Thursday, September 24, 2015

Canada's Faint Hope:

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Elizabeth May, 14-09-21, Ottawa, by Adrian Wyld.

Minority government with Elizabeth May holding the balance of power.

Does it even make sense?     I don't know.
Brian Gable: Nostradamus.Is there such a combination of numbers of seats as to give Elizabeth May a modicum of control? By the time you mix in party discipline it's all very problematic if not outright silly. Or is it?
Mayes: Tom Mulcair and the NDP deliver promises by the bushel and by the peck.She could then ensure that Canada quickly makes a revised and reasonable submission to the COP 21 in Paris with a realistic plan to achieve it; ... and that the the best of the NDP's empty promises are honoured.

That would be a good start.

Stephen Harper hires an Australian expert to morph him into Donald Trump - but Justin Sinclair & Archibald Arseholedent are no better.

Crowd gathers for the unveiling of the Justin Trudeau statue.Harper reshapes his image for second phase of the campaign.
(Thanks to Gord for the Pidgeons/Harper/Trump images.)
Os Três Cavalheiros   com merda na cabeça.   Safados mentirosos!Os Três Cavalheiros: Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, & Stephen Harper.

The current policies of the Green Party are not sufficient to the task of keeping within 2°C. I believe this is a function of the party rather than of the leader. Nonetheless the policies of the Green Party are FAR closer to sufficiency than those of the Conservative, Liberal or New Democratic parties.

Elizabeth May knows what has to be done and she tells the truth. This puts her into a completely different category of human being from the other three leaders.

They have their debates from which she is excluded and she wins 'em in absentia.

I guess she needs 5-7 Greens elected, say, lucky 13. And could this vision then work? Could she hold the balance? I wish somone who knows how to figgure these things would tell me.
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