Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Stand With Jonathan Moylan.

(If that's worth anything; better late than never I guess though 'late with little' prob'ly don't wash.)
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Postscript: As of Thursday August 7 at 9:30 AM the courageous and intrepid occupiers are occupying.

This Is Fricken' IMPORTANT: Dam Line 9 (!!!)
Dam Line 9, August 5 2014.
Details (including info on rides) at: #DamLine9 (and maybe just hum a few bars of "Oxford town, Oxford town, [not] everybody got their heads bowed down.").
A-and some thoughtful commentary by Laura McDonald at Alternatives Journal.

David Suzuki: I Stand With Jonathan Moylan.
Jono's action took place in January 2013. I finally caught up with it on July 26 with a report of his sentencing in The Guardian.

Was it mentioned in The Guardian before this? Yes it was and I didn't see it. Why not I wonder?

This came in July (but not in the Envvironment section); and this in one of their blogs in August; and this as 'News' in September.

The first I find in the Environment section is in November 2013 when he's tried and pleads not guilty - ten months after the fact.
I didn't notice any of them. David Suzuki obviously knew. How did he find out?

I thought I was up-to-date on these issues. Obviously not.
Jonathan Moylan.Jonathan Moylan.
Jonathan Moylan.Jonathan Moylan.Jonathan Moylan.Jonathan Moylan.

The image of someone holding a sign saying "I STAND WITH JONATHAN MOYLAN" at the top of this post is of David Suzuki. By the time I heard of it there was no point in making one of my own.

Ballard Street: Lost his drive.

And what use anyway is some worn-out old fuck too lame and afraid to leave this room except to go for an Internet fix and the barest essentials - food & toilet paper. Boo hoo.

Didn't get up to Ottawa to see what happened with Chief Beau Dick either. No excuses.

A-and there was another occupation of an Enbridge Line-9 site in Cambridge a week or so ago. There was a note in Angela's Greenspiration. Rising Tide; no doubt some of the people I met last year at the Beverly Swamp / Flamborough occupation. Shuttle transport of some kind laid on. A telephone number but with instructions to send text and I don't know how to do that without a telephone so I hold my breath and wait for it to go away.

I guess this is what's known as getting down to the short hairs.
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