Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oh k-k-Canada (again again).

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Dumb & Dumber pretending they have been to Brasil:
Toxic k-k-Canada.Stephen Harper & Jim Flaherty.Stephen Harper & Jim Flaherty.Stephen Harper & Jim Flaherty.

Québec is still part of it, but not science:
Aislin: London Bridge is falling down, falling down, dalling down.Bruce MacKinnon.
(The Gardiner Expressway is falling down too, not quite as dramatically as Route 40 - must be that Québecois panache.)

Cut it! Pave it! Paint it green!     Mars is next!
Brian Gable: Stephen Harper - The Green Period.David Parkins: Cut it! Pave it! Paint it green!

Cutting at the roots of Democracy:
David Parkins: The dragon slays St. George?Michael De Adder: Out of reach but not out of sight.
Greg Perry: Trust me.Bado: Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer.

Inglourious Leader ... er ... Basterd:
Brian Gable: Stephen Harper singing 'Hey Jude' as WMD.

Sorta reminds me of Goddard's colours:
Suck my pixel (blog): Temperament.Folasade on a chair.Anon: looks like shame to me.Kwesi Abbensetts: Oluwatoyin Pyne in blue glasses.

Deniers! How brilliant is that?     &     More of 'Oh Greenland':
Drew Sheneman.Seppo Leinonen: Tar she blows!

Disclaimer - A stupid guy:   I am a very stupid guy (just in case that is not entirely clear from blog contents to date).

I have believed at various times: that Canada is the best country in the world and Canadians the best people; that Christ lives in my heart (that is how I know right from wrong); that, okokok, Christ may be a myth but there is a God who created it all, sees everything and runs the show; that my family will always be there for me, ditto friends; that Peace, Love, Beauty (aesthetics), Truth ("The Truth shall set you free!"), and some number of other proper nouns refer to things with transcendental properties; ... is that enough to prove the point?

The changes I have gone through (limited as they are) have mostly resulted from someone close to me having the stroke to say, "What?! Are you nuts?!" in an acceptable tone of voice. Those not covered by 'mostly' have come through remembering things people say (or that I read in books, see in films like 'Pierrot le fou', overhear on streetcars & inter-city busses &c.) that I didn't understand or take seriously the first time.

But I am no smarter now than I was at 5 or 6, walking to first grade thinking I can put my toe on the streetcar tracks and it won't get hurt because the shiny wheels pass so quickly.

So. Profoundly stupid even ...
... reminds me of Otto & Wanda.
That said and notwithstanding ...
Brian Gable: Canadian content in porn flicks.Tom Toles: planets found and planet lost.
... even a moron can see there are at least two solitudes.
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