Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Panem et circenses.

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It's k-k-k-CANADA DAY!
Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott get closer & closer, but there's no kissing (yet):
David Pope: Dinosaurs playing in the tar.
Tony Abbott & Stephen Harper.Tony Abbott & Stephen Harper.Stephen Harper & Tony Abbott.

Who compares with these guys?
Who is their exemplar?
Stephen Harper & Tony Abbott at APEC in Bali, October 2013.Zapiro: Jacob Zuma, The Showerhead.Brett Murray: Jacob Zuma, The Spear.
Jacob Zuma?   Yep!   Who endorses rape AND believes that showering after sex prevents Aids.

A veritable paradigm for dinosaurs.
Michael de Adder: Stephen Harper smashes Canada.

Brian Gable: Stephen Harper as Bambi.Brian Gable: The end of Barack Obama.

Ballard Street: Randy looks upon his fellow man as a form of entertainment.Adbusters: The Eveready Elephant is at the wall.
                The Eveready Elephant is at the wall.

Anon from Gord.

The 'circus' part is losing some of its glow; in Brazil's case the people would prefer education & hospitals, but 'bread' is not far behind.

Arab Spring f'rinstance was largely determined by the spike in wheat prices (according to Tom Friedman in 'Years of Living Dangerously') rather than unbridled enthusiasm for social networks.

[But ... how could 'Years of Living Dangerously' be generally so lame?]

A sidelight on social networks from tOad (and on tOad himself):
tOad: Réseau Social / social network.tOad: Otoselfiew / autoretrato / self portrait.
There's a lot in these two images - not to mention chicken & egg stuff.

Sepp Blatter is not a tall man:
FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014.Jean Julien: Sepp Blatter.Fernanda Lima & Sepp Blatter.
 João Havelange & Sepp Blatter.Daniel Pudles: How government money goes.Dilma Rousseff, Sepp Blatter & Fernanda Lima.
Newton Silva: COPA - legacy of embezzlement.Newton Silva: COPA - legacy of embezzlement.
Thiago Lucas: This COPA will be special.Thiago Lucas: There will be no COPA (?)
Não vai ter COPA! / There will be no COPA!Não vai ter COPA! / There will be no COPA!FIFA Go Home!FIFA Go Home!COPA Pra Quem? / COPA For Whom?
Thiago Lucas: Rats & cheese.

The FIFA rip-off artists & government freeloaders communicate well. They're on the same wavelength.

The protest fizzles out because once the games are on everyone gets excited. It's Brasil
And for the next event whatever it is the promoters and the government will just play it a bit softer, behind a few more closed doors. Oh well.

Things are evidently changing though - Brazilians never used to protest in English.
Fernanda Lima is the official World Cup 'muse'. Her tummy (a few years ago on the cover of Rolling Stone) appears photoshopped BUT it was twins so maybe not. And her impudent modesty takes me back to kinder & gentler days. Her page on Wikipedia is worth a look. She's from Porto Allegre in the south (where it gets cool in the winter if not cold). Porto Allegre is also the home of Luís Fernando Veríssimo.
Fernanda Lima on the cover of Rolling Stone.Fernanda Lima.Fernanda Lima.
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