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The Global Climate Convergence - Earth Day to May Day 2014.

Once on a while he gets it wrong (or seems to):
Malvados: ateus.
Why aren't atheists afraid of punishment?         Simple.         The worst punishment is to live in fear.

BUT: There seems to be a missing distinction: What kind of punishment? Torture? They're probably afraid of that. Eternal punishment then? Hell? The premise begins to unravel.

Anyway, what's the big difference between atheists and believers? Atheists (who call themselves atheists) do not seem to develop sublime art. (Of course they have had less public time & space to practice. :-)

And then ... there is 'The Hag' - not the Hag you remember with approximate equanimity but the one you face as you are facing it. Or call it pure physiological terror, what you will. (Eh?)

Then again, you never know for certain:
Overboard: Thunderbolt.

It is reported in The Guardian that Pope Francis may endorse the fossil fuel divestment campaign - at least he is being urged to do so. Given close advisors such as climate change denier George Pell, Australia's Cardinal, a-and a long history of condom-condemnation (despite, one presumes, first-hand experience) it seems like the longest of possible long-shots and the dreamiest of wishful thinking; the proverbial icecube in hell.

George Pell & Pope Benedict.George Pell & Pope Francis.

Almost too incredible to wish for, but yes, he could do it. There would be something a Catholic could be proud of! Might stem the seemingly inevitable decline ... or possibly save him from being summarily chucked off his balcony in some not too distant future ... or stave off a divine thunderbolt, whatever.

Dona Ruth and the New World:
Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 1.Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 2.Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 3.Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 4.
Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 5.Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 6.Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 7.Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 8.
Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 9.
Laerte: Dona Ruth e o Novo Mundo 10 - Final.

1) Where will you take me? The truth is I just got here. I came looking for ... / Let's go soon.
2) It's a dangerous crossing Dona Ruth. Perils and monsters are all around us. The terrible Jaws.
3) Dona Ruth has to pass between Scylla ... Charybdis ... and a piece of bad road.
5) Do you have an appointment? I'm Dona Ruth. Excuse me. Dona Ruth! Dona Ruth! Dona Ruth!
6) Lead us Dona Ruth. A bug bit me. Me too. There are many of them! AAAA!
10) Sir! Look! It's Dona Ruth returning! Dona Ruth, you discovered a new world for us.   Us?

Old folks embracing.The 60s hippies are gettin' old, boys and girls alike.

Laerte's fable shows surprising perspicacity. I don't know how old he is. His pictures make him look 40ish, 50 maybe but it's hard to tell with Brazilians because they take care of themselves. His fat, naked, bald-on-top-with-a-white-mullet, old man flying off into the moon & stars is the single happiest image that has appeared here (once it's taken out of context).

Space for an editorial but I'll spare y'all.
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