Monday, January 27, 2014

Neil Young: What was the point again?

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For brevity, let's let this represent the whole media & government & industry response:
Brian Gable.
Well more than fair to them.
Perhaps you can take an hour and try this (or not) ... listen to 'Fork in the Road' (the tune not the album, lyrics & YouTube link here), watch the video a few times. What's he sayin'? Is it a mystery?


                                        和悦梦想 (harmonious happy dream)


Look, see, and think for yourself. Make up your own mind.
What's left of it.
There could be quibbles with this, some of 'em serious; but let's let all'a that philosophical guff slide on by. A-and the consequences of a mistake could be more than temporary discomfort, make the Shoah look like the Teddy Bear's Picnic perhaps, by two or three orders of magnitude; but let's let that go too.

Round numbers - half a million years, four ice ages, and one hockey stick:
Four ice ages and a hockey stick.
The data comes from analysis of Antarctic ice cores & the Keeling curve published by NOAA - it is not even vaguely controversial. Almost regular (as things go in what we know of a wildly variable universe). Sort'a like, breathing.

So. Best guess. Make a long story short: Ditch the economy and keep civilization, or, blow 'em both off. Not much of a choice really. Could almost call it a 'no brainer'.

The drop-dead date is already passed, or, not later than 2020 depending on who you listen to. Do what's necessary to flat-line and reduce CO2 emissions by then or the window into a less than +2° world permanently shuts an' the fat lady starts singin'. See: Joeri Rogelj et al. '2020 emissions levels required to limit warming to below 2°C' in Nature Climate Change, December 2012. Heavy.

Tell me (I want to believe) that the polity: world governments, the EU, the United Nations, the twenty-years-on-and-so-far-zilch UNFCCC ... NGOs, Rob Ford; will get their thumbs out in time - and do it with a straight face.

Dan Wasserman.

The girls are lookin' straight atch'a:
Pussy Riot, photograph by Vanya Berezkin.Ajak Deng, photograph by Alexander Palacios.

And please, let the positive descend like a dove rather than a doctrine:
Jerry Van Amerongen: Ballard Street.xkcd.(Cartoons by xkcd are featured on Climate Central.)

Recessional hymn in memory of my friend Vincent Bernardus Tieleman Twight ... by The Rolling Stones: "May be the Last Time I don't know."

Be well gentle readers, enjoy.
Keep on bloggin'
'Til the power goes out
And your battery's dead.
Twist and Shout.
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