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Não vamos desistir do Brasil.

(We will not give up on Brazil.)
(As if somebody were goin' 'round sayin' "Vamos desistir!"   ?)
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If You're Goin' You're Probably On Your Way By Now.
People's Climate March: September 21 2014 NYC.
I Sure Do Wish Y'all The Best.
This excellent video (50 minutes) ought'a get the juices flowing.

There are some events on the map for Toronto (the interface is a nightmare but the information is there if you persevere): People's Climate March.

In Toronto Avaaz, 350 & Greenpeace are organizing a solidarity march: Sunday, September 21 @ 1:00 pm, Nathan Phillips Square/In front of City Hall. See here.

Marina Silva airbrushed: (she's 56 and the reality shows the wrinkles of some hard miles)
Não Vamos desistir do Brasil.
... a-and showing the Tim DeChristopher salute:
Não Vamos desistir do Brasil.
Marina Silva.
In June 2010 they're holding hands:
Marina Silva & Leonardo Boff, June 2010.
In October (fair enough, it's between the first round and the runoff) he's endorsing Dilma:
Chico Buarque & Leonardo Boff, October 2010.

Listen to his endorsement (video), he says: "Dilma will care for the environment because she is a woman and that's what women do." Well, if that kind of stupid sexism doesn't choke you then you deserve whatever you get I suppose. Only a few months previous he's using exactly the same phrases about Marina (video). This is language that is suspect whomever it is supporting.

Waidaminit! This is Dilma Rousseff he's talking about! Surely our memories are long enough to consider:
        - her actions to gut the protective provisions of the Forest Code;
        - her unwavering support for Belo Monte; and,
        - the treatment she has meted out to indigenous populations.
(To list just three - don't want to confuse you with too many facts.)
Now he's morphed into The Berserkers Excoriator:
Leonardo Boff.Thiago Lucas: False prophecies.
Leonardo Boff, theologian:                                       False prophecies:
"Dilma is still the best                                             If you don't vote for Dilma Brazil will end!
 option for the Brazilian people."                              The election is near!

An interview: With Marina: the poor lose an ally and the rich gain a spokeswoman (the original source on Viomundo).

And an article: Marina Silva: the one who switched sides, which is picked up and circulated even in the mainstream liberal Jornal do Brasil.

Heaven help us if we have difficulty choosing between gay marriage and continued existence as a species (or utterly debunking such a choice). This is where Norrie's distinction between primary (physical) & secondary(ideological) concerns begins to cut the mustard; where the Frye rubber hits the road. (Eh?)

Leonardo Boff.Marina Silva.

The only comparison of Brazil & Argentina I know of is in a joke: What happens to the national average IQs of Argentina and Brazil when a Brazilian emigrates to Argentina?   They both go up because only the stupidest Brazilian would emigrate to Argentina; but any Brazilian is smarter than every Argentinian.

And Leonardo Boff uses Argentina in the first paragraph - leaving me uncertain. Maybe he's indulging some strange rhetorical invocation - or, maybe he's lost the plot. Born December 1938, he'll soon be 76 - not that old.

I thought their friendship was of long standing (duration after all is how humans judge character). I would have thought ol' Leonardo would know more about her then? I imagine the strident bitterness in Boff's accusations and judgements will put a strain on whatever friendship there was. This is surprising behaviour in a country where friendship may be more than mere agapé, where it may sometimes have to do with survival.

I translated these texts because I thought there might be clues but didn't find a smoking gun; except that his concerns seem exaggerated, pedantic, unproven - and more-or-less convincing. He says she changed sides; presumably resonating with her switch from Catholicism to whatever you want to call it, Protestantism, and from PT to PV to PSB; but I wonder if there wasn't an earlier switch, from something she grew up with to Catholicism? I don't know, just guessing.

And let me say (before someone else does, if indeed anyone at all reads them) that my translations are not very good, incomplete, sloppy even. It seemed like a good thing to do but I am running out of steam gentle reader, sorry.

Elements of this story also seem to resonate (tentatively) with Joan of Arc (Shaw's version, the part where the theologians 'examine' her)?

In the end (can't resist saying this) I scoff at Boff - he seems to me to be talking, not through his hat since he doesn't usually wear one, but through some ideology hidden in his long white hair and beard. Not that he's wrong necessarily, like I said he's convincing in a way, just ... on the wrong wavelength.

A more balanced analysis, in English, with some insights into 'agribusiness friendly' from Gwynne Dyer in the Georgia Straight.

Antônia Melo - Xingu Vivo.

About the same time up pops an activist I recognize in an article originally in A Pública but coming to me (as usual) in the Amazônia Friends of the Earth newsletter. The article is an excellent overview.

And Antônia Melo is the real meal deal (in my opinion)

Antônia Melo: We will STOP Belo Monte.

To tell the truth it is all becoming (personally mind you, just for me I hope y'unnerstan') hysterically funny because, really, I see the best women of their generation - people like Marina Silva and Elizabeth May - trying to work things out in terms of government.

Government?! They might do more good on the barricades with the likes of Zoe Blunt, Crowbird, Brett ... not many I know of but there must be some more ... me (a cracked pot and therefore, quite naturally, empty).

The old spiritual leaders - Desmond Tutu, Leonardo Boff - greatly respected and listened to for decades and more; may now simply be so far into their dotages that they are no longer to be trusted. Scary territory gentle reader, very scary indeed to be in such a landscape and such darkness with no dependable guides.

Here's humanity being governed towards extinction ...

... while the best lack all conviction (in the way of action) ...

... and when Marina Silva is elected Presidenta, her death by 1,000 compromises begins and she winds up like Barack Obama - tits on a bull. Well ... at least she actually has tits.

Speaking of which ... August 1st was World Breast Feeding day apparently:
Bosco: Amamentação.Bosco: Amamentação.

My friend is concerned that this 'squabble on the Left' will split the vote and allow some nasty candidate from the Right to slide in there.

Left? Right? How many politicians can dance on the head of a pin?

Terry Pratchett: Going Postal, Dave's Pin Exchange.
Laerte: O Cavalho.
I want to make a complaint.
                                Against ... ?
                                It's not against.
                                                              It's in favour!
                                                              Are you sure it's a complaint?                 No.

Last time I was thinkin' bout Marina I wrote:
Notwithstanding a suspicion (verging on outright prejudice) of anyone carrying any religious imprimatur whatsoever but especially of all officially certified Romans, Moslems & Evangelical Protestants;

Notwithstanding a pronounced pretty princess psychological pathology known as the 'Fuck Little Miss Muffet AND The Tuffet She Rode In On' syndrome;

Notwithstanding a 0% success rate on rubbings of various old lamps found on beaches and a firm conviction (if only occasionally deployed) to be careful what you wish for;

IF I WERE a prayin' man and thought it would help Marina, I would be down on my knees.
Clayton Rebouças: Marina Silva.But I'm not and I don't so I won't.

No. I hope she loses, is converted to direct action, instigates a hunger strike (a real one, in the heat of her summer and the frozen depth of our winter) and calls up sayin' she wants me on their team at the door of Toronto City Hall (but in Portuguese a'course).

Along with Elizabeth May in Ottawa. Ban Ki Moon at the UN in New York. Yvo de Boer in Amsterdam. Tim DeChristopher on the steps of the Harvard Divinity School.

Yeah. That!     Or ...

... or maybe ... not a hunger strike. I just say 'hunger strike' because I had an idea a few years ago and no one has shown me anything to change my mind, show me something more effective, possibly more effective. Maybe she's got another notion. I could probably be convinced.

Pedro Biondi: Mato Grosso.
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