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It's enough to turn someone cynical.

(Victory Gin and feet of clay.)
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Be There Or Be Square!
People's Climate March: September 21 2014 NYC.
The People's Climate March website is replete with good information. 350 Toronto are coordinating bus transportation from Toronto and lodging in NYC. Please give them your support in this important work.

Nick Anderson: Robin Williams.
Take #1:

Ballard Street: Nice Day.What horrible thing was going on in Gaza in 2011? Can't remember? Neither can I ... but we all know whatever it was goin' on was horrible, right?

So, sometime late in 2010 Ana Carbajosa (by her name she might be a Brazilian woman and as any readers of this blog know by now I have a soft spot for Brazil) manages to interview some Gazan youth who have published a manifesto which begins: "Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA! And the story is published in The Guardian in January, 2011.

Those who do not agree wholeheartedly with these young people will at least understand them. Eh? Y'know, in a see-where-they're-coming-from kind'a way, eh?

Four years+ later,in July just passed, we get this from Kalle Lasn of Adbuster fame: Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. The Gaza Youth Breaks Out Manifesto (sic).

What's the problem?

Oh ... nothin'.

Alberto Benett: Kraken.

The manifesto itself requires careful reading. There appear to be embedded fnords. It doesn't quite stand up to rigorous washing. Even so, my second or third thought after that careful reading is a huge interior


Nevermind The (fricken') Guardian. What else can they do but sell out to the likes of AngloAmerican?

Eventually I get around to asking what Kalle Lasn is really up to and the answer comes back apostasy: He's busy selling magazine subscriptions.

You may notice that most of these cartoons are Brazilian too (except for a few from Amsterdam and one from Chattannooga):

Amarildo Lima: Palestine vs. Israel.
One day son, this will all be yours.

Fernando Balão: Retelling Job.Adão Iturrusgarai: Selfie.
So how's it going?         Great, but humans are fucking up your project.

Clay Bennett: David & Goliath.Joep Bertrams: Mobilizing the doves of peace.

One thing the Palestinians and Israelis agree on is watermelon. I saw this when I was there in the 70s. Yep, all of 'em do love watermelon.

Alberto Benett: Compaixão (my title).
Alberto Benett: Pax / Peace.
Steal, beat up, torture, kill, descriminate, segregate, mutilate, thrash, judge, humiliate, despise, exclude, demean, flay, break, destroy, crush, oppress, crush, massacre.
Only in this way will we, people of good will, make peace son.
Joep Bertrams: Mop Break.

Laerte: Fat old man among the sun and moon and stars.Berkeley Breathed. Bill The Cat.
Simon & Garfunkle's fighter who 'still remains'. "I am leaving. I am leaving." Trying to quit this logorrhœic horse shit ...

... not succeeding wise or otherwise.

Oh yeah. I know. I know. ...

But. (Take #2)

Let's try that again from the top:
Ballard Street: Nice Day.I don't go out much anymore but I was at a meeting of activists involved in the Enbridge STOP LINE-9 campaign. Not invited, an interloper. Really I went because it was a pleasant summer evening and the meeting was being held almost within walking distance from where I live and because I heard about it on a posting by the single individual in Toronto who doesn't turn her back when she sees me comin'.

I make a firm resolution not to speak but when the Fee & Dividend method of carbon taxation comes up I decide to try to point out the clear thinking of Jim Hansen on the issue: An Honest Effective Path, and more recently on his website at Columbia University.

Turns out that of the twenty or so people attending at least several have never heard of Jim Hansen before and are ready to publicly defend that ignorance; and of those who have heard of him at least one feels strongly enough about his endorsement of nuclear energy to vehemently reject anything and everything the man has to say.

I sit there smiling and shut the fuck up.

Just like this post eh? Trashing Kalle Lasn for a (really rather) minor editorial slip. And just like myself generally: When George Monbiot turns pro-nuclear a few years ago I am one of those who goes off ballistically ad hominem on 'im.

Almost don't even watch his 'The Pricing of Everything' speech earlier this year, and when I do ... I find myself having to eat post-prandial crow. :-)

Ballard Street: A legend in his own mind.Jaysus!   I sure hope I don't have to find some reason to begin liking Bill 'a-legend-in-his-own-mind' McKibben!

I have been looking at Daniel - especially chapter two and 'feet of clay' - but I find these scriptural myths take a very long time to soak in since I gave up on certain underpinning beliefs. So ... maybe someone out there can give me the Robert Bly 'Iron John' take on all this please? I would sure appreciate it.

Since it seems to me to bear on the question of why the fricken' Environmental Movement generally ain't movin' (despite small pockets like the STOP LINE-9 group whose meeting I recently attended who definitely are).

[I do admire Bill McKibben up to a point. I went all the way to Washington (by bus!) to stand with him in 2011 and get arrested. I just wish he would stop insisting that he wrote the first book when he didn't; and I wish there were someone close helping him through the dead-end ditches he seems to love to get down into.]


They all just think I'm a nutbar off 'is meds!

Yep. That could be it.
And I'm not even on meds ('cept the Allopurinol for gout).
Benett: Porta/Door.Nothing to be said then, is there? Nothing to be done. Costica Bradatan's Mauer im Kopf is about the Berlin wall. We have all seen images of the eloquent curves and windings of the Israeli wall. Some of us in Toronto remember the G20 fence.

How about the wall at the edge of Frye's mythopœia? At the edge of Lakoff's seamless cognitive concepts? What's on the other side? Scary stuff. Liable to put the good burghers off talkin' 'bout shit like that.

I go along to the picnic and (mistakenly, like a fool) sing Anita's song; no idea what it sounds like - no one says anything (which is a clue you can't run from). There is a bought-and-paid-for musician there the whole time; I should know better. I try to explain but that's just another mistake.

Oh well. Don't read. Don't listen. Don't ask. Don't reflect. Don't speak.

And especially, whatever you do, don't ever tell a nutbar what you really think - it might be useful to 'em.
Anyway ... this started out about Gaza & environs. Here're a few words from Gwynne Dyer for a finale. And later on another few. Not the last words by any means. Cynics have feelings too. So do crazy old men with broken teeth, stranded without love.

It's all good.
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