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The Global Climate Convergence - Earth Day to May Day 2014.

(aka Imminent immanent isness.)                                   A-and Happy Birthday for Luke the Duke.

Adão Iturrusgarai.
I faked the orgasm.                                                                             But the love was sincere.

Perceptions are sliding, sometimes so quickly that I notice: one day I need the glasses, then for a while - a few months - I do not; patches of print appear and disappear - shifting my head sometimes works to make a fuzzy part of a paragraph come clear; when the punctuation disappears, especially the periods, it gets tricky to make sense of it and I fall asleep; longer and longer sitting to piss - sitting itself began years ago - soon enough it will stop altogether and have to be dealt with;

and now, tonight, listening to Arvo Pärt 'Spiegel Im Spiegel' and PCO/Simon Jeffes 'Nothing Realy Blue' for about the 10,000th time and the VLC player begins to very occasionally insert ... pauses. [Some little ET robot interrupting as he tries to call home and report my sedition d'you think?]

Ah ... the end is near.
Bring it on!      :-)
Tom Toles: The birds & the bees.

Not easy?!
Newton Silva.
This COPA isn't going to be soft for the FIFA mafia.
They'll see that it isn't so easy just to pat Brazil's ass.
Adidas launches COPA t-shirt with sexual connotation.
Brazilian flag.             Brazilian flag to outsiders.

Tom Toles: Boiling frogs.
    I wish the people would blow up!
    I couldn't care less about public opinion!
    Fuck ethics! We govern for our exclusive friends!
    Fuck the voters!
    The people deserve respect!
    Put the voters first!
    In the name of ethics let's stick to our mandate!
    We owe an explanation to public opinion!
Scurrilous trade deals, China, The New Alliance - "Fuck the People! Let 'em eat cake!":
Zapiro: China and the New Alliance.Daniel Pudles: Trade Deal.

Anima identity is changin' too:
Jogos indíginas, Altamira 2005.Turkana girl.Malana de Freitas.
The photograph of the girl at the jogos indíginas in Altamira - 2005; about the time all this blogging began. I soon nominated her 'anima' [conflating Jung's two meanings into one], the first in what has become a longish line. And now the images are more-and-more emaciated, starving, pixelated. What's that about I wonder?

Caution! Toxic Waste!
ShamWow!Toxic k-k-k-Canada.
Brian Gable: Parachute.Joe Oliver dreaming of pipelines.Sue Dewar: Harper in Munich.
Stephen Harper & Rob Ford.Don Cherry & Rob Ford.Stephen & Laureen Harper & Adrienne Clarkson.

Eugenio Neves (edited): Cuidado! Lixo Tóxico - Stephen Harper's Canada.
[Lest you be offended, remember that Canada now IS 'The Harper Government'.]

Fossicking about in the OED:

imminent: of an (almost always evil or dangerous) event impending threateningly; hanging over one's head; ready to befall or overtake one; close at hand in its incidence; coming on shortly.

immanent: indwelling, inherent, actually present or abiding in.   [Not deriving from manus/hand, the 'man' in manufacture as I always imagined; not embodying 'in the hand' after all.]

isness: The fact that a thing is; that which a thing is in itself; essence.

In this case the citations are also interesting (particularly the last one): 1865 Seyn, in Germany, often in Hegel himself, means the abstraction of sensuous Isness.   1884 The moment of being or is-ness yields identity (A = A); and as this is-ness is given in concreto as a determined somewhat which is, we have the category of Essence as derivative category from Being.   1888 Both the fact of Being or ‘is-ness’ of each thing and the real nature of Cause are guaranteed to us by the free act of percipience.   1893 That which the intellect first perceived is the transcendental essence or ‘isness’ of the thing.   1942 Any one who sets out along the via negativa in this spirit is confessing in the very act that ‘is’ can never be tortured into ‘isness’.   1955 (Aldous Huxley) The girl is who she is. Some of her isness spills over and impregnates the entire universe.   1965 (L. Ron Hubbard) Is-ness, one of the four conditions of existence. It is an apparency of existence brought about by the continuous alteration of an As-is-ness. This is called, when agreed upon, reality.

Also: quiddity.

So. Apocalypse. I have to say I have never studied Revelations, just stumbled over the odd verse. It is a secular apocalypse I am thinking of - the end, not of transcendence, but of any possibility of transcendence (there being, you know, no one about to ... transcend).

Readings: A.S. Byatt 'Ragnarök'; Pascal Bruckner 'The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse'; Ian McEwan 'End of the World Blues'; Norman Cohn 'The Pursuit of the Millennium'; Daniel Wocjik 'The end of the world as we know it'.

TEOTWAWKI ... doesn't quite capture it. Conceptually it's more like "The End of th

One bit in McEwan's essay caught me:
"Estimating the nature and timing of our collective demise, not a lecture-roomful, but the end of civilization, of the entire human project, is even less certain—it might happen in the next hundred years, or not happen in two thousand, or happen with imperceptible slowness, a whimper, not a bang. But in the face of that unknowability, there has often flourished powerful certainty about the approaching end. Throughout recorded history people have mesmerized themselves with stories which predict the date and manner of our whole-scale destruction, often rendered meaningful by ideas of divine punishment and ultimate redemption; the end of life on earth, the end or last days, end time, the apocalypse."
Near the beginning you see, so I read on, eager to see if I can possibly learn to write off most of what I think seriously about - which I would do in a heartbeat, gladly & happily - but no, I fail the entrance exam and wind up back where I started, saying to Mr. McEwan, "Sorry Ian, missed me."

And all of them (except maybe Antonia Byatt) miss the isness of isn'tness (in the business).

Perfectly complacent minge:
Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds & whey.
Along came a spider.
He sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.
[Unfortunately there was nowhere to go.]
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