Monday, December 22, 2014

What to do?

Apply the Golden Rule and see if it sticks.   
Fuck, fight, hold the light.
(Thanks to Ken B.)
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Neil Young: Who's gonna stand up?

Here's a start for Y'all.   Ask yourself:                                                                    
  Who's gonna stand up?

   Other versions:
   A-and: Fork in the Road.

This is what's really happening:
Ballard Street: He throws himself on the mercy of the day.
Berkeley Breathed. Bill The Cat.

... all the rest is strictly hypothetical.

Earth First!But seriously ... three possibly useful & effective examples have seeped and soaked into the squash over the last few years:

                Crowbird & Occupation Apple Tree;
                Zoe & the Forest Action Network; and,
                The entire East End Against Line 9 committee.

More on this below.
What to do betwixt & between? Infinite possibilities! ...

Blame the Arabs:
John Larter.Matt Wuerker.
Or ... don't blame the Arabs:
Tom Toles: Church of the Almighty Dollar.Tom Toles: Our survival plan is to sacrifice our children.
Find morally ambiguous people (at home & abroad) to blame:
MacKinnon: Veterans Affairs, Julian Fantino the sleveen.Malcolm Mayes: Veterans Christmas.
Lee Judge: Hate America.
Dress up the lies & dissembling, put lipstick on 'em:
Harry Bliss.John Larter.
Chip Bok.Tutu pig.
Give up, stop thinking, say "Fuck it!" & resign yourself:
John Cole: Justice. Bah!Lee Judge.
Become a perfectly realized being or ... get sentimental:
Chiquinha: Voando / Flying (stoned).Lassalvy: Sea Shell.
Take the time for a serious course of reality therapy:
Anita Kunz: Arctic Ark.Mike Thompson: Fear.
Pray to the Great Cloud Dragon; hope a Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake comes along:
Signe: Pope UnSelfie.
Jay Williams & Mercer Mayer: Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like.
The Elephant's Child Rudyard Kipling.
Tarot reading, astrology, star-gazing, tea leaves:
Pearls Before Swine: Give Up Pig.
Indulge in positive thinking:
Anonymous but defiant frog.Paul Conrad: Congressional Bipartisanship 1999.Remember, it may get worse.
... or one-word aphorisms:
Shepard Fairey: Andre the Giant, OBEY.Anonymous: Resist.Barack Obama: Hope.
... or the heroes of your youth: (Show 'em off, brag on 'em, go ahead - be pretentious.)
Hunter S. Thompson.Hunter S. Thompson. 
Some people say to take examples from the abolitionst movement of the 17th & 18th (& 19th & 20th & 21st) centuries (which has yet to eliminate slavery in its many forms) - I think we might be better off taking examples from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943.

Adam Czerniaków, Neville Chamberlain - are those the kind of leaders you're looking for? Is that why the palliative & appeasement dimensions of 'mitigation' have such widespread appeal?

The three examples I gave at the top can be found:

                Occupation Apple Tree,.
                Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network.
                East End Against Line 9.

All well worthy of praise and whatever support they may ask for.
We can quibble if you like. A quick round of intellectual table tennis over whether it's Earth (mother or father), or Humanity (sapiens or graedum or agapiens), or Nature, or Ecology, or simply life itself. Regardless of the outcome I like this phrase 'Earth First!' with a gen-u-ine exclamation point and all.
Earth First!
[I myself can probably not be found. Weak and worn out; smoking, sipping & savouring death (while avoiding the main draught). Holding the light perhaps or ... consumed by self-pity, or both - no way of telling - but either way, demonstrably supernumerary, superfluous and ... not required, unworthy of any engagement.

The danger is not the loss of faith & hope, the danger is not despair; the danger is that no one will notice and take interest. There is a calculus of spirit though it is not mathematical and so is not suitable for engineering.
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