Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sheep & Goats (Full Moon).

Lookout! The living-dead are on the loose!
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Indeed, on the 17th will begin the Chinese lunar Year of the Sheep, Year of the Goat, or Year of the Ram - as you like. In Portuguese, however, 'carneiro' is specifically a male sheep or ram, with 'ovelha' for the generic, 'bode' for billy goat and 'cabra' for nanny goat. One of those little linguistic cracks that let in the light. :-)

[Letting in light for the dim dills eh? As usual I've got it wrong and make little or no sense. And yet, all pretentions revealed ... even imagining these cracks is a comfort.]
Nick Anderson: Ready To Govern.
And worse still considering the likes of Canada's Ludicrous Left which is as much behind building pipelines as the rest of the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers.

There is a HUGE turd coming down the pipe (followed by many more), officially unacknowledged and popularly not hardly understood, but it's there on the periphery of the Zeitgeist and soon to be a central feature (and soon after that 'the' central feature). It's in the consciousness and no accident that Gwynne Dyer began to take the environmental catastrophe seriously when he noticed his chums in senior security positions doing so.

Most of you will make out the fellow to the left as a Republican, but some of Joep Bertrams' acronyms may not be familiar: Pegida, PVV, FN, and UKIP. And there are others popping up every day (reminiscent of Edward Lear: "And thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more!"). Neo-Nazis of one flavour and another, Stephen Harper's Conservatives of course, and whatever Tony Abbott's party is called.

It would be bad enough if these were nutbar fringes, but it's mainstream in Canada & Australia and increasingly so elsewhere.
Joep Bertrams: De Grote Mars / The Big March.
Belt tightening in a home economy, at the scale of one or several individuals or a family, even some certain small neighbourhoods, can be accomplished without immediate blood letting. At larger scales I think not. At larger scales it's police and the army and vigilantes and gangs of thugs.
Danziger: Keystone.

A suite of Laerte on the general theme (a ram in this case):
What cracks nuts: Nutcracker! Nutcracker! Speak to me nutcracker. The magic is gone.
Will it be the year of the ram?
The Ram - One Act:         Study         Pain         Applause         Immortality
The Ram - Second One Act: EMPOWERMENT STATION      Fill the tank.      More!      More.
The Ram - One Act No. 3:             Do the possible and you will get the probable.
The Ram - One Act IV:             Forgetting the causes does not cancel the effects.
The Ram - One Act Vol. 7:         This is the historical moment. This is the historical place.
I just don't feel like it.
The Twilight Zone (indeed) I:
Brian Gable: Oil-Based Economic Strategy.
Tom Toles: Cheap Energy.Tom Toles: Waterboarding II.
Tom Toles: EPA Rules.
Jim Morin: Ted Cruz.Danziger: Ted Cruz & the Koch brothers.
Tom Toles: James Inhofe.
Lee Judge: State of the Union.
Brian Gable: Barack Obama sails on into history.
Brian Gable's effort comes from 2013 - so, a perspicacious fellow then, is Mister Gable.

Watching the whole State of the Union speech several times I see a good man, worn out and looking for a Flander's Fields moment. No one in sight to pass the torch to though ... Oh well.

Mike Thompson: Wealth Gap.

The Twilight Zone (indeed) II:
David Fitzsimmons: Twilight Zone.
Chris Weyant: poor choice of words.Rayma Suprani: Official Speech.
tOad: We are victims of victimization ... too.Why do we hate the politicians (when we do hate them) so viscerally?

Is it that they (the ones we hate) lie so transparently and so continuously that our psyches are forced into a lower register?
Rayma Suprani: State Channel.
The phrase 'dead cat bounce' turned up in The Globe and Mail. Quite forthright talk for Crowley or whatever his name is to permit on his pages. See: Crude oil prices gain for second day: A bottom or a ‘dead cat bounce’?.

'Hog cycle' is another one: Oil's 'hog cycle' smacks Canada but in this case the columnist is touting the Bank of Canada deputy governor, Timothy Lane.

I am hoping that his 'hog cycle' analysis is optimistic and that the decline hovers just above drop dead until the greed heads have squandered all their cash and wind up in the welfare line (with me).

Adão Iturrusgarai: Ano Novo.
It hardly got started ...
... and 2015 has already crashed.
But Adão exaggerates. It hasn't missed, yet. 2015 is the last chance saloon sure enough but it's got some months to go. Gonna be what they call in the trade a 'cliff hanger'.

Doctor Who.

(David Wilson)
I wonder if readers find this blog irritating in the way that I often find Doctor Who irritating?
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