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Pillock pillicock princox (præterite passover).

FUCK YOU - YOU FUCKING FUCKS! (to quote John Goodman.)
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Special Announcement:   Be with Chief Beau Dick breaking the coppers on the steps of parliament in Ottawa, Sunday July 27 2014.

Follow the journey from B.C. at   Occupation Apple Tree.
Belo Sun's licence to mine for gold on the Xingu river near Belo Monte has been cancelled. You will not likely read about it in the Canadian press. It was reported by Globo on June 25 here.

[Correction: The Globe and Mail reported the story on June 30: Brazil suspends Belo Sun’s gold mine licence. Good for Stephanie Nolen.]

This sort of thing has happened before. They will try to wiggle out of it (or back into it as the case may be) and they may even succeed given the political climate in Brazil. I for one hope not. Not this time. Some big American gold flipping outfit from Idaho, Sun Valley Gold LLC, bought up an ⅛th of Belo Sun in the last month or so, cheap; but who knows? It might be some clever Bharti backhander.
Belo Sun Mining BSX-TSX.Belo Sun Mining, Rio Xingu.Belo Sun Mining, Rio Xingu camp.
Stan Bharti, Forbes & Manhattan bank, Toronto.Stan Bharti, Forbes & Manhattan bank, Toronto.Mark Eaton, Belo Sun Mining CEO.Mark Eaton, Belo Sun Mining CEO.
Belo Sun Mining BSX-TSX, stock price 1999-2014.
High ~$1.75 ($CDN), currently 17¢(CDN¢). Looks like the arse's fallen out of it. Good! May it go to some fraction of a penny and fricken well stay there. That's my wish.
Gilmar: trabalho escravo / slave labour.
Father.   Son.   Holy Pig.

They will make the argument that the existing garimpeiros who have been mining gold in this zone for a long long time, using lots of mercury, with unsafe working conditions &c. are worse. It's an argument; not a good one, not a valid one, but an 'argument'. And some of the Brazilian miners will be taken on as wage slaves by Belo Sun no doubt, but there will be many fewer people involved and the gold will all go straight to Toronto. There are sand bars in the river so I'm guessing that there has been some panning - which is the only sustainable method of extraction (to me, an idiot environmentalist). Sure, Belo Sun will promise to clean up their mess when they are finished in 20 years or so. Who can say what those promises are worth? Even if they back them up with funds in trust, the Brazilian bankers & politicians will likely just steal the money. Either way the zone will be plundered and left - I would bet single malt on that.

Stan Bharti is no scumbag carpetbagger, no. You can read about him on his page in Wikipedia. He's a great humanitarian. He's a great philanthropist. (He knows just where to touch you honey and how you like to be kissed.)

Dimitri Soudas.Ezra Levant.Justin Trudeau & Patrick Brazeau.Justin Trudeau 'Piece of Kent'.

Pillock, pillicock - a stupid person - the OED etymology is weak: from French pille but no meaning given but looking it up gives --------.
And princox - a conceited young fellow - again, no etymology. Shakespeare uses it:

            You are a princox - go! (Capulet to Tybalt in 'Romeo and Juliet').

We've got lots of 'em in Canada: Ezra Levant, and Harper's bum-boy Dimitri Soudas, spring to mind only because they are implicated in Canada's non-starter of an environmental policy. Mediocre shit heads, like their masters. Not that young but ... maturity comes late (if ever) in k-k-k-Canada the complacent.

Justin Trudeau made such a good start, beating Patrick Brazeau, calling Peter Kent by his true name; but half of his DNA didn't come from Pierre and he is simply wrong about pipelines and energy policy; studpidly, short-sightedly, wrong. So now he gets lumped in with our Brazeau the strip club bouncer and the other pit run pillicocks. Oh well, Ho hum.

Rodewalt: Harper & Dimitri Soudas - A man and his faithful aide.Laureen Harper & Ezra Levant.

Lots of 'em in the UK too. Whose interests do you think the Crop Protection Association protects?
Nick Von Westenholz, UK Crop Protection Association CEO.Nick Von Westenholz, UK Crop Protection Association CEO.Nick Von Westenholz, UK Crop Protection Association CEO.
UK Crop Protection Association: BASF.UK Crop Protection Association: Bayer.UK Crop Protection Association: Dow.UK Crop Protection Association: DuPont.UK Crop Protection Association: Monsanto.UK Crop Protection Association: Syngenta.
The hired marionette performs exactly as required: surprise, arrogance; and those who fall for it mostly live in cities (is my bet).

Passover & præterite (passed over):   A topsy-turvy meditation. In the Old Testament, the Jews put up a mezuzah (blood of the Paschal lamb and all) to save their first-born from the angel of death when God is busy smiting the evil Egyptians. You could call the Egyptians hard to convince, even proud and 'stiff necked'; which turn of phrase goes around and comes around (as they say). For New Testament adherents the praeterite, reprobates lost in sin, are the not-elect, the ones not chosen for salvation. (All will be saved except the ones that are not saved. It's another bureaucrat's wet dream where all is not necessarily all of the all.)

Somehow my febrile brain winds up at 'rugs, sweeping things under'. I am thinking of discovery, dis-cover, take the cover off; and apocalypse which is the identical structure but in Greek.

He says, "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven," which is not quite what one might expect and subtly different from the other beatitude symmetries.

And Susanne Bier's films ... particularly 'Brødre' / 'Brothers' in which possible salvation & redemption comes with simple admission - stating the facts. There could be a comparison with the Americanized version made by Jim Sheridan which is ... so inferior, such shit; the analysis to focus on the details of changes and left-outs which, as soon as you start to think about them show cultural rot - and a capacious space under the American rug. If you are going to watch both I recommend the American one first - may help keep you interested - like watching 2D black & white and then ... 3D colour.

Maybe I am watching Danish films because I wish I lived there: anywhere but k-k-Canada but ... Denmark ... yeah (and there is an association with Iceland). Or because I am so bored that the subtitles help pass the time with forced attention.

Some of her films (the ones I have seen from 2002-2007) with so many images of people's eyes in extreme close-up ... strange:
Cecilie, Elsker dig for evigt / Open Hearts.Joachim, Elsker dig for evigt / Open Hearts.Michael, Brødre / Brothers.
Jacob, Efter Brylluppet / After The Wedding.Fox, Efter Brylluppet / After The Wedding.Anna, Efter Brylluppet / After The Wedding.
Anna, Efter Brylluppet / After The Wedding.Audrey, Things We Lost in the Fire.
And then ... no more: Hævnen / In A Better World & Den skaldede frisør / Love is all you need, with nary a one. (?) And yet these up-close eyes seem ... empty, with reflections but no light.

Did I say that I am one of the irredeemably stupid?

Fernando Gonsales: Niquel Nausea - amoebas.
I'm so alone. I need someone to talk to.         Still something missing.
Now we've got someone to run down.
David Parkins: Native knots.
It's not only natives who're gonna stop the madness. It's crazy old fucks who may be stupid but can still recognize pillicock shit when they see it and would rather die than eat it.
Greg Perry: The Master Strategist.David Parkins: Stephen Harper as Monty Python.
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