Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scots wha hae wi Wallace bled.

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Olivia Chow.John Tory.About Toronto Mayoral Candidates
Olivia Chow & John Tory:
Neither of them know that the Tar Sands & Bakken crude oil running through Toronto in Line 9 and abord the Train Bombs is for EXPORT!

This was made clear in their remarks at the Environmental Debate organized by the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) Thursday evening at Trinity St. Paul's United Church on Bloor Street.

(Among much other nonsense) Chow thinks the Train Bombs will be fine if they just upgrade the cars and Tory thinks the oil is for domestic consumption. If and when a video of this becomes available I will post it here.

They Both Deserve A Firm Kick In The Arse Not A Vote!

(And now back to our regular programming ...)

Way back in 2005 I caught sight of this flag flyin' over the South Side Hills in St. John's:
Newfoundland Independence Flag.

Many years before that, 1980, during the first Quebec referendum ... I had  OUI  stickers all over everything. That one was sort'a close too.

Chapatte: Flanders, Corsica, Catalonia, Basque.The recent debacle in Scotland revives all those dreams. If Scotland goes, then maybe Québec, and Newfoundland might toddle along after them; Cascadia? Vermont? Who knows where it might end.

Décroissance of the whole shebang seems to me to be our only hope. And for a minute there it looked like they almost might!

The last days saw such blatant fear-mongering on the part of the British government and their bank bum-buddies - Perfidious Albion! - I thought anyone could see through it. Of course, the majority want their Coco Puffs, especially the chocolate ones that so eloquently resemble little turds.

Nonetheless and notwithstanding ... almost half of the inmates (everywhere) want out. If there is any reason to hope, about anything, anywhere, that looks like it.

Joep Bertrams: Apart Volk / A separate people.


"Couple it with something; make it a word and a blow.": (Mercutio)
Daryl Cagle: A blow ...Daryl Cagle: ... and a kiss.
David Cameron & Alex Salmond.
This photograph of David Cameron & Alex Salmond was taken on June 25, but the image sort'a constitutes a one-size-fits-all and before-during-after shot.

Femme de Saint-Louis, Dakar, Senegal, by Fortier.So much bum-&-balls imagery in this referendum - as is inevitable perhaps when it comes to kilts - that a respite is in order.

Smoking her pipe, insouciant.



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