Friday, May 8, 2015

Pot-pourri (rotten pot), potpourri, pauperie (poverty).

A-and of course, Popery.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

[What could this possibly mean?]
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Jim Prentice quits.Jim Prentice quits.

May Jim Prentice's daemonic pipeline deals be buried along with himself:
        Alberta’s ploy to break First Nations' pipeline opposition April 29; and,
        LNG venture offers $1-billion for aboriginal consent May 1.

Kathleen Wynne & Philippe Couillard in China, 2014.

The Globe and Mail:
        Why cap-and-trade schemes are little more than a cash grab, Jeff Rubin, April 13 2015;
        Globe Letters: April 15; and, Globe Letters: April 18.

[Crowley must be getting desperate. The Globe is changing somewhat for the better - in the way that, say, a victim of anorexia begins to show edges. Graeme MacKay's cartoon is not from the Globe though. It merits a close look.]

Graeme MacKay: Cap & Trade.

People you might not expect are congratulating these dipshit sleveens: Peter Sale for one. Maybe it's the 'least worst' principle rearing its ugly head, at a time when (I guess) there is something worse in our jaded imaginations than extinction.    [What could it possibly be?]

Premier Wynne is also (reportedly) buying off the plutocrats with fat contracts to refurbish her fleet of nuclear plants.
                        DOH?!   How fricken' short-sighted is that?

Joep Bertrams (edited with apologies for k-k-Canada): De grote mars / The long march.The sad truth is that there is no party (in Canada or anywhere else) with a platform to properly address the environmental catastrophe. It won't be long before so-called mitigation becomes real-meal-deal palliative care.

Considering history from 1750 to the present as a single sweep or wave, or as somewhat less than two quick whip-arounds of a spiral, gives each age-group a unique historical niche. (I'm sorry if that's a mouthful.)

Jomo Kenyatta got me started thinking about age-groups a few years ago when I read his book 'Facing Mount Kenya: The traditional life of the Gikuyu'. Here's chapter 7 of that on the Initiation of Boys and Girls.

Clear enough (perhaps) when considering a cohort which keeps within some cultural space; not so much in a 'modern' context where individuals may wander widely. All very loosey-goosey.

Be that as it may - back in the day I did notice a preference (in myself) for friends in the age-groups older than me and a marked difference in ... 'stance' (let's say) among people beginning about half an age-group younger than me. It's a long story - idiosyncratic and no doubt due to temperament (or distemper), solipsism, whatever, so I'll spare you any more of it.

Unless, that is, you take the time to look at the ages of the individuals presented here today.

Ilana Panich-Linsman.New York Times:
        Crowning Preteen Beauty Queens, March 17; and,
        Sally Mann’s Exposure, April 16.

If it ain't (at the very least) self-indulgent to build careers on the heads of children (not generically in such as 'Alice in Wonderland' or 'Just So Stories' but very specifically) then I don't know what is.
Sally Mann.Sally Mann.Sally Mann.

Consider the abject silliness of it all:

        Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes; and,
        Judges Skeptical of Challenge to Proposed E.P.A. Rule on Climate Change.

        Scrap fossil fuel subsidies now and bring in carbon tax, says World Bank chief; and,
        World Bank fossil fuel financing leapt in 2014.

Matt Wuerker: Best & Brightest.

Shitheads of a feather style their hair-dos together:

        Fossil-fuel divestment is not the way to reduce carbon emissions;
        10 questions Wellcome should answer on the Guardian's climate campaign;
        Fossil fuel investments are an issue on which fair-minded people will disagree; and,
        Why fossil fuel divestment is a misguided tactic.

Coriolis acceleration is equal (but not opposite in this case) in the Southern Hemisphere:

        Australian taxpayers funding climate contrarian's methods; and,
        Greg Hunt ['Environment' Minister] defends $4m for Bjørn Lomborg.

Bjørn Lomborg.Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust.Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust.Mike Hulme.

For cooking up self-serving rationales that hold no water, Bjørn Lomborg, Jeremy Farrar, & Mike Hulme have few equals. Melhor não ha! (as they say in Brasil). "Good from far but far from good," as they say up in The Pontiac. For the last few weeks Alan Rusbridger has been exhorting us to write to Jeremy Farrar and the Wellcome Trust board members - but 'please be cordial' he says because these people have done so much good work. A-and I have tried to compose such letters ... but they all come out loud and angry and bitter in the end. These people are such shit heads. Arrogant & complacent shit heads. Nothing more.

By this time (if you've been following) you need some comic relief and good news:

Bill Maher: Zombie Lies Environmental Edition.Janet Larsen & Lester Brown: The Great Transition.Lester Brown: The Great Transition.
Navinder Singh Sarao.Navinder Singh Sarao.
A very funny skit from Bill Maher:

        Zombie Lies – Environmental Edition.

Good news from Lester Brown and his colleagues:

        The Great Transition
        Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Solar and Wind Energy; and with,
        A preview of Chapter 1. Changing Direction (pdf).

And more good news demonstrating unequivocally how vulnerable the 'market' really is. What we need is 10,000 more like Navinder Singh Sarao and maybe the whole shitty mess comes tumbling down.

David Parkins: Smokers and Prayers outcasts.

Matt Wuerker: Mitch McConnell Bootlicker.

Ygreck: Stephen Harper in Tar Sands bath.

Danziger: Boop Fizzleblob.

David Parkins: Balance-O-Man Defies Belief.Brian Gable: Stephen Harper Defies Belief.

Akrasia (as noted previously). The Koch's have to know that they may own the world but only for slightly longer than the rest of us and then their dynasty ends along with everything else - not with a bang but a whimper. They have to know this don't they?

The entire thing defies belief.
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