Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oh k-k-k-Canada (again again again).

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As of Saturday August 9 at 8:30 AM the courageous and intrepid occupiers occupy. Good on 'em!

Dam Line 9 (!!!)
Dam Line 9, sunrise August 7 2014.
Details (including info on rides) at: #DamLine9.

Postscript:   Police moved in noonish Sunday August 10. I salute and applaud the courage and commitment of the occupiers.
Dam Line 9, evening August 10 2014.

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king:
Derrick Wood, Rogue Symmetry: I'm with stupid Canada. (With edits.)
Toxic k-k-Canada.Bittersweet.tOad: deKyotage, Stephen Harper, Peter Kent.
Peter Kent.Leona Aglukkaq.Joe Oliver.Paul Calandra.Stephen Harper.Tony Abbott.
“Canada applauds the decision by Prime Minister Abbott to introduce legislation to repeal Australia’s carbon tax. The Australian Prime Minister’s decision will be noticed around the world and sends an important message.

“Our government knows that carbon taxes raise the price of everything, including gas, groceries, and electricity. Prime Minister Abbott has said that, in Australia, the repeal of the carbon tax will reduce the average household’s cost of living by (in Australian dollars) $550 a year, take $200 off household power bills and $70 off gas bills.

“Our government has reduced greenhouse gas emissions while protecting and creating Canadians jobs – greenhouse gas emissions are down since 2006, and we’ve created 1 million net new jobs since the recession – and we have done this without penalising Canadian families with a carbon tax.”
Statement by Paul Calandra, MP for Oak Ridges—Markham
and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister,
on behalf of Stephen Harper & the Government of Canada, November 12 2013.
Steve Nease: Polls indicate that Stephen Harper doesn't give a rat's ass.
Theo Moudakis: Stephen Harper likes to stand behind someone big.To be clear:   These people are barefaced liars and grossly arrogant & venal greed-heads but they are not stupid. Tony Abbott is now swinging into his FDR New Deal schtick: Tony Abbott launches Green Army recruiting drive. Look how he engineers it for maximum bang per buck and with an eye for the future when he may need a loyal army to keep order.

A clever way to somehow get Green cred: "Look at ME! Planting trees!" Any comparison with similar NAZI youth programs in 1930's Germany is unwarranted, scurrilous even (and shortly such thoughts will have been redefined as sedition so they can execute you for having them).

Stephen Harper likes to stand behind the 'real man' in the room. It's an odd sort of quality; and definitely not a good basis for environmental (or any other) policy. Something very k-k-Canadian about it though eh? In a twisted & perverted kind of way?
Murphy: Omar Khadr.David Parkins: CRA vs PEN.
David Parkins: CRA vs. Oxfam.David Parkins: Germany & EU vs. k-k-k-Canada.
Corrigan: Harper vs. Senate & Supreme Court.MacKay: Harper vs. Senate & Supreme Court.
Michael de Adder: Stephen Harper thumbs his nose.We can't prorogue climate change.
We can't prorogue Climate Change.

What can one say about him that isn't sedition?

Do we have impeachment in k-k-k-Canada? If we impeach 'im does he still get a pension?

Can we put 'im in jail where 'e belongs?

WE CAN'T PROROGUE CLIMATE CHANGE (and you can't neither Mister Stephen Harper), not with bully bum-buddies like Tony Abbott, not with your entire un-holy & dis-honourable cabinet ...

... not with seven maids and seven mops sweeping for half a year.

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