Monday, March 10, 2014

John Kerry on Climate Change (interrim conclusion).

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John Kerry, Jakarta, 14-02-16.Remarks on Climate Change by John Kerry, Secretary of State, @america, Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunday February 16 2014 - 45 minutes: video and transcript.

So. ... It's a bust gentle reader, approximately.

I was going to wait a full month to see if the other shoe would drop. A week or so short of the month but ... When I began on Saturday the 22nd there were 4,897 hits on the YouTube video; by the 24th there were 5,173 (143/day), 27th 5,427 (84/day), March 5th 5,650 (37/day), 6th 5,685 (35), 8th 5,710 (25) ... &c. (looks asymptotic). Google searches deliver about the same dreck as they did initially: "John Kerry’s Phony Climate War" &c.. Ho hum.

[Google could be part of a grand conspiracy: juggling search returns to promote the views of their good buddies like James Inhofe. I say this in all seriousness - and embarrassment.]

Some lukewarm praise from Grist: What can John Kerry accomplish with his climate talk?; and some idiot criticism from the NYT's resident greenie: Seeking the Strategy Behind Kerry’s Climate Speech in Indonesia. One begins to wonder if Revkin (who also presided over - or at least witnessed and endorsed - the dismantling of the environmental desk at NYT) is not a ringer?

I did watch another video of a climate change speech by Kerry - just a short few years ago when he was a mere Senator - and he has certainly improved since then: abandoned the disconcerting 'serpent tongue' for one thing. Who knows? Maybe he needed a State Department media consultant to tell him to stop doing that.

I am left with a more-or-less unprofitable segue into wondering how much the man grows out of the position. Robert Frost "It's hard not to be king ..." and so on.

Thank goodness for Peter Sinclair or it would have all passed me by.

The only cartoons I've seen are from the unkind (lobotomized?) right:

All I can find as antidote is Pussy Riot:
Tom Toles: If you can't beat them, beat them.Nadezhda Tolokonnikova: Anybody can be Pussy Riot.
"Anyone can become a member of Pussy Riot, including any one of you. The only thing you have to do is be passionate about politics, make up a song, record that song, find a place, put on a mask and perform. Anybody can be Pussy Riot." (From Vice News.)

K-k-Canada contributes flatulent philately - a snake in the grass and a horse's ass:
Toxic k-k-Canada.Canada stamp: Year of the Snake, issued January 8 2013.Canada stamp: Year of the Horse, issued January 13 2014.

[And yes, I don't want your stinking plastic money either!]

Latuff: The sun is for everone, but the water, no!
The sun is for everyone, but the water, no!

Do I think the livyers on this planet will wake up? Yes I do.

Unfortunately I think it'll happen too late to do any good.

In some awful future when the light finally dawns on the trolls and any of the children and grandchildren of the plutocrats & oligarchs who can be dug out from under their rocks are strung up on lamp-poles and pitched from high-rise balconies ... it will neither be just nor will it help.
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