, Tantalum, Wendy Merritt, Jeanne Mukuninwa, Denis Mukwege. odd sort of mirror Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse Now, Alice, Lisa Shannon, Nicholas Kristof, Rape, Robin Tabbiner, Wendy Merritt.
165.silly me or descending into Tourette's Robert Frost, The Death of the Hired Man, Pierre Reverdy, Joseph Tainter, The Collapse of Complex Societies, Colin Turnbull, The Mountain People, Ik, Jimmie Rodgers, James Bruce of Tampa Florida, Coetzee, Michael K.
166.maggots! Marolinha, little wave, Yvo de Boer, Ralph Cicerone.
167.Kýrie eléison - O Lord have mercy or 'comportamento do cidadão' Afrimex, Alek Wek, Boobage, Bisie tin mine, Carlos Minc, Congo, Dirty Dirk, Jeremiah, Louis Riel, Joe Stack, Kotecha, Luz, Michael Ondaatje, The Cinnamon Peeler, Mozart, Great Mass in C minor, K427, Handa Miwako, Kouda Hiroko, Rape, Solomon, Walikale, Desolation Row, Carlos Minc.
168.ok then, one more Sunday (a 'rumination' today, rather than a 'meditation' :-) Mariá, Al Gore, Anne Tyng, Besieged, Boobage, Climate, Crazy, John C. Ojwang, Spiral, The Siege, James Lasdun, Thandie Newton.
 March 2010:
169.and another ... Antonioni, Collapse, Easter Island, Elvira Madigan, Jared Diamond, Joseph Tainter.
170.collapse Agathe Habyarimana, Bailout, Colin Turnbull, Greed, Ik, Inyenze, Montparnasse, Niall Ferguson, Rwanda, Uganda.
171.... and disregards the rest Altamira, Anapu, Belo Monte, Bernd Heine, Brasil, Colin Turnbull, Curtis Abraham, Dorothy Stang, Eletrobrás, Ik, Internet, Kayapó, Malvados, Pará, Tuíra Kayapó
172.How can it be? Just another nutbar? Is that it? What do I say then? Silly me. Charles Wesley, And can it be that I should gain, Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia milii, Leonard Cohen, Beautiful Losers, Kateri Tekakwitha, Ann Coulter, Rahim Jaffer, Helena Guergis, Taslima Nasreen, Sudbury, Roger Agnelli, Phuket, Thailand, recycling in Toronto.
 April 2010:
173.March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. (But what if it comes in like a lamb?) Afghanistan, Bamiyan, Barack Obama, BPA, Buddhism, Easter, Endocrine Disruptors, Isfendiyar, Phoenix, Simorgh, Simurgh, Samandar, David Letterman, Hey we're fat dumb rich guys 'nuff said?, Shahname, Ferdowsi.
174.Lame lame, lame, lame lame lame lame lame ... and sorry to say I am still stuck in the Waiting Room. 350, Angola, Boobage, BPA, Bruce Garner, Carajás, Demosthenes, Evo Morales, Facebook, iPad, Israel, Malvados, Oikos, ppb, Sinopec, The Magus, Waiting Room, 2001 A Space Odyssey, United Church, Yvo de Boer, Zephaniah.
175.and God bless Jeremiah ... (Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, take me to heaven for Jesus' sake.) Anima, Avatar, Cochabamba, Cocô, Cuba, Earth Day, Elizabeth May, Evo Morales, Facebook, Green Party, Gwynne Dyer, Krupke, Malvados, Michelangelo, Organic, Peer Gynt, Pierre Coupey, Turqs.
 May 2010:
176.atonement aka propitiation, expiation Barack Obama, Baxter Phillips, Bill McKibben, BP, Domtar, Don Blankenship, ee cummings, Euripides, James Inhofe, Massey Energy, Medea, Michael K, Samaritan, Thomas Pynchon, Tony Hayward, Yann Martel.
177.Bill McKibben - Eaarth Making A Life On A Tough New Planet or Close but no cigar. 350, Andrew Nikiforuk, Caetano Veloso, Charles Taylor, Eaarth, EF Schumacher, Gentileza, Hannah Arendt, Honey Bee, José Datrino, Kurt Vonnegut, Leonard Cohen, Terra, Wendell Berry.
178.all good - done like dinner. orthodoxhydooraki heterodoxhydooraki Ken Kesey, Sometimes A Great Notion, Inco striker, Sudbury, propinquity. DONE! (again not)
179.old habits die hard Michelangelo's David, Alek Wek, Barack Obama, Climate, Collapse, Crazy, Depression, Michaëlle Jean, Paul Krugman, Thailand.
180.sacred & profane, it's all in the thalamus or 'suspended disbelief' Dennis Hopper, BP, C-311, Coal, Correctitude, Crazy, Iceland, Jón Gnarr, Mark Kingwell, Reykjavik, Denny Crane, tiny story, Grandfather, Besti Flokkurinn, Jón Gnarr.
 June 2010:
181.That which we call a rose or words fail us ... or words fail me, ok!? Ensō, Inzan Ien, amyloid arteriole Alzheimer's, Björk, Bobeira, BP, Clive Hamilton, Crazy, Garden, Grimm, Gwynne Dyer, Israel, THX1138, TS Eliot.
182.forgot already ... must be the eFAD kickin' in :-) but what I really want to look at is Clive Hamilton & his new book. Clive Hamilton, Requiem for a Species, Alexandre Kolinka, Namsan Korea, Rolling Stones, All Down The Line, Leonard Cohen bootstrap.
183.Well it's Father's Day and everybody's wounded. Bob Dylan, Braidwood Inquiry, Crazy, Depression, Garden, Leonard Cohen, Paul Pritchard, RCMP, Richard Peck, Robert Dziekanski, William Elliott.
184.Requiem for a Species. another one 'Close but no cigar' but hey! dig this: We must love one another or die. Bill McKibben, Charles Taylor, Climate, Clive Hamilton, CSIS, Eaarth, Fugs, G20, Gwynne Dyer, James Hansen, L'Afua, Malvados, Paul Krugman, Sex Pistols, Strangelove, Thomas Pynchon, WH Auden.
 July 2010:
185.Economic recession is our best hope. Growth is not the solution, growth is the PROBLEM! Monkey, Anarchist, Barack Obama, Black Bloc, Canada Day, Cod, Degrowth, Décroissance, G20, G8, Girosa, James Hansen, Paul Krugman, Peter Victor, Robert Solow, Tim Flannery, Tim Jackson.
186.BROAD STROKES. aka NOXIOUS WEEDS. C-311, Correctitude, Curt Dagenais, FRADES, Geordie, Haiti, Michaelle Point du Jour, Daphne Joseph, Pastor Battiye, Croix-de-Bouquets, Malvados, Paul McAuley, Peru, Raoul Moat, Richard Peck, Robert Dziekanski.
187.l'allée suite or Never again? or Perfidious Albion? or Not unalloyed? Chris Simpson, Madagascar, Beyond The Gates, Claire-Hope Ashitey, Bill Clinton, Christine Shelley, Braidwood, Nelson Mandela, Genocide, Honey, Inyenze, Rwanda, UN, Valentina Iribagiza, Peter Carey, Bliss, Harry Joy & Honey Barbara, Helen Jones.
188.testy? cranky? or is it mere rage? Alberta, Andrew Nikiforuk, Buddhism, C-311, Correctitude, Crazy, James Inhofe, Malvados, Naomi Klein, Stelmach, Stephen Haff, Peter Carey, Bliss, Harry Joy & Honey Barbara, Robert Semrau, Louis-Vincent d'Auteuil, Munir Sheikh.
 August 2010:
189.vitiated stragedy & enervation Renzo Martens, Enjoy Poverty, 350, Bill McKibben, Brasil, Bureaucracy, Congo, Decommissioners, Endocrine Disruptors, Folasade, Garden, Globe, Gwynne Dyer, Kwesi Abbensetts, Tar Sands, Theo Colborn, Vandana Shiva, ¡Ya basta!
190.taking the long way round Feliz Dia dos Pais pra todo mundo! Ke-Huelga, Yuisa, Loíza, La Mujer de Caguana, Bill McKibben, Crazy, Cuba, FAO, Garden, Globe, Joe Stack, Noam Chomsky, Oxum, Stephen Haff, Tim Jackson, Wheat.
191.direst illth & a stup'd fuh'n ol' Hippie at a Climate Change Conference. or "He cannot distinguish solecism from barbarism, milord." Aamjiwnaang, Ron Plain, Briar Rose, Don Blankenship, Elizabeth May, Endocrine Disruptors, Green Party, Massey Energy, Nunavut, Peter Victor, Susan Cooper, Tim Jackson.
192.southern sudroun Southron. Aida Muluneh, St. Catharines, Brian McMullan, Aamjiwnaang, Coal, Cuba, Don Drummond, Endocrine Disruptors, FRADES, Garden, Green Party, Growth, Malvados, Rick Salutin, Theo Colborn, Thomas Wyatt.
193.let it go Bam be lam! Altamira, Belo Monte, Bob Dylan, Carl Sandburg, ee cummings, Hieronymus Bosch, Adoration of the Magi, Balthazar, Endocrine Disruptors, Ezra Pound, Kali, Leadbelly, Paul Krugman, Salmon, Theo Colborn, Tree, TS Eliot.
 September 2010:
194.A time comes when silence is betrayal. Sheyla Yakarepi Juruna, Dira Paes, 10-10-10, 350, Agathe Habyarimana, Belo Monte, Chimamanda Adichie, Meera Karunananthan, David Schindler, Greenpeace, James Hansen, Kingsnorth-6, Emily Hall, Kevin Drake, Ben Stewart, Tim Hewke, Huw Williams, Tim Rose, Martin Luther King, Tailing Ponds, Vietnam, Doug Saunders, Paula Dobriansky, Christine Shelley.
195.California - AB 32 & Proposition 23. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bureaucracy, CAN, Joe Stack, Lester Brown, Malvados, Rick Salutin, Seattle, Thomas Friedman, Walter Lowdermilk, WTO, Koch Industries, Julia & David Koch, Charles Koch, King Canute.
 October 2010:
196.We are the ones that we have been waiting for, right? or Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street. Ella Fitzgerald, Appalachia Rising, Faces of Coal, Godard, Prénom Carmen, Anasazi, Black Bloc, Blake, CAN, Canada, Coal, David Schindler, David Suzuki, James Hansen, Jim Prentice, Marina Silva, Tar Sands, TCC, Jim Prentice, Advisory Panel, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Andrew Miall, John Smol, Joseph Rasmussen, Peter Dillon, Subhasis Ghoshal.
197.10/10/10 (ite missa est) or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Collapse. (a-and Starvation, Extinction, Annihilation, &etc) 10-10-10, 350, Hannah McKinnon, Lauryn Drainie, Baccalieu, Kookaburra, Bill McKibben, Cod, Green Party, Neil Young, Strangelove, Wheat, Stem Rust, Puccinia graminis.
198.Borderline or Vaclav Smil, Bill Nordhaus, Shawn Garvin. or The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handle. 350, Briar Rose, Hag nightmare, Mercutio, Queen Mab, Coal, Blair, West Virginia, Montcoal, Big Branch, Arch Coal, Steven Leer, John Eaves, Kim Link, EPA, Lisa Jackson, Shawn Garvin, Oikos, Vaclav Smil, Boobage, Rémy Couture, Inner Depravity.
199.One day at a time. ... and when that fog horn whistle blows I will be comin' home, and when that fog horn blows I want to hear it, I don't have to fear it. I want to rock your gypsy soul ... Van Morrison, C-300, Clive Hamilton, David Suzuki, Winter's Bone, Marideth Sisco, Hanif Kureishi, Ecuador, Pacific Rim Resources, Pacific Rim Mining Corp., Catherine McLeod-Seltzer, Tom Shrake, Gustavo Marcelo Rivera Moreno, Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto, Gaia, Globe, Growth, Marc Roberts, Noosphere, Oikos, Pearls Before Swine, Peer Gynt, Pembina Institute, Tim Flannery, Vaclav Smil, ¡Ya basta!
200.Smugge & Smoethe, Schmucks & Schlemiels. David Chen, David Suzuki, Diamonds, Folasade, India, Jinx, Kwesi Abbensetts, Nagoya, Norman Borlaug, Parzival, Rob Ford, Sylvia Plath, UN, Kiyotaka Akasaka, ee cummings, Folasade Adeoso, Palagummi Sainath, Zimbabwe, Kelly Moore, Parzival, Marc Chagall, Moses, Senate, Marjory LeBreton, Richard Neufeld.
 November 2010:
201.Hither, thither, and yon. or Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. Sir Patrick Spens, Wi the auld moone in hir arme, Bill McKibben, Growth, James Inhofe, Jim Prentice, Jumblies, Proposition 23, Roméo Dallaire, South Africa, Tailing Ponds, Sandy Pond, Long Harbour, ERCO, Elizabeth Gardiner, Canadian Mining Association, Chinua Achebe, Home and Exile, Segou, Niger, David Blackwood, Fire Down On The Labrador, Alex Colville, Horse And Train, William Stanley Merwin.
202.... that her feet made no din. As she laid her hand on me, and this she did say: It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day. Miles Davis, Anton Corbijn, Mario Draghi, Silvio Berlusconi, Karima Keyek, Ruby Rubacuori, Numa Perrier, Sharri Sutton, Kwesi Abbensetts, Besieged, Bruce Hyer, C-300, C-311, Correctitude, FSB, G-SIFI, G20, G8, Port Hope, Margaret Tandy, Helen Caldicott, Jumblies, Albert Gonzalez super-hacker, Malvados, Port Hope, Wole Soyinka.
203.Synecdoche, Zeugma, &etc. All hands on deck! Barack Obama, Bureaucracy, C-311, Bruce Hyer, Grant Mitchell, Marjory LeBreton, Anne Cools, David Chen, FAO, Helen Caldicott, Jim Prentice, Kenosha Kid, Michael McClure, Port Hope, RDPC, UN, Wheat, Craig Morrison, St. Martins, New Brunswick.
204.For I'm sick at the heart, and I fain wad lie down. “Ouçam e vejam, nós existimos”. Amazônia, Axel Honneth, Brasil, Bruce Hyer, Bureaucracy, C-311, Cholera, Cream, Drummond, G20, Gwynne Dyer, Haiti, Pigs, Sitfu, Stimulus, Tom Harris, Peter Foster, Lawrence Solomon, Mauro Santayana, Stacy Bonds, Steven Desjourdy, Steve Boucher, Robert Dziekanski, Richard Peck, Titanyen.
 December 2010:
205.Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom ... or the Cosmic Axis Of Evil, or Bing, Bang, Boom! or even ... Bada-bing, Bada-boom. John Lee Hooker, Infinite Regression, Vahe Gurzadyan, Roger Penrose, Big Bang, Kate Land, João Magueijo, Cancún, Cholera, Cod, Coltan, Congo, COP16, Christiana Figueres, Yvo de Boer, Diamonds, Boaz Hirsch, Kimberley Process, Facebook, Julie Zhuo, Ivan Illich, Ken Loach, Neil Young, UNFCCC, Zimbabwe, Paul Dewar, Julia Sneyd, Pius Power, Debbie Harry, Blondie, Heart of Glass.
206.fcuk fuct fcof (!) or conjugations of subjugation ... amo amas amat ... BAH HUMBUG! Jodie Smith, Miss Jodie, Oxum, Leonard Cohen, As irmas da graça, Caledonia, Stephen Harper, Julian Fantino, Ian Scott, Bill Blair, Bill Maher, Karrine Steffans, Halle Berry, BOPE, Cancún, Climate, COP16, Don Cherry, Globe, Green Party, Gwynne Dyer, Marina Silva, Rape, RCMP, Rob Ford, Stephen Schneider, Terry Root, UN, UNFCCC
207.Hope? Hell? Highwater? Handbasket? Ho! Ho! Ho! or maybe SOS or should it be R.I.P. Requiescat in pace? Barack Obama, Cancún, Carybé, COP16, David Suzuki, EPA, Euphrasie Mirindi, James Inhofe, Michaëlle Jean, Rape, UN, UNFCCC, Jorge Silva of Reuters, Daniela Chiaretti, 350, May Boeve, Margaret Wente, Kelly MacParland, Mark Warawa, Gerard Kennedy, Linda Duncan, Jane Tab er, Scott Reid.
208.Hot Rats BAH HUMBUG! Captain Beefheart, Don Van Vliet, Janet, Frank Zappa, Un Chien Andalou, Simone Mareuil, Axel Honneth, Bill McKibben, Cancún, Clitoris, COP16, Kenya, Lester Brown, Oscar Wilde, Paul Krugman, UNFCCC, United Church, Ngũgĩ wa Thiongʼo, Jomo Kenyatta, Facing Mount Kenya, Mama Ngina, Oscar Wilde, Ballad of Reading Goal, John Joseph Mastandrea, Metropolitan United Church.
  January 2011:
209.MIND THE GAP (!) or Triage? Adenir DeOliveira, Agathe Habyarimana, Ivory Coast, Keith, Lisa Shannon, Marshall McLuhan, Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Richard Peck, Slave, Susan Cooper, Tailing Ponds, Tar Sands, Tourette, Valentina Iribagiza.
210.¡Ya basta! Enough! Barranugli, Bumble-bee, CASSE, FAO, Ivan Illich, Nina Simone, OAS, Peter Kent, Cilla Kent, Rabelais, Samaritan, Tar Sands, ¡Ya basta!, Peter Victor, Tim Jackson, Richard Lipsey, Paul Ekins.
211.Character (?) or Who ARE these people? or even just Feet of clay. Axel Honneth, Ethical Oil, Ezra Levant, Peter Kent, Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, TS Eliot, Peter Victor, Tim Jackson, Richard Lipsey, Paul Ekins.
212.torcendo (present participle of 'torcer' to twist) Alek Wek, Anima, Barack Obama, Berlusconi, Crazy, Hu Jintao, Karima, Peter Pan, Tensegrity, Peter Victor, Tim Jackson, Richard Lipsey, Paul Ekins.
213.For perspective ... (take two giant-steps back.) Davos, Folasade, Miss Jodie, Growth, Guy Fawkes, Lester Brown, RCMP, Northrop Frye, Peter Victor, Tim Jackson, Richard Lipsey, Paul Ekins, Steve Smith, God's Kaleidoscope, Jean Luc Godard, Pierrot le Fou.
 February 2011:
214.Blue Tail Fly or 'satiable curtiosity and a bad mouth. Alzheimer's 'Vantage#1, Amazônia, Anima, Barack Obama, Charles Taylor, Haiti, Ivan Illich, Leadbelly, Rudyard Kipling, Elephant's Child, Turcios, Yann Martel.
215.aqua vītae, usquebaugh or the 7-ball (pink) and the 8-ball (black). (I'm standin' at the crossroad and I believe I'm sinkin' down.) Fatwa, John Laforet, Paul Krugman, Turcios, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Nervous conditions, The book of not, Cream, Crossroads, Hena Akhter, Aklima Akhter.
216.The best things I found this week. Coal, Ethical Oil, Greenpeace, Miss Jodie, Peter Kent, Stephen Harper, Bev Oda, Tar Sands, Rosalie Silberman Abella, The Empire Club, Toronto.
217.profound & fundamental disconnect or I got nothin’ to say, 'specially about, whatever it was. Bill Blair, CBC, G20, Miss Jodie, Obey, Steed Lord, wha'cha gonna do when the sky turns red, Svala Björgvinsdóttir, Kali, Tahrir, Gillian Findlay, Crowbird.
 March 2011:
218.Trying to join up the dots, but the dots just don't seem to join up. Baghdad, Bradley Manning, David Suzuki, Ivory Coast, James Hansen, Karima, Maria Aragon, Miss Jodie, Pembina Institute, Pliny, Pompeii, Raquel Welch, Thandie Newton, Maria Aragon, Lady Gaga, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, Boobage, Karel Teige, James Hansen, Julia Kilpatrick.
219.Barranugli. or The emperor ... ain't got no clothes. 'Vantage#2, 'Vantage#3, 'Vantage#3c, Alzheimer's, Barack Obama, Fukushima, Japan, Malvados, Maria Aragon, Nuclear Energy, Patrick White, Arthur's dance, Rape, Rudyard Kipling, CMA, Jeffrey Turnbull.
220.threes ... ree ree ree ree, ree ree ree ree. Alan Burke, Anima, Aretha Franklin, Barack Obama, Bill Blair, Edward Greenspon, Fukushima, G20, Globe, Guy Fawkes, Japan, L'Afua, Sylvie Blum, Leonard Cohen, Pickering, Rick Salutin, Tensegrity, Tritium, UN, Ted Gruetzner, Don Terry, Ontario Power Generation (OPG).
221.Not a beach. or Taking care of business. Aretha Franklin, Brasil, Jirau, ee cummings, Ivan Illich, Keith, Malvados, Miss Jodie, Sharri Sutton, Naomi Klein, Nuclear Energy, Radiation, Spring, Sumac.
 April 2011:
222.The plain style. or quid pro quo & sine qua non. Stephen Harper IS Lady Gaga! 350, Bill McKibben, Blake, Chernobyl, Chimamanda Adichie, Purple Hibiscus, Dadawa, Elizabeth May, Fukushima, Ivan Illich, Leonard Cohen, Lester Brown, Maria Aragon, Stephen Harper, Sumac, Cobourg Derailment, Koch brothers, Officer Bubbles, Adam Josephs, Sunshine.
223.Forget it ... or Jeeze Louise! or Oubliette ma pette. or Capo di minghe! Chimamanda Adichie, Grǽdum, Côte d'Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Costa do Marfim, Keith, Paul Krugman, Paul Quarrington, Richard Peck, Robert Dziekanski, Spirit Level, Thomas Pynchon, Vheissu, Não sou de Ninguém.
224.double negative or evigt/forever & altid/always Earth Day, Green Party, Ivory Coast, Sumac, Thomas Pynchon, Tyrone Slothrop, Spell, 'Fuck You', People’s Assembly on Climate Justice, Ulrich Thomsen, Tobey Maguire, Brødre, Brothers.
225.What shall we do then? or Good from far but far from good. Anima, Chernobyl, Clitoris, Earth Day, Fukushima, Kenya, Martin Luther King, Melancthon, Nuclear Energy, Oxum, Richard Peck, Robert Dziekanski, Pachamama, Rio Grande, São José do Norte, Não sou de Ninguém, Iemanjá, Mar Grosso.
 May 2011:
226.fierce self-interest or Hurray! Hurray! It's the first of May. Outdoor screwing starts today! (Beets! Who knew?) Alan Burke, Alek Wek, C-311, CAN, Fracking, Green Party, Jack Layton, Rub & Tug, Nancy White, Joanna Smith, Amy Dempsey, Elizabeth May, Conrad Black, Lester Brown, Lucien Bouchard, NDP, Real Climate, Shale Gas, TCC, United Church, Zoya Phan, Fugs, River of Shit, Salvador Dali, Santiago El Grande, David York, Wiebo’s War, Andrew Nikiforuk, Saboteurs, Wiebo Ludwig.
227.Sun & Wind, wind & cloud. CRAP-O-LA! Aesop, B52 Two, Toby Olditch, Phil Pritchard, Don Drummond, Elizabeth May, Green Party, Malvados, Richard Peck, Robert Dziekanski, Sumac, Wiebo Ludwig, Bruce Cockburn, Earth Liberation Front, ELF, If a tree falls, Buffalo Springfield, For what it's worth, Do You Fear The Wind? Hamlin Garland.
228.Waltzing on air. (Cause they'll catch you wherever you're hid.) Abishag, Clitoris, Mardi Tindal, Nuclear Energy, Oikos, United Church, Colin Johnson, Mardi Tindal, Herb Gale, Mishka Lysack, Mende Nazer, Slave.
229.Maybe the world ended yesterday. Top Notes, Isley Brothers, Twist and Shout, Blake, Clitoris, Coal, Dis-cover, Fugs, Grǽdum, Ik, John Cleese, Massey Energy, Mitzi Dupree, Northrop Frye, Tim Flannery, Robert Edgerton, Colin Turnbull, Bernd Heine, Ik.
230.Colin Turnbull, The Mountain People. A pack of pernicious lies & fabrications. Joseph Towles, Ik, Joseph Tainter, Thomas Beidelman, Paul Spencer, Fredrik Barth, Bernd Heine, Roy Richard Grinker, Curtis Abraham.
 June 2011:
231.Zé Cláudio Ribeiro, 1958 - 2011. José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva, Maria do Espírito Santo, Nova Ipixuna, Anapu, Sister Dorothy, Marabá, Felipe Milanez, TEDx, Edgard Gouveia Jr., Amazônia, Brigette DePape, Chico Buarque, Chico Mendes, Colin Turnbull, Dorothy Stang, Garden, STOP HARPER, Sumac, Tree, Garden.
232.Books. Pretending thought is linear has its consolations. Brigette DePape, Chico Buarque, João e Maria, Correctitude, Gilberto Gil, Jared Diamond, Chevron, Naomi Oreskes, Norman Borlaug, Northrop Frye, Stephen Harper, STOP HARPER, Thomas Pynchon.
233.También La Lluvia / Even The Rain. or Who to trust? and What about thugs? 'Vantage#4, Anima, Bolivia, Dorothy Stang, FAO, G20, Ian Fry, Tuvalu, Lula's amazing speech, Icíar Bollaín, Ivan Illich, Michael Sandel, Pará, UN, UNFCCC, Water, Yakumama, Supriya Bhadakwad, Vatsala Gaikwad.
234.Paravan, paṛaiyan, untouchable, pariah. (singular: paṛaiyan, plural: paṛaiyar) or Truth will out. Not! Leonard Cohen, Bird on the Wire, Al Gore, Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things, Blake, A Negro hung alive by the Ribs to a Gallows, Eddie Robson, Miss Jodie, Robert Crumb, Mr. Natural, Sumac, Brian Haw, Deepak Chopra, Denis Lemelin, CUPW, Lisa Raitt, Jasmine MacDonnell, Fire Down On The Labrador, David Blackwood.
 July 2011:
235.Fearful Symmetry (and dangerous too). Beaumont-Hamel, Blake, Correctitude, David Suzuki, Derrick Jensen, Endgame, Fukushima, Godard, Iemanjá, Keith, Keystone, Northrop Frye, Protest or Not, Quack, Sumac, Tar Sands, United Church, ¡Ya basta!, Wiphala, Massacre at Nanking, Circumcision, Genital Mutilation.
236.So ... wanna come to Washington and get arrested? Brigette DePape, Endgame, Frog, Green Party, Ipê-roxo, Keith, Keystone, Marina Silva, Protest or Not, Sumac, Tar Sands, ¡Ya basta!, Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng, Zhu Gongshan.
237.Second verse, same as the first. or Do as I say, not as I do. Bill McKibben, David Suzuki, James Hansen, Keystone, Maude Barlow, Naomi Klein, George Poitras, Noam Chomsky, Protest or Not, Tar Sands, Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49, Trystero, Maritain, l'armée des étoiles jetées dans le ciel, ¡Ya basta!
238.Who's that knocking at my door? Cried the fair young maiden. Barnacle Bill the Sailor, Robert Kroetsch, What the Crow Said, Anima, Barack Obama, Boobage, Miss Jodie, Raoni, Belo Monte, Khartoum, South Sudan, Kordufan, Sumac, Thomas Pynchon, Trystero.
239.She's dead, of course. There was an old woman who swallowed a fly, Famine, Dadaab, Kenya, Ali Addeh, Djibouti, Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, Allan Stratton, Chanda's Secrets, Bertolt Brecht, To Those Who Follow in Our Wake, Hannah Arendt, Men in Dark Times, Joe Hall, Martin Buber, The Heart Determines, Psalm 73, Northrop Frye, Problematique, Zé Cláudio, Yu-Ling Cheng, Toilets, State of Worthless Existence.
240.Limited in sex, they dare Barack Obama, Boobage, Cholmondeley, Décroissance, Hannah Arendt, Ivan Illich, Karen Blixen, Keystone, Nevil Shute, On the Beach, Protest or Not, Rob Ford, Tim DeChristopher, ¡Ya basta!, Polar Bears, Charles Monnett, Jeffrey Gleason, Pol Pot.
 August 2011:
241.cum qua non (opposite of sine qua non ?) Ode to Newfoundland, The Spur, Joel Hynes, Petermann Glacier, Icebergs, PII-A, PII-A-a, Anima, Barack Obama, Caetano Veloso, Dow-Jones, Famine, Dadaab, Kenya, FAO, Greed, Grǽdum, Ragnarök, Rape, Terra, John Wayne, Tex, Urnes, Ragnarök.
242."Falling into a state of worthless existence." What could it possibly mean? Chet Baker, Almost Blue, Human Flourishing, Eudaimonia, Alexander King 1909-2007, Aurelio Peccei 1908-1984, Alek Wek, Boobage (brass), Barack Obama, Greed, Growth, Hannah Arendt, Karen Blixen, Problematique, Voltaire, Dia dos Pais, Nafissatou Diallo.
243.Pragas. Curses. 'Vantage#5, 'Vantage#6, Anna Hazare, Bill McKibben, Coal, Alberta Resources Railroad, Grande Cache, Correctitude, Código Florestal, Green Party, Hannah Arendt, Keystone, Ontario Election 2011, Beaches-East York, Pembina Institute, Thomas Pynchon on Orwell, US President 2012, ¡Ya basta!, Código Florestal.
244.Fé. Good for nothing? or Inescapable? or Both? or Not. Mideo Cruz, Racquel De Loyola, Allan Sieber, Erwin Kräutler, Amos Oz, Nily, Betinho, Ivan Illich, Keystone, Obey, Worthless Existence, Problematique, Tar Sands, Tuíra Kayapó.
 September 2011:
245.Keystone XL pipline protest, Washington DC, August 20 - September 3, 2011. Whoremonger against the Tar Sands, Mr. Watkins, Park Police, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, Brigette DePape, Gentileza, Gitz Crazyboy, Ryan Deranger, Fort Chipewyan, Maude Barlow, Obey, Tar Sands, Dylan Schneider, Peaceful Uprising, Tim DeChristopher, Start Loving, Jay McGinley, Marie Parham.
246.Outlier - beyond the pale. Change is not only inevitable, it is possible. (I've fallen for a tawny Moor ... away boys, away boys, heave away.) Tim DeChristopher, Power Shift 2011, Tom Waits, Singapore, Duncan Meisel, Safia Adem, Hamza Ali Faysal, Mogadishu, Daniel Dancer, An Alevin Sky, 'Vantage#7, Islamic Relief Canada, Hodan Ali, Shazia Malik, Ikram Syed, Boobage, Thorsten Jankowski, Full fathom five, The Tempest, Peter Schweitzer, Aung San Suu Kyi, Ezra Levant, Famine, Keystone, Somalia.
247.Setsuden-chuu 節 setsu: cut off something wasteful, restrain, 電 den: electricity, 中 chuu: centre, middle, in progress, underway, Conservation.
248.Cada pessoa é um mundo / Each person is a world. Kainai Nation, Lois Frank, Jill Crop Eared Wolf, and Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Oldman River, St. Mary River, Belly River, Murphy Oil Corporation, 'Vantage#8, Three Graces, Aglaea (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), Thalia (Good Cheer), Abishag, Correctitude, Fracking, Iemanjá, Jared Diamond, Jinx, Kainai, Kumi Naidoo, Liminal, Orixás, Peter Kent.
249.People Are Strange. l'armée des étoiles jetées dans le ciel. The Doors, Occupy Wall Street, Gwynne Dyer, Geo-engineering, Charles Taylor, Jacques Maritain, Correctitude, Gable, Ivan Illich, Keith, Martin Buber, Antonia Susan (A.S.) Byatt, Ragnarok, Madeleine Thien, Sylvia Plath, Zé Cláudio, Lindonjonson Silva Rocha, José Rodrigues Moreira, Ian Binnie.
250.Ottawa Tar Sands Action on Parliament Hill 26/09/11 PART 1: FLUFF or Whither? Stealers Wheel, Stuck in the Middle (with you), Three Dog Night, Mama Told me not to Come, Ben Powless, Gitz Crazyboy, RCMP, Yi Ming, Tony Van Hee, Glen Kealey, Doug Adams.
 October 2011:
251.Ottawa Tar Sands Action PART 2: STUFF or Why the environmental movement is well and truely fucked. Chris Hedges, Louis Lesosky, Tim DeChristopher, Ezra Levant, Alykhan Velshi, Joe Oliver, Peter Kent, Stephen Harper, Boobage, Mmekutmfon Essien, Barron Claiborne, Martin Buber, lay his hand in the wound, Denys Arcand, Le confort et l'indifférence, Adbusters, Anima, Ellesmere, Keith, Keystone, Tropical Storm, ¡Ya basta!, Derek Mueller, Ellesmere Island, Gordon McBean, Angelique Deng.
252.Crook: irritable, bad-tempered, angry; also, ailing, injured, disabled. (OED, Australian & New Zealand slang.) Cream, Crossroads, Robert Johnson, Louis Lesosky, Crowbird, Scott Vaughan, Alzheimer's, Camila Vallejo, Chile, D.H. Lawrence, Keystone, Ontario Election 2011, Patrick White, The Burnt Ones, Paul Krugman, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Toronto, Chris Christie, Barack Obama, Forza Gnocca.
253.Do Oiapoque ao Chuí. or From sea to shining sea. Sweet Crude, Julie Wolf, Sympathy for the Devil, Lars Johansson, Poison Fire, Adbusters, Crazy, Famine, Holocaust, Nigeria, Occupy, Quack, United Church, Carmen Aguirre, Something fierce: Memoirs of a revolutionary daughter, Dadaab, Kenya, Tarabunka, Sayidka, Badbaado, Mogadishu.
254.O efeito estufa or Put a sock in it! Occupy, People's Mic, Robert Socolow, Stephen Pacala, Wedges, Yevgeny Yevtushenko.
255.Graeme Knowles washes his hands; or Pontius Pilate rides again! Grǽdum, Noam Chomsky, TIPNIS, Leonard Cohen, Blue Butterfly, Sisters of Mercy, Joyce Carol Vincent, Trinidad, La Paz, Sheldon Whitehouse.
 November 2011:
256.distance / 'soi distant'. Adriana Mugnatto, David Schindler, FAO, Gordon McBean, Gwynne Dyer, IEA, Lester Brown, Naomi Oreskes, Noam Chomsky, Sheldon Whitehouse, Thomas Pynchon, Yvo de Boer.
257.O, that way madness lies; let me shun that! or Enfants! Faites attention aux baobabs! COP17, Código Florestal, Evo Morales, Marina Silva, Belo Monte, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Petit Prince, TIPNIS, Bill McKibben, oobage, Desirée, Pablo Aguilar, Lear.
258."We should all have spent the month in St. James Park." Chris Hedges, Forty, The Freedom of the Press, George Orwell/Eric Blair, Justice David Brown, Dean Douglas Stoute, Liminal, Occupy, EEC Fuel Quality Directive, Kriton Arsenis, Nusa Urbancic, Keith Stewart, Doug MacDonald.
259.It's COP(out)17 in Durban y'unnerstan. Now playing on a continent near you. Abishag, COP17, Gustav Klimpt, Keystone, TS Eliot, Waste Land, La Chureca, Managua, Nicaragua, Gunnar Salvarsson, Mississippi John Hurt, Goodnight Irene.
 December 2011:
260.Mauer im Kopf. / The Wall in the Head. Barack Obama, Chris Hedges, COP17, Crazy, FAO, Food Price Index, Green Party, Greenpeace, IEA, James Hansen, Kumi Naidoo, Kurt Vonnegut, Mardi Tindal, Peanuts, Petit Prince, Baobab, Pogo, Abigail Borah, CYD, Matthew Chisholm, Karen Rooney, James Hutt, Sonia Grant, Brigette DePape, and Meghan McCarthy.
261.River of Shit - preface. COP17, Elizabeth May, Fugs, Gwynne Dyer, Elise Tempelhoff, Mardi Tindal, Peter Kent, Rio+20, Clydie King, Gwen Evans, Mary Elizabeth Bridges, Regina Havis, Mona Lisa Young, Milton, Paradise Lost.
262.River of Shit. "It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe." Arundhati Roy, Chris Hedges, Fugs, John Porter, Peter Kent, Terra, Tim DeChristopher, VIIIb, Wallace Stevens, Justin Trudeau, Jim Hansen.
263.eighth blackbird, is that VIIIb then? or bVIII? (with a sub-theme of 'grateful for small mercies') Boobage, Geli Forlefac Kwesi Abbensetts, Caetano Veloso, Chris Hedges, Elizabeth May, George Orwell, Keystone, Terra, Tropical Storm, VIIIb, Wallace Stevens, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, TCC.
264.HUNGRY FOR CLIMATE LEADERSHIP Correctitude, Forty, Gabor Maté, Ivan Illich, Keystone, Mardi Tindal, Pierre Reverdy, Voltaire, La Bégueule, TCC, Gabor Maté, In the realm of hungry ghosts, Bah Humbug.
265.Even the (colossal) sun has spots. or "Shit!" roared the King ..." Abishag, Anima, Chris Hedges, COP17, Dis-cover, Gwynne Dyer, Liminal, Noam Chomsky, John Berger, Chris Hedges, Ken Loach, Paul Laverty, Amira Hass, Alice Walker, Oakland, Wallace Stevens, The Motive For Metaphor, Not Ideas About The Thing But The Thing Itself, Blue Mountain, Huntsville, Shibboleth, Zuma, Zapiro, Ski Stories.
  January 2012:
266.Persistence vs. gravity & the conspiracy of Murphy. Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, Oakland, Jean Quan, Isle of Jura, Macallan's, Highland Park, Japan, Setsu-den, Wangari Maathai, Mottainai, Keith, Melancthon, Highland, John Lowndes, Joseph Izhakoff, John Scherer, Occupy, Peter Sale, Petit Prince, Thomas Wyatt, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, Diaspora.
267.They must be thinking they'll thread the needle. (A-and winning the Trifecta!) H5N1, Ecuador, Steven Donziger, Richard Cabrera, Gwynne Dyer, Paul Krugman, Growth, Peer Gynt, Peter Sale, Rick Salutin, Romans 12, Yvo de Boer, Taxi Licence in Peterborough.
268.Kid stuff. Kid's stuff. Kids' stuff. Genuine? or, authentic? or ... not. Sh-boom, The Chords, The Crew Cuts, Anne Tyng, Jorge Amado, O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá, Carybé, Haiti, Peter Sale, Tensegrity, Endosulfan, Thiodan, Thionex, Boobage, Grace Jones, Haiti.
269.Peter F. Sale - Our Dying Planet: An Ecologist's View of the Crisis We Face 'Vantage#9, Correctitude, Ivan Illich, James Hansen, Keith, Grǽdum, Northrop Frye, Peter Sale, Rio+20, Do Wah Diddy, The Exciters, Blake, A Poison Tree, Christian Forbearance, Thomas Pynchon, Wengechi Mutu, Marilyn Minter.
270."Hold up! Buried Treasure!" (a garbage collector overheard in the alley). Alberto Benett, BBB, Big Brother Brazil, SOPA, Stop Online Piracy Act, PIPA, Protect IP Act, Bill McKibben, Algae Biofuel, Exxon Mobil, Emil Jacobs, Craig Venter, Great White North, IEA, Fatih Birol, Keystone, Northern Gateway, Peter Sale, Rio+20.
271.Ninguém muda ninguém. / No one changes anyone. Peter Sale, Jane Pyper, Karen Stintz, Virgínia Rodrigues, Depois Que o Ilê Passar, André Dahmer, Titicaca on the border between Bolivia & Peru, Isla Amantaní, TransCanada, Alexander Pourbaix, Hal Kvisle, Foxconn, Terry Gou, Simon Critchley, Infinitely Demanding, Davos, Chicago School, Milton Friedman, Augusto Pinochet, Chile, Lui Duarte, Gilles Vigneault, Claude Léveillée, Le Rendez-vous, Fernando Meirelles, Keystone, Liminal.
 February 2012:
272.End-running nihilism (or trying to). Davos, Stephen Harper, IPCC, AR4, Rodrigo Chaves, Software Devolution, Moore's Law, Simon Critchley, Infinitely Demanding Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resistance, Excerpt, Calvin & Hobbes, Shepard Fairey, André the Giant, Carl Scmitt, Blogging platforms, Pixação, Occupy Oakland, Toronto, London, Alan Burke RIP, Anima, Ken Kesey, Vale, TEPCO Tokyo Electric Power Company.
273.Superficies Rule! or Unde Malum? / Whence evil? Francis Bacon, On Seeming Wise, Holocaust, Zygmunt Bauman, Foxconn, Mike Daisey and the Apple Factory, iPad, Simon Critchley, Diatom, Licmophora flabellata, Boobage, Abby Winter, Rupert Murdoch.
274.PNG (a minha alma têm um corpo moreno). Virginia Rodrigues, Alma, Anima, Béla Tarr, Sátántangó, Mia Donovan, Inside Lara Roxx, Discoteca Help, Balcony, Unique, Northrop Frye, Bob Dylan, Baltasar Garzón, Luis Moreno Ocampo, Maldives coup, Striking police in Bahia, Shel Silverstein, Sylvia's Mother, Dr Hook and the Medicine Show, Bobby Bare, Toilets.
275.Bloco dos Desvairados, Ash Wednesday. and "Where is the courage in these rooms?" Anjali Appadurai. Bloco da Ansiedade, Praça General Osório, Carnaval, Tarsila do Amaral, Oswald de Andrade, Manifesto Antropófago, Alek Wek, Zygmunt Bauman, Modernity and the Holocaust Aamjiwnaang, Ada Lockridge, Ron Plain, Enbridge Line 9 Reversal, Occupy, Tammy Samede vs Anita Anand, Anjali Appadurai vs Amy Goodman, Rick Salutin, Fête de la famille aka Louis Riel Day, end of SiteMeter.
276.Exultant Egregious Exaggeration? E.E.E.? Deep in the heart of Lent. Is that it? Andrew Weaver, Neil Swart, Colin Goldblatt, Mark Jaccard, Georgio Agamben, Vheissu, Boobage, Symmy, Bashar & Alma al-Assad, Mardi Tindal, Peter Kent 'understands the science', Heartland Institute, Joe Bast, Del Shannon, Runaway, Tarot Zero, Fire Down On The Labrador, David Blackwood, Aamjiwnaang, Grǽdum, James Hansen.
 March 2012:
277.Loose ends - tensile & infinitesimally attenuated (like gravity, but different). Caetano Veloso, Terra, Código Florestal, Dilma Rousseff, Belém, Ilha de Marajó, Vila do Pesqueiro, Maggie Salesman, Geddes Paulsen, red goats, Colin Goldblatt, Neil Swart, Andrew Weaver, Chico Buarque, João e Maria, Tammy Samede, Stanley Burnton, Andrew McFarlane, David Neuberger, David Suzuki, Eddie Robson, Garden, Pierre Reverdy, Roger Scruton, Vera Lynn.
278.Frosty Thursday? Definitely not Friday ... and it's not even frosty! Chimamanda Adichie, James Inhofe, Joseph Kony, Kony 2012, Invisible Children, Jason Russell, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Roméo Dallaire, Samantha Nutt.
279.One would have to call it a bust. or, Six ways from Sunday. Kony 2012, Grateful Dead, Truckin', Código Florestal, Andrew Weaver, COP18, Doh? Doh? Doha, Turcios, Tensegrity, Zygmunt Bauman, Modernity and the Holocaust, Bill Reid, Dogfish Woman, Moby Dick, Keith, Marina Silva.
280.Martin Lidegaard, Danish Minister for Climate. AND Bella Bella Hunger Strike. Bella Bella, Denmark, Holocaust.
 April 2012:
281.Ai ai AI! ... [Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee.] Bella Bella bust, Kwesi Abbensetts, Maurice Mbikayi, Software Devolution, Rose of Sharon, Bill McKibben (vaguely redeemed), Kony 2012 not, David Simon.
282.I am fixing my window.
 May 2012:
283.Veta TUDO, Dilma. (1) Marina Silva, Translation, Código Florestal, Stephen Schneider.
284.Shibboleth. Rolling Stones, Aamjiwnaang, Yinka Dene Alliance, Enbridge AGM, Brené Brown, Shame, Guilt, James Hansen.
285.Tensegrity. [i] (... for he was a tidy pachyderm.) Hiroshi Watanabe, Arbolito Park Quito, Ecuador, Love Knot, Phoebe, Tanaquil, Canecão, Stories, Parzival, Incredible String Band, Cousin Caterpillar, Logorrhœa, Tensegrity.
286.Veta TUDO, Dilma. (2) (Veto the whole thing, Dilma.) Amazônia, Código Florestal, message to Dilma, Comitê Brasil em Defesa das Florestas e do Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Liminal, Parzival, Samaritan, Solstice, Northrop Frye, Helen Kemp.
 June 2012:
287.A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change by Steve Gardiner. Malcolm Bull, Excerpts, Derrick Jensen, Epiphany, ad hominem, Lear, The Last Valley, Chauvet Cave, Pogo, Bahai, Complicity, Keeling Curve, Annual Miracle, Andy Jones, Queen of Paradise’s Garden, Samaritan, Marina Silva, ¡Ya basta!
288.but O, me thinkes, how slow this old Moon wanes. Solstice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Leadnow, Tck Tck Tck, Dogwood Initiative, Downstream, North Carolina, House Bill 819.
289.A Perfect Moral Storm: [II] (They wept like anything to see such quantities of sand.) Lewis Carroll, The Walrus and the Carpenter, A Perfect Moral Storm, Excerpts, Reviews, Malcolm Bull, UN Timeeline 1962-2012, IISD, ECO, Rio+20, Nature, Maurice Strong, National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE), Reality Check, Robert Slater, David McLaughlin, Global Test, Boobage, Miguel Pereira, Vila do Pesqueiro, Ilha de Marajó, Belém, Parzival, Tensegrity, Tiny Stories, ¡Ya basta!, Rolling Stones, You got the silver, Evelyn Waugh, A Handful of Dust, Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men.
290.A Perfect Moral Storm: [III] ("... vai nos levar ao abismo.") Rio+20, Justice, Ecocide, Gywnne Dyer, Louise Kulbicki, Polly Higgins, k-k-Canada, Miracle Mile, IISD, ECO, Peter Peter pumpkin eater, Immanuel Kant vs Benjamin Constant, Tuíra Kayapó, Aung San Suu Kyi, Bunny Greenhouse, Leonardo Boff, Severn Suzuki, Christina Ora, Anjali Appadurai, Ad Hominem, Xingu+23, Solstice, Rolling Stones, You got the silver, Eddie Robson, Juliet's nurse.
 July 2012:
291.Canada Day. Aislin, Jenkins, Chelation Therapy.
292.What I know for sure. There really IS a God! (Just kidding.) Donald Coxeter, Northrop Frye, Interpenetration, Carbon footprint, Economic footprint, Sudan, Lewere, Kurchi, Yida, Hobbes, Technological Introversion, Shekinah, Kerygma.
293.Trust. Tom Waits, Singapore, Shitteree, Corrupt, IISD ENB, Jewish father, Tiny Stories, Cleveland Texas, Rape, Simon, David Malouf, An Imaginary Life, Ovid, Metamorphosis, Toilets, 'Vantage#10, Triskaidecaphilia, Dadaab, Kenya, Lester Brown.
294.The grasshopper and the ants. (A glance at ambivalent & ambiguous morality in the hope of better understanding despair.) Daysi Zapata vs Miguel Piovesán (Episcopalian priest), Aesop, Tiny Stories: Shakti & Woodstock, Sex, Keeping Faith, Old Man. 12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) with Roger Bradbury & Peter Sale. Pity Party, Oscar Wilde. A quick Geography lesson on the Sahel - the shoreline of the Sahara.
295.Hard feelings (Rorschach). Chris Hedges, Harvest of Shame from 1960 with Ed Murrow, James Hansen at TEDx, Alexander Calder, Steve Gardiner's 'Global Test'.
296.People can always tell. (No, they can't.) Drought/FAO/Climate Dice, Tiny Stories (Keeping Faith, Carnal), Grant Hadwin, Marten Scheffer, 20 Trillion, Ovid/Phaeton.
 August 2012:
297.Back to the future. (Another run at Steve Gardiner's Perfect Moral Storm, and perhaps A Way to a Way Forward.) Demonstrating outside of Peter Kent's (new and very secure) office in Thornhill. Meeting Frank Showler. Steve Gardiner's major trimming operations - and no answer forthcoming. A proposal, or a plea perhaps, towards a way to a way forward. Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone debunked.
298.Tensegrity [ii]. Kenneth Snelson.
299.Room 101. Mandelbrot dreams, Waiting Room, Unde Malum, Shunning, Ovid, Science: (1. REDD+, 2. Fracking, 3. Daxing Toilets, 4. James Hansen), Pussy Riot, More: (1. GDP, 2. US Senate, 3. Zé Cláudio). Louis Lesosky: "Let's see ... 42% of the people aren't voting and aren't paying attention to elections - we only have 58% more to convince that there's nothing happening here." Three gaffers in Tennessee: Michael Walli, Megan Rice, & Greg Boertje-Obed of Transform Now Ploughshares.
300.funnies Patrick Corrigan on Stephen Harper's pipelines. Tom Toles on Mitt & the rich. Jeff Danziger on denialists vs the drought. Pat Oliphant on the US congress vs the drought. Ernani Diniz Lucas (Nani) on bureaucrats.
301.Brazilian Court stops work on Belo Monte. We won! We won! (only kidding Bill), but yes, a sweet taste of victory. Antônio Souza Prudente, Antonia Melo & Erwin Kräutler, Sheila Juruna, Xingu Vivo Para Sempre, Duílio Diniz de Figueiredo, Edison Lobão, Carlos Ayres Britto & Dilma Rousseff & Luís Inácio Adams, Portaria 303 / Decree #303, Deborah Duprat. Tuíra Kayapó & José Antônio Muniz Lopes in 1989.
302.Food: three axes, an axis, something like that. 1. Feed your family, 2. Feed my sheep (Pussy Riot verdict, Marikana massacre, Christian pooh-bah I, II, III, Ethics), 3. Feed your head (Enbridge Lies, Globe dissembling, Regivaldo Pereira Galvão, o Taradão, off the hook), my father's stamina and sense of humour and my mother's simple-minded metaphysic.
 September 2012:
303.A sketch, in broad strokes (and tiny stories). George Monbiot I, II, Sketch Stroke I, Stroke II, Stroke III, Photographs, Tiny Stories (Buggery, Memory, Ctrl/Alt/Delete Reboot/Reset, The lake, 3AM, Nothing ever heals, He knows and does not complain, The Cat), The end I, II, III.
304.Seven year itch. (Or call it 'a sketch in narrow strokes' - but I wouldn't.) Great Pumpkin, Krista Ford, Marikana, Belo Monte, Torture, UNFCCC doh-doh-Doha, K-k-Canadian Coal, Eu-nuch, Zaatari, Consultants & muses, addenda, Gros Morne Table Lands, Serpentinite.
 December 2012:
305.Doh doh ... DOHA (!) The whole shitteree is a death machine, an apparatus for extinction. Proposal: How about hunger strikers demanding a formal public debate? (Zero response. Fossicking Among Root Causes. Elizabeth May, Peter Kent, Christiana Figueres. Apology: Oh yes gentle bourgeois burghers I am rude & impertinent (and lost and despairing), but do not fear - it could be worse don't you think?
306.What ever. or Leftard-lib bourgeois sensibility refudiated. or Fuck You Very Much! Bob & Jimi playin' 'All Along The Watchtower'. Theresa Spence, Oh well, Newtown Conneticut, Is Earth F**ked? (Brad Werner, Noam Chomsky, Tim Jackson, Guy MacPherson, Stephen Leahy), As tais fotografias, Yvo de Boer, Arsenic in the rice, Internet non-events, Owt for Nowt, Rentiers, and The meat of the matter. "So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late." Selling windmill parts to the Mennonites.
307.Lucky '13 - the year we turned it around (!) New Year's Eve. ROUND DANCE AND CANDLE LIGHT VIGIL IN HONOUR OF CHIEF THERESA SPENCE
  January 2013:
308.Odyssey. Victoria Island: Raymond Robinson of Cross Lake Manitoba has joined Theresa Spence on Victoria Island in Ottawa; Trying to see what is necessary and stay with the Lucky '13 energy; Baby steps: Review the pundits, trying not to hear what I know I heard. Unist'ot'en.
309.Totally Different. ('Eunoia? Is that it?) Three foundations: 1962 - Silent Spring, Rachel Carson (1907–1964); 1973 - Small Is Beautiful, Fritz Schumacher (1911–1977); 1972 - The Limits to Growth, Dana Meadows (1941-2001), Dennis Meadows (1942-) et al; Totally different: Dennis Meadows is talking about discount rates but the question works at another level too; Disconnects: Various, Richard Brautigan 'In Watermelon Sugar'; Something else I might be wrong about; Problématique: Same quandary faced by Stéphane Dion when his 'Green Shift' failed to ignite; Complete cultural disconnect: The crux of the matter is not only whether the human species will survive, but even more whether it can survive without falling into a state of worthless existence; Catching up: Tim DeChristopher, Stephen Gardiner, Simon Critchley, UN FAO, Paul & Anne Ehrlich, Eu-words, FAO, GMO, Keith, Samaritan.
310.There's gold in them thar hills! or All that glisters is not gold. Ides. The Merchant of Venice & Belo Sun Mining Corp. Canada BSX:CN; Carnaval girls with nice tits; Ela tem fila: Mostly horny Canadians: Kinross Gold Corporation, Yamana Gold Inc., Jaguar Mining Inc., Aura Minerals Inc.; plus AngloGold Ashanti Limited from South Africa; Good as Gold: What might clean gold mining look like? (one asks); no such thing industrially; Who are these people? Peter Tagliamonte, Mark Eaton, Helio Diniz, Stan Bharti, Clay Livingston Hoes, C. Jay Hodgson, Rui Botica Santos, Catherine Stretch; Canadian gold miners in Guyana & French Guiana; map; they've even got Reality TV for this - A Rumble in the Jungle; Nadav Kander pictures of the Yangtze River. Greed.
311.Totally Different (Not!) It's midnight and I really should come clean. CALL TO ACTION! NO Line 9, Saturday, January 26, 2013; Dipshit Flake: OK, it's all a hoax then, satisfied?; Lesson from the Waglisla Fast: QED on 'stupid knucklehead' (me, that is); Doom is Good: Suits my age; suits my situation; suits my brand of guilt; Ehrlich: 'The Population Bomb' & 'Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?'; Musical Vision: Bob Dylan Queen Jane Approximately 1965; Neil Young Alabama 1972; Leonard Cohen Closing Time 1992; Paranoia: Glen up on a desk - Three Examples: Idle No More: Theresa Spence & Raymond Robinson, continuum of protest; Fundamental Transformation? Economics & petty politics more like it; Day 41: Interview with Kevin Newman on Question Period, Sunday January 20; The (Evil) Media; NYT dismantles environment desk; Why haven't the alternative media picked up the slack?; Social Media We go in the streets chanting "The people, united, can never be defeated!" But we are not united, and consequently we certainly can be defeated - sorry to tell you; Blogger: Poor programmers, ill-defined standards, etc.; Louis Lesosky the gardener aka Crowbird & Occupation Apple Tree; Sorry About the Exaggeration Joeri Rogelj '2020 emissions levels to limit warming to below 2 °C'. Attawapiskat, Copyright, Décroissance, Liminal, Martin Buber, Northrop Frye, Ragnarök, Thomas Pynchon.
312.Lucky '13 (Mark II.) Heal our broken selves. Wolf Moon, Good News! Bottom Line: Not until we have a plan to heal the planet that also heals our broken selves and our broken communities do we have a hope; Naomi Klein 1: Recapitulating the trip; 2: Adjusting perceptions; News (Barack Obama: Second Inaugural Address, Nebraska ... a lame liberal; Margaret Wente: A self-serving woman of a certain age (& Ezra Levant); Boris Johnson: A hard-right wannabe; Greenpeace Reports: 2015 or 2020, not that much much to choose really; UK vs. EU: "Fog in Channel: Continent cut off." - an island nation); Hunger Strike: Theresa Spence & Raymond Robinson gave it up for some bullshit bureaucrat's blancmange; except that's what they wanted all along; but yes, they opened a door; At the Demo: No Line-9! from City Hall to Allan Gardens to Maple Leaf Gardens; the unions are lame; Negative Resilience: Heisenberg uncertainty principle of the soul; Carlos Dias, Clementine Hunter, Toad.
 February 2013:
313.Don't know, can't say. (So ... why're you lookin' over your shoulder then?) Groundhog Day, Imbecile Euphemisms: If I listened long enough to you I'd find a way ... ; Dylan's Tempest: A close reading turns up too much coded Christianity; Attawapiskat: Doesn't look so bad - I would be satisfied; Gold:(Belo Sun: Patrocinio & Rainbow as well as Xingu Volta Grande (Ouro Verde, Grota Seca, & South Block); Senador José Porfírio: (is a municipality), ISA (Instituto Socioambiental) challenges environmental reports, goes to MPF(Ministério Público Federal); Stan Bharti: Owns/runs Forbes & Manhattan Inc. aka F&M, with his buddy Pierre Pettigrew; Bharti School of Engineering: Project whatever personality works and kiss ass as necessary; Guyana Update: Joan Chang, gold miner, versus Isseneru Village Council (she wins)); Nicholas Stern: Everything about him seems tentative; Barack Obama: Fiddles While Planet Burns, Beyoncé lip synch); Closing Time: No communication with the 'movement', it's enough to get you down; Beyond the Zero: Thomas Pynchon's 'Against The Day' with excerpts. ¡Ya basta!
314.Trying to nail down a blob of mercury; Clutching at straws; Whatever. or Wha ... ? said Jack the lad. Year of the Snake, Belo Sun, Cod, John Crosbie, Liminal, Lucky '13, Naomi Klein, Ron Plain.
315.Keystone XL protest, Washington DC, White House, Wednesday February 13. Ash Wednesday, Good News! Fifty people detained by police at White House demanding Obama stop Keystone XL. Michael Brune puts his money where his mouth is. James Hansen.
316.Marina Silva - Rede Sustentabilidade. Ordem e Progresso (e Amor). Good News! Marina Silva's invitation to the encontro Rede Pró-Partido (with English subtitles); and co-founder Heloísa Helena; photographs; Guerreira da Sustentabilidade / Sustainability Warrior. Partido Verde.
317.Forward On Climate, march to the White House, Washington D.C., February 17. Good News! Timeline: Michael Brune hones his message - THE SPELL HAS BEEN BROKEN!; 40,000 in Washington: Just say NO to Keystone, Occupy Earth, Michael Brune says we are going to win and I believe him.
318.A Chicken Little kinda guy. or Wolf! WOLF!! There's a wolf among the sheep! Little Famine Moon, Kinks Tired of Waiting, and an Easter hymn Ride On, Ride On In Majesty; Ron Plain: The MOTHERFUCKERS are going after Ron Plain! (Judge David Brown); Fairy Tales:(Chicken Little: a variety; Walt Disney: imagineering, DSM; Emily Dickinson: #340 'I felt a funeral in my brain'); Darn Google!: Oh well ... It's wet and it's warm and it's free eh?; Spammers: The hungry get hungry enough to begin to think); Dissecting Live Frogs: 20/20 hindsight; Interview tith Stan Bharti by Kirk Exner, for gold, all the good news is bad; Barach Obama - a Freudian typo: 'Barach' is Hebrew for ‘to go through, flee’ according to Strong's; Fracking Maps: Misinformation from such a height makes me angry; Bucket Toilets: The lingering shame of Mangaung (?); Two articles: Will Braun: A thoughtful piece on pipelines in Canadian Mennonite Magazine; Brendan Smith: Not so thoughtful at Rabble; Joseph Lykken - The end of the cosmos as we know it(?), João Magueijo 'A República das Putas', there's something about Guy McPherson, well now everything dies baby that's a fact;Beyond the Zero: Thomas Pynchon 'Against the Day'. Aamjiwnaang, Phosphorus, Ragnarök, Rape, UN.
 March 2013:
319.If it were up to me ... / but everybody's busy & nobody's listenin'. Friday, March 1, 2013, Leeks today! Leeks:(Three Jovial Welshmen: Dewi Sant, Pelagians, Quietists, tranquility; Agamemnon: Apeneck Sweeney, Tereus, Procne, Itys, Philomela; Shylock: Al Pacino, two versions); SLAPP:(No Dash For Gas: vs EDF Energy; Ron Plain: There is some fucking shit I will not eat!; Climate Scientists & Activists: John Abraham, John Stone, Danny Harvey, Mark Jaccard, Bill McKibben, Tzeporah Berman; Hierarchies: Clayoquot Sound in the summer of 1993, Kennedy bridge; Slappers: Marjory LeBreton, Stephen Harper, James Inhofe, James Sensenbrenner, Lisa Murkowski, Sarah Palin, Rona Ambrose, John Baird, Elmer Derrick, Lisa Raitt, Janet Holder, Chuck Szmurlo, Peter Kent aka 'piece of kent', Dan McDougall, Dave Heineman, Russ Girling, Bev Oda, Joe Oliver, Ellis Ross, Alison Redford, Shawn Atleo, John Duncan; Spies: In Belo Monte, Kitchener/Waterloo, Toronto, & the UK; Buddhists: Phagmo Dundrup, Tsesung Kyab, Death & Taxes); Brasil: Fernando de Noronha, Salvador, Bahía, Porto de Pedras; Zero: One is (not) enough; Beyond the Zero: Thomas Pynchon 'Against the Day'. Ivan Illich, TS Eliot, WH Auden.
320.Deixe de bobagens! Cala boca! Vai embora ... / G'wan! FCOF! STFU!     (Ok.) Tibet 1959, Diehard: (Again: Email to Waglisla fast connections; Again again: Bella Bella Community School logo; Again again again: Replies? As close to none as makes no nevermind; Soup & a road trip: Jay McGinley. Still make pretty good soup though; Cognitive dissonance: Reaches a K-Pg boundary, geometry, Bill Brandt); Keystone: (Sequestration: The Tragedy of the Commons; The Mighty Ship of State; José Mujica of Uruguay: José Mujica and Lucía Topolansky, & Verónica Pamoukaghlian; State Department Report: John Kerry; Kerri-Ann Jones; Hand-wringing & Bleating: Bill McKibben bleats; Michael Brune I expected better; Rick Mercer; Hagiography: Revkin & McKibben & Matthew Nisbet; Object Lesson: Jason Russell & Kony 2012; Wrinkles: Any role for fundamental Christianity?; Tzeporah Berman: Joe Oliver; Stephen Harper; Alison Redford; Bairdy; Brad Wall; nothing;); Food: (FAO: Duelling pundits; Abdolreza Abbassian; Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed; China: Plans for a carbon tax?); Perfect Moral Storm: Update; Bicycles: A few ambiguous stories; Charlie Brown & Lucy; Joan Baez: Love is just a four-letter word; Drat Google: They are so obvious!; Cadence: (Finis Kaputt Caput: Ai ai ai; Garden: Candide; Tim DeChristopher; John Goodman in Treme; Beyond the Zero: Thomas Pynchon, 'Against the Day'; Choices: "It's true sometimes, you can see it that way."; The Cat: Another tiny story). Correctitude, Crazy, Décroissance, Patrick White, Stephen Gardiner.
321.Diehard, not. / (I don' care'f I do die do die do die do ... Johnny Cash.) Friday, March 15, 2013, Ides, David Suzuki & Jeff Rubin: at University of Western Ontario in October 2012; Oratory List: Collection of good speeches from Severn Suzuki to Naderev Sano; All vs Honey Bees: Owen Paterson, Bayer, Syngenta, Monsanto, Dupont; Here's for the Pope: Finally get a response to an email & choke. Dennis Meadows, Gwynne Dyer, Lula, Noam Chomsky, Oxum, ppb, Quitter, Robert Frost.
322.Modern mind. (... Mind? ... Modern? ...) Equinox; Urban Consciousness: Anything but the facts will do; Venus de Pedra: LRB -> T.J. Clark -> Jill Cook at the British Museum; Carbon Tax: Cap & Trade vs Fee & Dividend, Jim Hansen; Connectivity Cost: Mobile telephones & data charges; Updates: No Dash For Gas, Honey Bees, cosmic endings, Ken Kesey; Edward Burtynsky: Some photographs & his 2005 TED talk; Rhyming Slang: Human discretion; Beyond the Zero:Thomas Pynchon 'Against the Day', 'A Journey into the mind of Watts', 'Entropy'. Abishag, Anima, Ken Kesey.
323.Big Famine Moon. Begin: Doonesbury Harmonic Convergence, Romeo & Juliet; Software:(BookOS Texts on-line - BookOS & BookSC, the fallacy of reading on-line; Caveat I (Douglas Adams) Good from far but far from good; Open Source: So obvious but ...; Caveat II: A tradeoff; Handel: The Messiah for Easter at Knox Presbyterian church, a bust); ppm & ppb: Trying to find simple (minded) rules of thumb; Honey Bees vs Neonicotinoids: Three scientific papers; Confusion: Any honest person who has looked at this science should be screaming from the rooftops!; Beyond the Zero: Thomas Pynchon 'Against the Day', some thoughts & excerpts; Bit of News: Fossicking in the Internet compost; Coming Up Soon: Lecture by Peter Victor at UofT. Bahá'í, Cholera, Elizabeth May, Haiti, Handel, Internet, Zimbabwe.
324.Occupy the Spirit (pre-face). / Beneath contempt is ... laziness & indifference. Maundy Thursday; The Gist: Two scientific reports on how neonicotinoid pesticides are killing bees; Details:(I: Provenance - how I found the reports; II: Calculations. How much does it take?; III: Monga Bay & Cargill); Plus More:(I: Additional reports and the penny drops on Acetylcholine; II: Symmetry with the overall environmental catastrophe; III: Who's to blame?); Sermon: Is there any such thing as an 'intellectual environment'? Copyright, Norman Borlaug, ppb, Robert Frost.
 April 2013:
325.Occupy the Spirit (pre-lude). / What it's like on this side of the mirror. Hydroelectric: I always thought hydroelectricity was clean - now, not so much; Tapajós & Valdenir Munduruku: Bring in the army and shut those people up! Legends & Music: Philip Glass, Uakti, Águas da Amazônia; Carta Mundurukú: Letter from the Munduruku people March 29 2013 - translated. Anima.
326.Occupy the Spirit (pre-ach). / Three days smoakless. Friday the 12th; Ruach: Hebrew: רוח/ruach; Greek: πνεῦµα/ pneuma; Latin: spiritus ... wind & breath; Honeybees: John Atkin, Chief Operating Officer of Syngenta; Numbers: How much energy do we use? How much do we get from the sun?; Amazônia: Imagine! Naming a place Castelo dos Sonhos/Castle of Dreams; Chris & Retha: In South Africa Chris Hani's death is remembered around April 10th, and Retha Harmse; FFF: Fuck For Forest, a different kind of activist; Coming up: Peter Sale in Huntsville for Earth Day.
327.Sink sank sunk (sibilant). / (There, that didn't take very long.) Monday, April 22, 2013, Earth Day; Positive vibes for Earth Day: Goldman Prize, Thin Ice, Judy Rebick, TCAN; Bathetic: Outrageous complaints; Joanna Macy: Another Buddhist? They are always sooo complicated; Internet: Where it is (and is not); Lot: A story for an age of collapse; Jim Hansen: Retirement & beyond; Peter Sale: In Huntsville April 20; FAO Food Price Index: Update; Uakti: Águas da Amazônia was the high point; Straight Talk? Excuses for honesty; Anima: Ongoing discovery; 'Vantage #11: If this is Alz' then it's not all bad; and a particularly apt Peanuts cartoon. Gabor Maté, Kateri Tekakwitha, Lester Brown, Pogo, Quitter.
328.Compos mentis (or not) and home. "Gimme a string bean, I'm a hungry man." Full Moon; Lunar eclipse, snowdrop, 7-ball; Boto: River dolphin, feet of clay, ubiquitous foolishness; Watershed: Cognitive Maps: Moon River; Muskoka Watershed: Umwelt, Nicholas Carr's The Shallows; Internet Odyssey: Stuck with road maps?; Try Again: Lucky, time spent, Karma?; Bala Falls: Controversy resolved; Layers: Alice Murphy, Tony Clement, etc. 10%'ers; Home: Robert Frost, 'when you have to go there they have to take you in' (Not!); Tar Sand Terrorist: Peter Kent, Joe Oliver; Cracked Pot: River dolphin, sorry. Glen, Quitter.
329.WAKE UP CANADA! Good News! A Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC) campaign towards events on May 30th; David Suzuki at the WFCU Centre in Windsor on Wednesday April 25th for kick off; Melina Laboucan-Massimo and Sam Harrison; Matthew Chisholm, Karen Rooney, James Hutt, Sonia Grant, Brigette DePape, and Meghan McCarthy of CYD; Waglisla fast. And Tim DeChristopher is free at last - some pictures and a video from Earth Day in Salt Lake City. Brigette DePape, Climate Justice, Keystone, Lucky '13.
 May 2013:
330.Certainties? "... pettiness that plays so rough ..." May Day; 'Swish', Screech, London Dock; Certainties: Death & ideology; Uncertainties: Continuum of non-violence; Complicity: 99%+1%=100%; two clues; The Public Square: This Internet thing is now the public square buddit don't work; Nicholas Carr's 2008 Atlantic essay and 2011 book 'The Shallows'; How To Live? Buddhists & canny drunks; Dysfunctional Stories: TV & porn; Yoni Yum: Another view of 'Primary Concern'; Misgivings: Is this OK?; Amazônia GIS: Raisg. Boobage, Clitoris, Correctitude, Keystone, Marajó, Naomi Klein, Northrop Frye, Primary Concerns, Tim DeChristopher, WH Auden.
331.Occupation of Belo Monte, May 2 ... Anúncio de uma Guerra in Portuguese & English; Letters: (from the front lines) #1 #2 #3 #4, #5 Help us!, #6; Gilberto Carvalho, Funai:(José Eduardo Cardozo, Marta Azevedo), Media Devolution. Useful Sites: Blog, Indigenous Brazil, Cimi, Xingu Vivo, Stop Belo Monte, MPF/PA, Agência Brasil, Agência Pará, Altamira Hoje, ISA ... ¡Ya basta!
332.Do the math. or Walk around THIS! Friday, May 10, 2013 Solar Eclipse; Do the Math: WATCH THIS FILM! Dumbass Criticism: Sorry about this, feet of clay and all that; Humility: or so; Jokes my father told me; Joe Oliver: Speaking of jokes, a bad k-k-Canadian one; Solar Eclipse for Kiribati: Consolation prize for a rising sea level? Daniel Pudles: Illustrator; Hong Kong: Photographs by Michael Wolf; The Shallows: Read it if you must but don't buy it; Keith: A pome comes to mind; Wayne: Mr. Hollywood is gone; the best I could do for an obituary.
¿por qué estamos indignados?

"This is not an ideological revolution. It is driven by an authentic desire to get what you need."
333.This little light of mine. or The answer is 42 (or possibly 70). Flower Moon / Towel Day; Tim DeChristopher: [Bidder 70, Quotes, k-k-Canada?:[Joe & The Boys? Harper? Justin? Counterforce?, More Quotes]; Other (sort'a related) stuff: [NYT Nonsense, Brazil/Bolivia Border, Uphill, An Enigma, Light for a Troll, Tiny Story] ... Dénouement. "The way the environmental movement has been for the past thirty years ... it's not working. Our team is getting slaughtered. The refs have been paid off. And the other side is playing with dirty tricks. And so it's no longer acceptable for us to stay in the stands. It's time to rush the field and it's time to stop the game." All Good, Brigette DePape, Clive Hamilton, Glen Milne, Gwynne Dyer, Keith, Keystone, Tailing Ponds, ¡Ya basta!
334.Occupation of Belo Monte de novo. "Não sairemos de Belo Monte, mesmo com decisão judicial." We will not leave Belo Monte even with the court order.
 June 2013:
335.Utopia/eutopia ... feral. Happy Birthday Babe! / Marilyn, 1926. Cartoons: Brian Gable & Greg Perry on Stephen Harper's well oiled machine; Ok-lahoma! (you know that tune): Tornadoes in Kansas & Oklahoma; and tOad; The Meat of the Matter: Northrop Frye, Doris Lessing; How can it be? Wesley's 'Amazing Love'; objective correlative, necessary & sufficient; K'bye: Tim DeChristopher & Bill Moyers; Nick Cave, heroin. Abishag, Addiction, Enbridge, Northrop Frye, Ragnarök. ... all the dreams it took you a lifetime to destroy ... 4 June - Tiananmen 1989. Rob Hopkins of Transition Towns (with all respect) settles for adaptation & defence; Nick Cave & Red Right Hand settles for heroin; A meditation on the superiority of bourgeois sensibility - not with a bang but a whimper.
337.Brasília. The coalition: Munduruku, Juruna, Kayapó, Xipaya, Kuruaya, Asurini, Parakanã, Arara; are stonewalled, disrespected & ignored in Brasília.
338.Birds of a feather flock together. 14 June - Great Rising 1381. From Rancho Mirage to 'Harmonious Happy Dream' 和悦梦想; Jared Diamond's notions on agriculture shake me up. The coalition leaves Brasília. Sadder but wiser. Alive.
339.Birds of a feather continued ... NASTY monkey! Friday, 21 June 2013 - Longest Day. Chaucer, Byron, The Great Rising ... genocide falls into perspective like a nightmare jigsaw. "We have met the enemy and he is us."
340.Stop Enbridge's Line 9 in the Beverly Swamp / Flamborough (!) SWAMP LINE NINE ! DRAW THE LINE ! Full Moon. Collection of links & photographs to help spread the word.
 July 2013:
341.Canada Day BAH HUMBUG!
342.Continence ... incontinence ... you know ... Recovering from Canada Day with help from New Brunswick, Greenspiration, Mark Bittman & Stephen Gardiner (and the OED).
343.I'm sorry. It's a bust gentle reader. or One-sided conversations eventually stop. Birthdays: Alton 1902; Northrop 1912. Not exactly related & more generally: Google has stepped way beyond 'Don't be evil'. There are alternatives: for searching - DuckDuckGo (except for images & ranges), for email - Hushmail (not the best), and for blogging there are various, none I have seen as good as Blogger but NOT GOOGLE!

Comics / Tirinhas, Boobage &c.
Adão Iturrusgarai: Precisamos conversar / We need to talk.Shhhhhh.Oroma Elewa: Shhhhh.Ajak Deng: Shhhhh.Gilmar: old men and young women.
[Almost five years after walking away the money runs out. Eddie Robson has died in the meantime. I don't know what to do so I spin the credit card for a year. Still don't know so it crashes into welfare & food banks. And I don't know what happens next either.]

  August 2013:
1.Begin the beguine. Malvados - Andre Dahmer: Having friends helps combat depession. / Halfway on the path towards happiness. / You've already got the depression, now all you need is friends.
2.Doh ... L'enfer, c'est les autres. / Hell is other people. / O inferno são os outros.
3.Nobodaddy. William Blake - To Nobodaddy, 1793; Leonard Cohen, sometime later: "The widowhood of every government."
4.Is nothing sacred ?! Tom Robbins, Allen Ginsberg, & T.S. Eliot on the sacred: "Costing not less than everything ..."
5.Pandora's Box (er ... jar). Wallace Stevens - Anecdote of the Jar, 1919; and, the story of Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus. Remember the Google motto: "Don't be evil." (Not.)
6.Thugs & bullies. Stephen Gough - the naked rambler.
7.Timeless Pot Pourri. Grigoris Lambrakis, Costa Gavras' film 'Z', Barack Obama speaks on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's 'I have a dream' speech - watch his eyes. A few lines from Chris Alexander's 'The Timeless Way of Building', 1979.
 September 2013:
8.Too little too late. "I ran to tell everybody but I could not get across." Wallace Bay near Ocean Falls.
9.Je me fous du monde entier. David Suzuki as Mr. Mulvangel; Daily Maverick Newsletter; Sigmund Freud 'Humour', 1927.
10.Och aye, ya wee scunner. Total US nuclear accident insurance pool: $12 billion. Projected Fukushima cleanup & compensation: $60 billion. A-and just exactly what do 'cleanup' & 'compensation' mean?
11.You can't get there from here. Old Woman Bay - Lake Superior, June 2005. Tuvalu or not Tuvalu, that is the question.
12.De perto ninguém é normal. (Up close, nobody's normal.) São José do Norte: February 2008. 'Wereldverbeteraars', Dutch for 'do-gooders'.
13.If pigs could fly. Tunel Engenheiro Marques Porto between Copacabana & Botafogo, April 2004. Broken Heart: </3 Pamela : RCMP :: cash : Pamela's cunt.
14.Deadbeat misogynist asshole ... stinking chimpanzee! Wind storm in Bonne Bay, June 2006. Jinx!
15.It was a dark and stormy night ... Cape Spear & Black Head from Signal Hill, St. John's Newfoundland, September 2006.
 October 2013:
16.Twit twat twot. Rio viewed from Icaraí, November 2006. Mensalão: Deputy, why did your excellency turn crooked? Because I wanted to!
17.Velvet glove. Independence flag flying on Southside hills near St. John's, June 2006.
18.Tuo tuas tuat tuamus tuatis tuant. A pond somewhere on the prairies, June 2005. Robert Crumb: Oboy oboy! Kiss me!
19.Lost in the forest ... Nanabijou, Sleeping Giant, Lake Superior. Enfants, faites attention aux Baobabs!
20.... a-and not all that swift to begin with. Mar Grosso near São José do Norte, January 2008. Hunter's Moon was yesterday. A line in the sand, stepped over.
21.Necessary & sufficient. Table Lands, Gros Morne, September 2012. The elementary rudiments:   What actions are necessary & sufficient to stop the madness?
22.Two pomes in Paradise. Great Paradise, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, 1970. 'Huarango' by Martín Horta; and, 'Anoche cuando dormía' by Antonio Machado.
23.Marking time. Landscapes waiting for the other shoe to drop: Toronto by pinhole (by Michael Chrisman); and, an early atomic explosion. In Rexton/Elsipogtog their eyes are on the ball.
 November 2013:
24.Suicide, sedition, or ... grace? (Which occupy - in some order - the positive axis of a number-line around responses to the environmental apocalypse.) The best bench in Kew Gardens park, October 2013; spiritual foundedness, suicide & the Golden Rule; graces.
25.Mustn't grumble. Isla Amantani, Lago Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia. Amantaní is important because it is the home of mother and father earth (according to certain enthusiasts).
26.(I am damned if) I will (not) play it any way but straight. A birds-and-the-bees talk, circa 2013 ... "Well, for starters ... we've killed the bees."
27.Is this it? Has my luck run out? Palm oil plantation (possibly in) Tawau, Sabah, Malasia - a familiar pattern. Barack Obama considered as a red herring.
28.From the vault. Wonderkop, Marikana, South Africa, mid-August 2012; Chaparina, Yucumo, Bolivia, September 20 2011; Famine in the Horn of Africa, September 2011. Mmekutmfon (Mfon) Essien - 1968-2001.
29.'Insufferable ego-centric creep,' (Agatha Cristie on Poirot). Self-portrait in Serpentinite, Gros Morne, September 2012. Portrait of Tony Abbott as a hurricane.
30.Barking mad as a hatter. Photographs of Sudbury Ontario by Edward Burtynsky, 1996. Statement by Paul Calandra, MP for Oak Ridges—Markham and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, on behalf of Stephen Harper & the Government of Canada, November 12 2013. Morituri te salutamus.   NOT!
 December 2013:
31.I have no idea really, none. Atlanta airport sunset, October 2006. Repeat: Statement by Paul Calandra, MP for Oak Ridges—Markham and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, on behalf of Stephen Harper & the Government of Canada, November 12 2013.
32.Decimate. (Obliterate? Annihilate?) Perdido Bay Alabama, June 2010. Dr. King said you only need 5% to turn it around. This is what I call properly positive thinking. And featuring Miss Numa.
33.Reprise. [Reprise: resumption (after it is well over & done with).] Haiyan aka Yolanda hits the Phillipines, December 2013. Repeat again: Statement by Paul Calandra, MP for Oak Ridges—Markham and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, on behalf of Stephen Harper & the Government of Canada, November 12 2013; and featuring Miss Numa again.
34.Could be worse. I was down and out when a little bird sang into my ear, "Cheer up. Things could be worse." So I cheered up, and sure enough - things got worse. Featuring Miss Numa again again.
35.Telluride. Tellus. Telos. Thomas Pynchon & a far-fetched segue from tellus to telos. Alas, there is no Telluride in Telluride and never was. Like the rest of America it is fictional. Disneyland.
36.Obliging the nobility in their effortless superiority. Lake Hongjiannao in northern China; Aral Sea on the border of Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan. Which is the basic model and which is the exception?
37.Bitter, shortchanged. Elsipogtog, Rexton, New Brunswick, October/November 2013. A-and a delightful animation thanks to Miss Jodie.
38.I don't know. I'm sorry. Dreaming of Rio at the end of another year. "Ain't no use jivin'. Ain't no use jokin'. Everything is broken."
  January 2014:
39.Not a word. (aka 'One hand clapping') Matthew 18,15: If thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. It don't wash; an' the Golden Rule don't wash neither. A brief glimpse followed by brutal repudiation. Comparable to Paul's inexplicable loving your enemies by heaping burning coals on their heads.
40.Oh k-k-k-Canada. Celastrus scandens aka American Bittersweet; Robert Frost on what home means; Good on Sean Devlin, Shireen Soofi & Brigitte DePape. The muse turns her back and dances away.
41.A cracked pot. How to tell the awful truth without driving your audience either away or mad? Exemplars: Peter Sale (Our Dying Planet), and Louis Lesosky (Occupation Apple Tree). The big bang a probability event? Who knew?
42.Everything I do is wrong. I'm sorry. Girl framed in toxic waste. Girl framed in neon pink. Excerpt from Thomas Pynchon's 'V'; and, Neil Young: "... can't go wrong till I get right."
43.Neil Young: The rhetoric of authenticity. Angeli: Mara Tara. Bollocks to: John Gummer/Lord Deben, Connie Hedegaard, Christiana Figueres; ee cummings 'she being Brand' 1926. We could ditch the economy and possibly still preserve a civilization. Or we could ditch both.
44.Neil Young: What was the point again? Recessional hymn by The Rolling Stones in memory of my friend Vincent: "May be the Last Time I don't know."
 February 2014:
45.Listening and learning and turning. Dmitry Akimov: The full 20-finger grope. Defunct bookstore on Queen Street East, Toronto. Bob Dylan 'It's Alright Ma' 1965 cf. William Ernest Henley 'Invictus' ~1900 cf. Felicia Dorothea Hemans 'Casabianca' 1826.
46.Vampire Beavers. (Towards rethinking Coyote, Trickster Fox, Raven, Nanabijou, Loki ...) Ciça: Is anyone out there seeing any light at the end of the tunnel?
Murray Gollin.Berni Yablon.Dave Stevenson.Morley Ayearst.Pius Power.Simon Charlie.Vincent Bernardus Tieleman Twight.Full fathom five thy father lies; of his bones are coral made; those are pearls that were his eyes: nothing of him that doth fade, but doth suffer a sea-change into something rich and strange.

There's more: Alton Wilson, Keith McMillan, Gerry Sorensen, Esther Brownrigg, Keith Ecclestone ... blessings.
47.Oh Greenland. Aleqa Hammond, Jens-Erik Kirkegaard, Shell, BP, Rosneft/Росне́фть, ExxonMobil: wildly mistaken notions of progress.
48.Is energy drain the flip-side of bootstrap? O Ministério da Saúde adverte: FUMAR CAUSA IMPOTÊNCIA SEXUAL. "It doesn't matter how you worship, as long as you're down on your knees." (Leonard Cohen 'Light As The Breeze' 1992.)
49.Goblin dream transformations. Lake Urmia (aka Oroumeih), Iran. Kurt Cobain quoting Joseph Heller's Yossarian "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you".
50.Oh k-k-k-Canada (again). Bittersweet. Gone friends. Thinking more about the verses from Matthew quoted here recently ... and unbidden - atavistic Tourette's - out pops "Let's hear it for heathens and publicans!"
51.Mere anarchy is loosed? Justin Dingwall: Thando Hopa. WORLD DO NOTHING DAY. Christine Shelly refusing to say the word 'genocide'; Kerri-Ann Jones not saying 'externality'; while big green cheers and applauds with the rest; William Butler Yeats 'The Second Coming' 1919; Ocean Falls, Buttner's rock.
52.John Kerry on Climate Change, Jakarta, Indonesia, February 16, 2014. "Let’s have a frank conversation about this threat and about what we, as citizens of the world, need to be able to do to address it." (About fricken' time!)
53.A secular condom. Intimacy. Alexander LeGrande Clockwork Orange Malcolm McDowell. The notion here is that the shifting of intimacy's meaning from the days of Launcelot Andrewes to the present constitutes a kind of ironical secular condom. Roughly U-shaped; a comedy then.
54.Good days. The very best bench in Kew Gardens park on Valentine's Day. I notice that someone has cleared the snow off part of it. Ah! It dawns on me that I am not the only one who values this bench. (Renewed thanks to Mary Nearing & Dorothy Peacock whoever they were.)
 March 2014:
55.What's the worst that could happen? St. David's day today. Eat Leeks. Look up 'eutrapely'. "The capacity of modern humans to act without recourse to empathy, mind reading or any other feature of social intelligence is a key defining feature of the modern mind."
56.Holocaust. Caco Galhardo - Daiquiri: Tem alguem ai dentro? / Is there anybody in there? H. sapiens cf. H. neanderthalensis. Holocaust and Shoah are such loaded references, poor taste to flog them for effect. Perhaps the Great Chinese Famine of 1958-1961 then? Ever heard of it?
57.John Kerry on Climate Change (interrim conclusion). John Kerry, Jakarta, 14-02-16. It's a bust gentle reader, approximately.
58.Oh k-k-Canada (again, again). Bittersweet. A stupid guy: I am no smarter now than I was at 5 or 6, walking to school thinking I could put my toe on the tracks and it wouldn't get hurt by the streetcar because the shiny wheels flashed by so quickly.
59.GCC HARMONIC CONVERGENCE. IMPORTANT! Jumping the queue for an important announcement. The Global Climate Convergence - Earth Day to May Day, 2014.
60.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø William Nordhaus, economist. O Ministério da Saúde adverte: FUMAR CAUSA IMPOTÊNCIA SEXUAL. Is this the best we can do? Is this the 'necessary & sufficient'? A suite of William Nordhaus readings; and, Arvo Pärt Spiegel im spiegel.
61.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø How do you dig yourself into a hole this deep? Turkana girl & Mirella Ricciardi. Not a rhetorical question. I can only guess ... and obsess over a glance ... and a stance.
 April 2014:
62.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Changes. Imminent immanent isness; apocalypse (with readings); TEOTWAWKI doesn't quite capture it.
63.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Fnord (quite muddled). Fnord fnast fnese, breath being a euphemism for spirit (which is becoming starved & pixelated).
64.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Spacious gracious moments (in k-k-k-Canada). Music that soothes the savage breast (a-and beast): Goin' ninety miles an hour down a dead end street. Sajo: Life of Poor.
65.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Spring snow. Let's hear it for Kitimat! Rainbow neon tetras like tiny tuna.
66.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Short of thinking ... It takes two to tango? It takes two (or more) to think too. Games for Gustav from Yann Martel.
67.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Earth Day. Pogo: We have met the enemy and he is us.
68.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Watchimacallit. Tsesung Kyab, Shitsang Gonsar Monastery, Gansu Province, Monday February 25, 2013. I am singing Mozart's 'Bona Nox' as loud as I can for all of the so-called 'Honourable' & 'Right Honourable' who are really really REALLY un-fricken-worthy of any kind of respect.
 May 2014:
69.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø Worthy. If there were some arcane Buddhist practice to take this fat & forgetful old man naked into the moon and stars ... well ... it sure beats burning yourself up eh?
70.°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸,ø How do you dig yourself into a hole this deep? and Worthy (continued). The Global Climate Convergence that didn't quite converge. Why not? Also, Jacques Doillon's film 'Raja' with Najat Benssallem. Jill Stein.
71.Holocaust (concluded). Angeli: Urbe. It is dawning on me that it is an urban situation.
72.Mother's Day. Katia Abreu & Dilma Rousseff.
73.From limen to lintel. Benett: porta / door. The OED admits a confusion: 'limen' directly from Latin = ‘threshold’; and 'lintel' (indirectly) from Latin 'limit' = 'boundary'.
74.22nd reprise. aka: About as well as they treat each other. Antonin Artaud. The FIRST Bar None Award goes to Murray Minchin and ALL of the good citizens of Kitimat; and, the SECOND Bar None Award goes to Greenpeace. Good on 'em!
75.Eye (I) of the beholder. aka: Aye aye of the beholder. Daniel Pudles: to hell in a baby carriage. For the record I neither think "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," nor "I don't know nothin'bout art buddi know whuddi like," except referentially.
 June 2014:
76.Photosynthesis. (Happy Birthday babe!) How does it happen that the 'Grail' is neither 'Holy' nor a chalice, but a kind of green stone?
77.CLIMATE EMERGENCY COUNTDOWN (!) An IMPORTANT up-coming event in Toronto: EcoSanity: Climate Emergency Countdown, June 22, Toronto.
78.`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ Kryptonite. aka: Mauer Im Kopf. Kryptonite - Stronger than Superman!
79.`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ Christopher Alexander vs. Q.   or ... The Star Trek episode  that never was. Eishin Gakuen gate.
80.`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ A kernel of truth in a bushel of vicious nonsense.   or Speaking of kryptonite ... or Praise the Lord and pass the (rhetorical) ammunition! Voltaire: Candide & Cunegonde in the Garden.
81.`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ Father's Day.   and ... Brown-skinned girls in jeopardy. Max Yasgur. Simon Charlie.
82.`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ Oh Africa. and ... The Earth is NOT our mother!
83.`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ Climate Emergency Countdown (?)
84.¡YA BASTA! The Scarlet Pimpernel. ¿por qué estamos indignados?
 July 2014:
85.Panem et circenses. Adbusters: The Eveready elephant is at the wall.
86.Pillock pillicock princox (præterite passover).   FUCK YOU - YOU FUCKING FUCKS! (to quote John Goodman.) Gilmar: Pai, Filho, Espirito de Porco / Father Son and Holy Pig.
87.Environmental Apocalypse Greatest Hits. Caetano Veloso - Terra, Bob Marley - One Love (Playing For Change), This Little Light of Mine, Hank Snow - Dead End Street, Jane Siberry - Calling All Angels, Loudon Wainwright III - Dead Skunk, and, Pied Pumkin - Mister Mulvangel.
88.Chief Beau Dick - Breaking the Coppers. Be with Chief Beau Dick breaking the coppers on the steps of parliament in Ottawa, Sunday July 27 2014.
89.Ubiquitous complicity. tOad: Narcissus. The Swallow: He has two hearts instead of one. She cried, "Young man, what have ye done?"
90.Hands across the water. Hands across the sea.   or: Chagrin, shaggreen, whatever. George Pell by Chris Johnston. Falling in love with love is falling in love with make believe.
 August 2014:
91.Tell thy piteous heart there's no harm done. Olga Akhunova, or maybe Ariel.
92.I Stand With Jonathan Moylan.   (If that's worth anything; better late than never though I guess.)

93.Oh k-k-k-Canada (again again again). Bittersweet.
94.PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MARCH OK, here's a long-shot for ya. Lucky Thirteen! People's Climate March: September 21 2014 NYC.
95.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- Bakken Kraaken Lac Mégantic et cetera.
96.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- It's enough to turn someone cynical. Berkeley Breathed: Bill The Cat. How about the wall at the edge of Frye's mythopœia? At the edge of Lakoff's seamless cognitive concepts? What's on the other side? Scary stuff.
97.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- You are my sunshine. Magge pye hagiolatry & Northrop Frye Inc.
 September 2014:
98.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- Iubile (Jubile, Jubilee). Carnaval: Bloco da Ansiedade.
99.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- Beautiful dream of Israel has become a nightmare. Gabor Maté.
100.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- Te-oo banches o' voylets trad in the maad. Marina Silva. How long has it been since there was a real election anywhere in the so-called free world? Where the candidates are far enough apart to actually see light between them?
101.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- Sustainable?   All (good) things come to an end. Happy Birthday kiddo. Lucky Thirteenth!
102.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- Não vamos desistir do Brasil.   (As if somebody were goin' 'round sayin' "Vamos desistir!"   ?) Leonardo Boff. Marina Silva.
103.`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'-.,_,.-'`¯`'- Business models. Sarah Vaughan. People's Climate March: September 21 2014 NYC Post Mortem.
104.Scots wha hae wi Wallace bled.
 October 2014:
105.Golem. Or: Golem Fracasso Fricassee Weltschmerz. tOad: Marche pour le climat. When humanity no longer has flesh there is no more reason to fear extinction. That it is only urban ideological idiots willing to flirt with the thresholds of cosmic black holes who can seriously entertain such nonsense ... well, that's the problem isn't it - nitwit know-nothing urban muggles!
106.TOXIC ZOMBIES ON BAY STREET Round 1, she's done. Long Live Marina! 21% (like I said, I hope she loses, and she did). Toxic Zombies at Bay & King Streets, Toronto Noon on Friday October 31, Halloween.
107.^~^-~^~~~.,_____ Crossing the Rubicon ... or anti-crossing as may be. Full moon yesterday. Which one is that? ... Hunter's Moon was it?
108.^~^-~^~~~.,_____ Climbing down Pisgah. Toslow, Placentia Bay. "Until we see bottom inside the two sunkers, then straight through the channel to Toslow we'll go."
109.^~^-~^~~~.,_____ Hope ... springs eternal; though one may come to hate it. Joep Bertrams: Bezorgd / Worried. Is anyone really surprised after all of this, after 'we' have bombed 'them' back to the stone age again and again, decade after decade ... that the reaction is ... stone age?
110.^~^-~^~~~.,_____ The Walking Dead Hallowe'en Special. A certain je ne sais quoi resonance with the memes of Ragnarök. The fucking wankers sank in the toxic flood. Oh my!
 November 2014:
111.Ground Zero. First snow on November 1st. Hump-day & descent into scatology. tOad: Accord UE sur le climat - réduction des gaz. What's the plural of 'nexus'? 'Nexi'? 'Nexuses'? Anyway, there are two: 350 (the number not the org) and The Good Samaritan ... and that's all I know.
112.I'll recruit my army from the orphanages. Rudy Park: Is there something wrong with my iPhone? We've got all these environmentalists wringing their hands over being unable to communicate with the hoi polloi ... while they are using words like 'mitigate' to mean STOP. No surprise then that they are not getting across.
113.Let me not. Lookout! The fricken' Antichrist is on the loose! Pieter Coecke van Aelst, Adam & Eve. Anarchy. The short answer is no one never writ nor never loved neither.
114.Askance. Nothing says "I don't care," like silence. Sponholz: Saco Cheio. ISIS is NOT the problem; ISIS is a SYMPTOM.
115.A card so high and wild. (A red herring.) Shamil Zhumatov: A flock of birds perch in treetops at full moon in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. Nuclear Fusion.
116.Laugh so not to cry. / Rir pra não chorar.   Eles não param. Nem nós. / They're not stopping. Neither are we.
 December 2014:
117.Shitholder.   Love has no pride. Hangin' by a thread. Michael Leunig: Here I am.
118.Joeri Rogelj, Jim Hansen, Dave Foreman. Seriously.
119.Oh k-k-k-Canada, they've got you upside down. Dale Cummings: Nunavut.
120.Digressions. Distractions? Hasta la vista, baby. Christiana Figueres.
121.What to do?   Apply the Golden Rule and see if it sticks. Fuck, fight, hold the light. Chiquinha voando.
122.Grief. The day before the day before. Mavis Staples.
  January 2015:
123.It's NOT too late!   Though it IS close as dammit, so close as makes no nevermind, AND it's improbable we'll turn around in time. Meditations on fatherhood and The Green Party of Canada.
124.Aha! It's not necessarily cyclical!   It's a cook book. (Costing not less than everything.) Pentagon.
125.It don't take much.   A cheap drunk. A pushover. Jan Palach.
126.Charlie. (Obligatory y'unnerstan'.)
 February 2015:
127.Sheep & Goats (Full Moon).   Lookout! The living-dead are on the loose! Doctor Who.
128.(Valentine's Day)   When the music (finally) stops and you're between chairs, and there's nowhere left to go. What then? Ballard Street: Air horn floor lamps. Chiquinha: Heart broken.
129.The Last Ocean. Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) - Not! I'se the bye that builds the boat and I'se the bye that sails her. I'se the bye that catches the fish and takes 'em home to Liza.
130.Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
                    Petroleum Industry Grossly Incontinent
                    Governments Play Silly Buggers
131.Putting Off (Off-putting). ... and in that way, he would say, one can live. (J.M. Coetzee, 'The Life and Times of Michael K', final paragraph.)
 March 2015:
132.Two men in Rwanda.   And: Two recent books by two admirable women.   And: A modest proposal.Phillipe Gaillard. Romeo Dallaire.
133.And more, and more, and more!   And thick and fast they came at last, And more, and more, and more! Frank Gehry.
134.Repent!   Can't go on like this: it can't and I can't neither.
135.Keystone Kops. The Government Reflects the Nation.   You get the government that you deserve. March 5th: CN Hornpayne, Ontario.
136.Shoures soote. A (vernal) toss-up.   (The voice of the turtle revises all.) tOad: Sommet de la dernière chance / Last chance saloon.
137.No-name progress I. Is there a Green Party? and The famous blue Three Point Plan. Rimbaud, Alan Rusbridger, Laerte (reinvents herself), critics do no evolve.
 April 2015:
138.You may not like this. Or you may like it for superficial reasons. Or (most likely) it may tumble down the well and make no splash. Nekkid & near-nekkid grrls. Chris Hedges. 'Convoluted bastard' as an honorific.
139.Dark fruit cake. Conspiracy of noise. Chris Hedges & Neitzsche.
140.Divestment as a strategy to build the movement. What we need, generically, as a movement, is to grow exponentially at such a tremendous rate in the few remaining months (nine in fact, enough for a birth) that something emerges with enough moral momentum to turn the tide and stop the madness. And what I see in divestment is, exactly, a way to do that. But it's a waste of time talking with these 350 people.
141.No-name progress II. Soon gonna be Earth Day innit? Take the only tree that's left and stuff it up the hole in your culture.
142.Ignominy obloquy calumny et spiri(too)-snafu. Poetasters, philosophasters, Tartufferie & general paresis. Postscript: The death of 'The Movement' by correctitude. Maieutic. Liliã comes through.
 May 2015:
143.Pot-pourri (rotten pot), potpourri, pauperie (poverty). A-and of course, Popery. Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. [What could this possibly mean?] Jim Prentice - Good riddance to bad rubbish!
144.Why ... NOT? Lucky 13th. TARTUFFERIE! FUCKERY! ASSHOLERY! (Being an attempt to conclude a previous meditation on the death of 'The Movement' by correctitude.) Laerte confronts death and finds it gentle & tame (as did I some years ago). An all round asshole.
 June 2015:
145.The Big Annual Miracle.
 July 2015:
146.There's a hole in the bucket.
147.Leftovers - turns on a hair.

They say, "sing while you slave," but I just get bored.
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