Sunday, September 7, 2014

Te-oo banches o' voylets trad in the maad.

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Two Weeks To Go.   Make Up Your Mind!
People's Climate March: September 21 2014 NYC.
The People's Climate March website is replete with good information. The good folks at 350 Toronto are coordinating return bus from Toronto and lodging in NYC including on-line ticketing.

If you can't get to NYC, please find a way to support this important and historic event.
In Toronto Avaaz, 350 & Greenpeace are organizing a solidarity march: Sunday, September 21 @ 1:00 pm, Nathan Phillips Square/In front of City Hall.

Call this 'the ground' or 'the range' or 'the domain' ... whatever:
Tiago Recchia: aftertax money.Graffiti in Altamira, 2014: Belo Monstro.Graffiti in Altamira, 2014: Morte Energia.
Here's 1$ after bank charges - 25¢.   [I was going to explain but you get it, right?]

And this, a preliminary vision of Saint George:
Marina Silva in São Paulo, 14-07-21 (before Campos' death).Amarildo: Dilma & Marina.
It doesn't make the least difference to me if Marina is a candidate.
A brief digression through Canadia & Austria:
Angeli: A terra dos homens mediocres / The land of the mediocre.
Maurice Newman, not a tall man.Ian Chubb, not a small man.
Tony Abbott’s scientific and business advisers at odds over climate change. Hahahaha, that's funny - The Guardian changed the headline - on the 17th it was "Australia’s chief scientist tells PM's business adviser to stick to economics". We certainly don't want to insult Maurice and make him feel stupid do we?
Seppo Lionen: Brancho la brea tarsands.

Dallying with cynicism:
Laerte: Todo o seu amor.
Attention.                     When the Herald blows the trumpet
                                    I want you to give me all your love.       Blow Herald.

Gilmar: Open season on voters.Rodrigo Chaves.
Gilmar: Election advertising - By the pigs for the pigs.
Thiago Lucas: Rats & cheese.Tiago Silva: Rats in the voting machine.
Stantis: Ethics (morals, whatever).

Dallying with dalliance:
Bambi.Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle.Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle.Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle.
Nana Agyapong.Nana Agyapong.Bambi (NOT!).

It looks like Brasilians have a real choice for their next president on election day, Sunday October 5th (and possibly again in a run-off Sunday October 26 - a simple majority doesn't do, must be more than 50%).

How long has it been since there was a really really REAL election anywhere in the so-called free world? Where the candidates are far enough apart that you can actually see light between them?

If you don't vote in Brazil you are penalized, quite heavily - both fines and loss of perks; so nearly everyone will vote.

Marina's candidacy is being reported just a few days old in English in instruments like The Wall Street Journal - this is news in itself. [The link may lead to a pay-wall but the article is not really worth archiving. Standard bumph. The important thing is seeing Brazilian news in English the day after it happens. That is noteworthy.]

Her running mate is Beto Albuquerque; from the south, Passo Fundo (350 clicks north west of Porto Alegre where Verissimo comes from); and a socialist, or rather a Socialist.

Could this be the long awaited emergence of a New Left equal to the name? Is this the Second Coming?

Marina Silva, Thursday August 21.Beto Albuquerque & Marina Silva, Thursday August 21.

Many of the cartunistas are not being kind to our Marina; everything from 'communist threat' to 'Madama of La Mancha' - conservative bunch I guess. It could be a secular backlash at her christianity, or ... fear of change? Dunno. Interesting (a uniquely Brasilian sensibility I believe) that her racial features are often exaggerated, caricatured, but without the bigot edge. Anyway, Luiz Fernando Cazo & Reginaldo Moreira seem to have it about right:

Luiz Fernando Cazo: Analysts say ...
Analysts say that Marina's entry will make things worse for Dilma and Aécio: It looks like there will be a struggle in the middle of the field.

Luiz Fernando Cazo: Dilma intends ...
[In the upcoming debates] Dilma intends to leave the direct confrontation with Marina to Aécio: You go first!

Reginaldo Moreira.Reginaldo Moreira.

Luiz Fernando Cazo: Ibope.
Ibope [Brazilian pollsters]: Marina will beat Dilma in the second round.
[Since this cartoon was drawn the 29% has gone to 33%.]
Notwithstanding a suspicion (verging on outright prejudice) of anyone carrying any religious imprimatur whatsoever but especially of all officially certified Romans, Moslems & Evangelical Protestants;

Notwithstanding a pronounced pretty princess psychological pathology known as the 'Fuck Little Miss Muffet AND The Tuffet She Rode In On' syndrome;

Notwithstanding a 0% success rate on rubbings of various old lamps found on beaches and a firm conviction (if only occasionally deployed) to be careful what you wish for;

IF I WERE a prayin' man and thought it would help Marina, I would be down on my knees.

Silly eh?
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