Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hands across the water. Hands across the sea.

or: Chagrin, shaggreen, whatever.
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Be with Chief Beau Dick breaking the coppers on the steps of parliament in Ottawa,
Sunday July 27 2014.

Follow the journey from B.C. at   Occupation Apple Tree.
Graeme MacKay: Abbott & Tarfellow.Moudakis: Canada's Environmental Action Plan.
Leona Aglukkaq & Stephen Harper.The Queen.
Leona Aglukkaq.Liz Truss.
Leona Aglukkaq.Liz Truss.
Women of a certain age ... Leona is 47, Liz is 39 (birthday is today); numerically inconclusive, but both make evident & liberal use of hair colour. A-and then there's the symmetry equation:
Leona Aglukkaq / Peter Kent = Liz Truss / Owen Paterson
and interesting (but idle) speculations falling out of that.

Just to take the ridiculous into the sublime consider Nigel Lawson / Owen Paterson (since Lords always like to be on top). See: Owen Paterson to give lecture to Nigel Lawson's climate-sceptic thinktank. Or even ... a threesome with a Roman Catholic Cardinal George Pell (now the Pope's chief economic advisor) in the middle.

Keeping in mind that with the exception of George Pell all of these people were duly elected by some legitimate constituency (so simply going out and shooting 'em won't do any good).

And also considering that what the Pope means by 'economy' is more like household accounting (in the proper etymological way), possibly even 'hussyfskap', and the appointment may simply be aimed at getting our large Georgie Boy off the main stage and out of the spotlight.
Galileo & The Pope in 1611 by Chris Madden.George Pell performing as King Canute for Nigel Lawson in 2011.
On the other hand - it took them 400 years to get with Galileo's program and ... well ... it's sad and unfortunate but we don't have 400 years to wait this time.
George Pell & Benedict.George Pell & Francis.
George Pell.George Pell.George Pell.George Pell.
And just as one is ready to write off the whole lot - all the Popes and Cardinals and the rest - as old women ... along comes an Irishman, John Michael McDonagh, with a film called 'Calvary' depicting a 'good priest. Go figgure.
Binn Ghulbain from Streedagh beach, Sligo.Binn Ghulbain from Streedagh beach, Sligo.

Chagrin: (Randle Cotgrave, A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues 1611) carke (burden), melancholie, care, thought; perplexitie, heauinesse, anxietie, pensiuenesse, vexation, or anguish of mind; also a disease or maladie: especially, such a one as comes by melancholie.

Shaggreen: (OED) shark skin (used as sandpaper), rough green leather and imitation rough green leather.

Plaisir d'amour ne dure q'un instant;
Chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie.

Falling in love with love is falling for make believe.

Greenwash cf. femwash; and ... The Commonwealth stands united! ... and ... Dérèglement rules!

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