Sunday, October 5, 2014

Round 1, she's done. Long Live Marina!

21%   (like I said, I hope she loses, and she did).
[Up, Down]
Flood Bay Street!
Toxic Zombies at Bay & King Streets, Toronto Noon on Friday October 31, Halloween.

Marina Silva, 14-10-05, 21%.
Latuff: Vias de Fato, Democracia.
Caco Galhardo: Julio & Gina, TV Infantil.
I said the election programming on TV was Horror;
but thinking about it I realized I had fooled myself.
So what's the genre of our politics?                         Children's Shows.

Seri: Baleias Encalhadas / Beached Whales.
Beached Whales.                                                     It would be worse ... if you were in the swamp.
['Cow in the swamp' is Brazilian for Snafu.]

Randall Enos: Dining Out With The Koch Brothers.

Chiquinha: #Menstruarte.Chiquinha: Idolatrar / Idolize.
Absorbing distractions:

... I will pay the price of this forgetfulness directly to the cleaners.
 Razor, Vaginal Douche, Breast Implants, Facebook.

- They can idolize me, beautifully evolved, without any of this stuff. -
[Chiquinha is one of the few women I know of who engages in menstrual art. Another was Sylvia Plath: "Taste it, dark red."]

We're almost there:
Adão Iturrusgarai: Print Shop.
The next generation of Photoshop will       I made a backup             I downloaded
correct imperfections in the personality.     of my liver.                     Emma Watson's hand.

Meanwhile in k-k-k-Canada: (hiding of eyes and wringing of hands)
Dewar: 'The Horror'.
Mafalda: Dilma Rousseff, Brasil.Joaquín Salvador Lavado (Quino): Mafalda, Argentina.
Ernani Diniz Lucas (Nani): Vamos Votar.Ademir Paixão: Máquina de ratos.
Sponholz: Propinoduto / Kickback Pipeline.Sponholz: Justiceiro / Justice Worker.

[A-and saves me the trouble of having to wait around 'till the 26th to watch the second round which now makes no nevermind (if it ever did).]
[Up, Down]

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