Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ground Zero.

First snow on November 1st. Hump-day & descent into scatology.
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Nick Anderson: Lone Wolf.
Russell Brand: Trews - Lone German Shepherd.Murphy: The last time Lance said the word 'ironically' as a news Anchor.

Russell Brand deconstructs Steve, Stephen Harper that is, and Barack Obama, handily. Who is Russell Brand? In this case he seems to have it spot on.

The politics is all becoming pure poison - toxic by design. Here's Andrew Scheer in his own words: A mealy-mouthed Statement to the House of Commons; a cogent commentary by Paul McLeod: Commons Speaker needs to resign; and Rick Mercer with the spoken word: Rick's Rant, The Speaker's Role.

[In the event that they are no longer on-line at sources, the text has been archived here.]
The Right Dishonourable Sleveen Stephen Joseph Harper, Prime Minister.The Right Dishonourable Sleveen Stephen Joseph Harper, Prime Minister.The Dishonourable Sleveen Andrew Scheer, M.P. Speaker of the House of Commons.The Dishonourable Sleveen Andrew Scheer, M.P. Speaker of the House of Commons.
Signe: Three Viruses.
Angeli: And Vice Versa.
Politics is theatre.            The right is on the left.       The left is on the right.     And vice versa.
Tony Abbott: Portrait of a dinosaur.Tony Abbott: Portrait of a dinosaur.
Tony Abbott & Stephen 'the Sleveen' Harper in Ottawa, June 9 2014.

Why Are These Men Laughing?

A good discussion of the G20 meetings in Australia (beforehand), originally in The New Republic where it is very securely LOCKED UP, but reprinted in The New Statesman and posted to Ron Peters' blog.

The world's worst climate change villains?
Step forward, prime ministers of Australia and Canada.
These two pathetic little boys
snigger while the world burns.
Luo Jie: GDP.tOad: Accord UE sur le climat - réduction des gaz à ... / EU agreement to reduce greenhouse gases.
[[tOad's image is particularly apt (if anyone remembers the Holy Grail
interpreted as a green stone a while ago in this blog).

Not looking very good for COP 21 in Paris eh?

Angeli: Nao há luz no fim do túnel / There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Marijuana is also             Religions castrate.            Prejudice kills.                There is no light at the
                medicine.                                                                                             end of the tunnel.
[[Worth looking closely at the incidence of black eyes in the frames above.]
Angeli: Vou chegar a lugar nenhum / Arriving nowhere.
One day I'll go out walking             I'll swim aimlessly                         I will arrive nowhere.
                    without a path.                    through the oceans.
[[Resonates with the advice the Cheshire Cat gave to Alice.]

Allan Sieber: Não confusa.
Do not confuse: toilet paper, a vote, a suppository.

Malvados: Golpes.
It was not an election of low scams. It was an election ... of subterranean scams.

So. ... A know-nothing blogger, a nitwit but at least not a wholly urban nitwit, despairs, considers suicide, decides against it (mostly out of cowardice but also because he's not cut out for the job), starts spoiling ballots at election time, calls for economic collapse &c., eventually simply tries to leave the room, change venues. What do you think of that?

And, oh, we already know all about the Zen stuff, the "Wherever your go, there you are" stuff. Oh yeah.

1923: German economy in ruins.
1931: Adolph Hitler gives German people hope.
1933: Nazis take power.
1938: Chamberlain declares 'Peace for our time'.

World War I to World War II - twenty years? Very best & most optimistic estimate for absolute commitment to a 2°C world, say 2020 - five years from now? That's the broad stroke diagram that comes to mind. Harper doesn't come out of hyperinflation & severe economic hardship so the comparison falters.

Any of the numbie muggles who go around spouting about 'hope' should look at the 1931 headline very carefully (eh?). I would oblige 'em to go about with a copy firmly stapled to their chests - but, well, we all know I am far too extreme.

We think we know what happens when people stop voting; but I can't help it anymore: I go to the voting place - and spoil the ballot.

Fewing's cartoon is ambiguous. He may have intended mourning two fallen human beings - two bullet holes in the leaf - and I do mourn deaths, even of strangers; but for me the fallen leaf is more the country itself in the hands of an elite with no sense and no sensibility either.

John Fewings: Fallen leaf.
Toxic k-k-Canada.Moudakis: K-k-k-Canada.

We Are Being Governed To Extinction!

Daniel Pudles.Daniel Pudles.Daniel Pudles.
Varley: Dharana.I remember a sketch at the Group of Seven gallery in Kleinberg of this Dharana with her tits out and a more explicitly seraphic expression on her face.

That was a long time ago and you can't trust memory and I can't find nothing on this blessed useless Internet, so short of going up there to look for it ...

... whatever ...              

... The memory of the
sketch resonates with this emerging anima of mine - maybe the changes started somewhere around that time. If I had a house anymore I would want a framed copy on the wall to remind me of ... something good about Canadian sensibility.

My friend Gord has been passing me thoughts on a Buddhist approach to this Environment-i-al Armagedd-i-on we are facing. You can find some of it here: One Earth Sangha. I am wishing the materials were downloadable because I find I cannot follow it inside the ambience of this public-computer-in-a-pubic-library way of access. I could download and listen more ... mindfully.   :-)

And a bit of exchange around Naomi Klein's 'This Changes Everything: on the East End Against Line 9 website; and at slightly greater length on John Riddell's blog (bringing it all back 'round to the story of The Good Samaritan).

What's the plural of 'nexus'? 'Nexi'? 'Nexuses'? Anyway, there are two: 350 and The Good Samaritan ... and that's all I know.

That, and snow in November is as it should be, even just a few flakes as we had here on the 1st; and the fucking change in time! God damn all the bureaucrats!
Be well.
Emily Njoki: The First Grader.Emily Njoki: The First Grader.Emily Njoki: The First Grader.Emily Njoki: The First Grader.Emily Njoki: The First Grader.Emily Njoki: The First Grader.
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