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The Global Climate Convergence - Earth Day to May Day, 2014:
The Global Climate Convergence - Earth Day to May Day, 2014.The Global Climate Convergence - Earth Day to May Day, 2014.

Website: Global Climate Convergence;   also see: Popular Resistance for news.

There were 40,000 on the Washington Mall February 17th of last year.   Let's make it a million, and ten twenty thirty times world wide!

(Maybe more than 35 will even show up in k-k-Canada this time.)

I go looking to see what's up with Tim DeChristopher and find this interview with Acronym TV:
Tim DeChristopher.Tim DeChristopher.
Observations:   Tim's intellectual trajectory is evident & straightforward. He is one of those who thinks we are already in for it and so emphasises mitigation & adaptation over abatement. But the word 'paradigm' is so misused that I shudder when I hear it, and he uses it several times. Maybe that divinity school also has a course named Equivocation 101. Is that it?

Michael Mann's analysis of the temperature rise hiatus - described in a recent issue of Scientific American - leads him to say (and me to agree) that perhaps the 2015-2020 deadline has been pushed out a few years. Mann says to 2036, but that is to a mathematically inevitable +2°C world. So I am adjusting to 2025 (for round numbers' sake) as the very last chance to flatten the Keeling Curve and dodge the bullet.

Getting to the 'many mansions' stage of the proceedings perhaps eh? Let's hear it for economic collapse before 2025.

There's a lot more to this which I will get to eventually; in particular just where 'apocalypse' properly fits in. I'll be gone by 2025 (which influences apocalyptic credibility :-).

Gary Trudeau: Harmonic Convergence, 1987.
Harmonic Convergence: Mankind's second chance. It is writ large, somewhere: "In the cusp of converging ages, one blinding, holy moment of transcendence ... shall transform the Zeitgeist with perfect synchronicity, into the pure, ineffable expression of indivisible ... oneness."

(Don't follow leaders. Watch yer parkin' meters.)
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