Thursday, March 19, 2015

Keystone Kops. The Government Reflects the Nation.

You get the government that you deserve.
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Train bombs, pipelines, refineries - wrecked & exploding:
Saturday July 6 2013: Lac Mégantic, Québec.Saturday October 19 2013: Gainford, Alberta.Friday November 8 2013: Aliceville, Alabama.Monday December 30 2013: Casselton, North Dakota.Tuesday January 7 2014: Wapske (near Plaster Rock) New Brunswick.Wednesday April 30 2014: Lynchburg, Virginia.Friday May 9 2014: LaSalle, Colorado.Tuesday October 7 2014: Clair, Saskatchewan.January 17 2015: Yellowstone River.Saturday February 14 2015: Gogama Ontario.Monday February 16 2015: Boomer, West Virginia.February 18 2015: Torrance, California.Thursday March 5 2015: Galena, Illinois.Thursday March 5 2015: Hornepayne, Ontario.Saturday March 7 2015 - still burning Monday: Gogama Ontario.
These are NOT ALL of the incidents by any means, just the ones severe enough to be reported. There have been many many more smaller leaks and derailments. Lac Megantic is the most dramatic because the bombs went off in the middle of town and killed a lot of people - there have been lots of close-but-no-cigar 'accidents' far too near the centres of towns. The most recent explosion in Gogama f'rinstance missed the centre by more than a mile. That's a comfort eh?

So let's begin with Keystone Kop-ette Lisa Riatt, Transport Minister: (July 15 2013 to present)
Lisa Raitt.Lisa Raitt.Lisa Raitt.
Can we say she's put on some weight since she got to the House of Commons? She's doing what she's told to do, saying what she's told to say, being what she's told to be - maybe it's a psychological compensation of some kind for the cognitive dissonance where the rubber of her self meets the road of Stephen Harper.

She pretends to think the problem is with rail car standards, or rail inspection frequency, or operating procedures. It's not. The problem is that this stuff should not be being transported at all.

            1. Lac Mégantic, Québec - Saturday July 6 2013.
            2. Gainford, Alberta - Saturday October 19 2013.
            3. Aliceville, Alabama - Friday November 8 2013.
            4. Casselton, North Dakota - Monday December 30 2013.
            5. Wapske/Plaster Rock, New Brunswick - Tuesday January 7 2014.
            6. Lynchburg, Virginia - Wednesday April 30 2014.
            7. LaSalle, Colorado - Friday May 9 2014 (dud).
            8. Clair, Saskatchewan - Tuesday October 7 2014.
            9. Yellowstone River, Montana - Saturday January 17 2015.
            10. Gogama, Ontario - Saturday February 14 2015.
            11. Boomer, West Virginia - Monday February 16 2015.
            12. Torrance, California - Wednesday February 18 2015.
            13. Hornepayne, Ontario - Thursday March 5 2015.
            14. Galena, Illinois - Thursday March 5 2015.
            15. Gogama, Ontario - Saturday March 7 2015.

Details can be found in two previous posts: Bakken Kraaken Lac Mégantic et cetera. (Sunday, August 17, 2014), and Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (Wednesday, February 25, 2015, updated 15-03-14).

There is just ONE proper solution to the problem:

Wiley Miller: Ark for the 1%.
Abbott & Costello meet the Keystone Cops.Keystone Cops: Justice Minister Peter MacKay & Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney.
Keystone Cops: Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney & Justice Minister Peter MacKay.Keystone Cops: Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney & Justice Minister Peter MacKay & unidentified blonde onlooker.
David Parkins: Another Tory Crime Bill.Exactly who do you think is escaping from the jail tower in the cartoon at the right?

Answer: Stephen Harper and his cabinet. All of this poppycock around terrorism, national security, law and order, the economy, and all the rest of it EXCEPT action on CO2 emissions is ... gas, red herrings.

There is ONE issue - it's EXISTENTIAL - and ONE positive outcome - to force the fuckin' maggots to DO something to turn things around before Paris in December. For the record, the actual UN meetings in Paris don't matter much - they're just a line in the sand that happens to be towards the end of 2015 (being the planetary best-before date).
Michael de Adder: Vote Conservative or the terrorists will get you.
David Parkins: Stephen Harper scare tactics.
Peter Jenkins: Stephen Harper the squid.



These are (of course) among the tools in any politician's standard tactical kit.

I wonder if there is a trick in there, some proroguery shenanigans, that will let him delay the election to the spring of 2016?
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Lee Judge: Minimum Wage Job Market.
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Tom Toles: k-k-k-Canadian dinosaurs.Brian Gable: Oil-Based Economic Strategy.
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Daniel Pudles: Keyhole Thuggery.
Keyhole thuggery & breadcrumb sins.

No boobage for a long while now. This image is ... irresistable.   ;-)
Wiley Miller: Déjà vu.
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