Thursday, May 22, 2014

22nd reprise.

aka    About as well as they treat each other.
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FIRST Bar None Award goes to Murray Minchin and ALL of the good citizens of Kitimat:
Murray Minchin, Kitimat.Murray Minchin, Kitimat.Murray Minchin, Kitimat.

SECOND Bar None Award goes to Greenpeace:
Greenpeace: Arctic Oil Intercepted in Rotterdam, May 1 2014.
There are some ugly rumours about Greenpeace/police negotiations during the Huntsville portion of the 2010 G20 meetings, very ugly, and from credible people too, BUT Greenpeace is about the only group which even approximately confronts the real eco-terrorists on the scene.

So this fat & useless old fuck is standing up here and applauding. Good on 'em!

tOad: Nouveau rapport du GIEC.
Nouveau rapport du GIEC.

New report from IPCC.

On the editorial cartoon front tOad is eloquent as usual, and Erik Allie - so they get first prizes.

Erik Allie: Chicken Little revisited.

Honourable mentions:
Steve Sack: Earth Day 2014.
George Danby: Earth Day 2014.Brian Gable: Humpback Whale extinction.

Unrelated but too good to pass up:
Brian Gable: Blue whale beached in Newfoundland.Anon: Fair Elections Act.

One day before the Greenpeace action and half a world away in Lynchburg Virginia:
Lynchburg to Yorkton Virginia map.Lynchburg Virginia derailment.
Lynchburg Virginia derailment.Lynchburg Virginia derailment.
The railroad is CSX Transportation. As usual, their website stresses that they are "the safest, most progressive North American railroad" and yes, they have lines in Quebec and Ontario.

None of the news stories are telling me whose oil they were carrying or exactly where it was going beyond Yorktown.

Antonin Artaud:
Antonin Artaud.Antonin Artaud.Antonin Artaud.
'Van Gogh le suicidé de la société' [Van Gogh, The Man Suicided by Society], Paris, 1947. He died a year later (aged 51).

What would you call it? 'Hard-core'?
Petter Hegre: anorexic orgasm.Petter Hegre: anorexic orgasm.
But what is it exactly? A brutally anorexic young woman having her perfectly hairless pudenda massaged by an apparently aroused masseuse. She keeps her eyes closed (absorbed in the sensations no doubt) and then suddenly opens them, twice - I guess that's supposed to represent moments of orgasm.
Angeli: Chiclete Com Banana.

A footnote:
Left hand.Right hand."Bird lives!" 'Ζει!' Zi! [He] Lives! (referring to Grigoris Lambrakis). "W.A.S.T.E. We Await Silent Tristero's Empire." Morituri te salutamus!

Such grafitti can (easily) be viewed as hopeful, even faithful (as well as cute). Maybe they are collective transcendental conceits - can you say that? Comparable to the Bahá'í notion that 'peace is inevitable'. I happen to be neither hopeful nor faithful, however, my channels are still open - consciousness has been raised albeit negatively.

The hands are placed on the wall and, leaning forward ... unsteady, staggery (in the scuppers with the staggers and jags) one reads the writing on the wall of the pisser:
Gary Trudeau, Doonesbury: Harmonic Convergence, August 17 1987.
Dan Piraro: unicorns.

Harmonic Convergence: Mankind's second chance. It is writ large, somewhere:
"In the cusp of converging ages, one blinding, holy moment of transcendence ... shall transform the Zeitgeist with perfect synchronicity, into the pure, ineffable expression of indivisible ... oneness."

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