Friday, November 8, 2013

Mustn't grumble.

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Amantaní island in Lake Titicaca.
Amantaní is important because it is the home of mother and father earth (according to certain enthusiasts) ... you can find the bumph at Wikipedia.

Alberto Benett.
Please be my friend. Please like me. Please accept me.
Not you, idiot!
Do you really know who you are? Me? But of course I know.
I'm a happy guy, with achievements, charismatic, with lots of friends, liked by all, talented ...
Tell me the truth: you don't really know who you are, do you?
I don't have the least idea ...


Rodrigo Chaves.Newton Silva.
There's a Coke in my rat!
I rob the people. I don't know anything. I voted for them.
Jerry Van Amerongen: Ballard Street.Jerry Van Amerongen: Ballard Street.

Calvin & Hobbes.Calvin & Hobbes.

This is our Stephen Harper going to bat for his real constituency, his 'friends' - the scumbag gold-miners at Belo Sun and Forbes & Manhattan, Stan Bharti and his greed-head chums.

I was beautiful just like you and I so much wanted someone to do it to me.
Sponholz.Greg Perry.
What bullshit is this eh?
Your Obama knows everything!!!
Why didn't he tell me Marina was going to join forces with Eduardo Campos?!

Tony Auth.Genildo.
Thank you for the present Kleber.
Thank you for my future Professora.

Covered face.Covered face.Covered face.Covered face.Covered face.

Girls smiling & laughing.Girls smiling & laughing.

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